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Ascension and The Paradigm Shift

Lord Ashtar through Ashtar-Athena May 15, 1994

You all, each of you in the room, work with consciousness. You all work as teachers, as educators, as those who facilitate the integration of the higher energies, so this evening what I want to share with you are some updates of recent occurences that affect you as Lightworkers. How many of you have felt a very powerful shift occurring during the past two or three weeks? There is reason for that. If you have been abreast of our work and our communiques, you will know that one theme I often speak upon is the activation and empowerment of the collective messiah and how 144,000 of you dear ones volunteered to come from the future as time travelers to change the outcome of history upon your planet.

Time is like a Slinky

You see, from our perspective, 1994 (or even 1995, 1996 etc) is the past. The prophetic utterances of many of your prophets had to do with the past, which is why they are not coming true now, in many instances. The reason they are not coming true is that you have shifted recently into a new paradigm. The paradigm that you have shifted upon is very similar to what occurs when two train tracks overlap and you have at that moment a very quick shifting into a new direction. Maybe there is a little bump, but then before you know it you are speeding on your way in another direction.

In the eternal now, time is perceived as a constant radial continuum that can be looked at as a slinky: it curves and interloops. Time can also be looked at as accordion pleating all around you, each pleat respresenting a choice of experience that beings co-chose and elect to experience in any given time. For instance, you have many possibilities for 1994, do you not? Many possibilities, not just one. Let's enumerate some of them that are quite well known. There's the possiblity that Califormnia may drop off into the ocean and beforehand be broken into three large sections, with lots of erruptions and Earth tremors and volcanic activity along you Pacific Northwest and along the Madrid faultline through your Great Lakes area, as well as more and more the parting of your Midwest into an allowance for the Mississippi to flow into the ocean. Well, these events have not happened yet, have they? All of you were brought up into Council this past full Moon. Your were all in Council and we took again and again a vote on which scenario you would want to have enacted. Now, to tell you quite truthfully, we are between a rock and a hard place in some instances because we have a constant, evocative prod from humankind at a certain level for releasement of agony.

You have in your world today many who are very, very ill. You have your plagues upon your world and many who lie in their beds suffering and praying for release. You have many who are with hunger, many who are in war zones, many who are are under tyranny and oppression. All of these dear ones send forth their prayers. Who receives their prayers but the angels - that is to say, us; that is to say, the ascended hosts. We hear and we weep for these dear ones. They are praying that something will come and bring a change, a shift, anything, a release from the pain and agony.

Then we have you, dear starseeds, yes. Many of you have prayed and prayed and prayed to be lifted into the ships of Light, to be taken out of the duress of having to make a living, having to survive in a world in which you do not fit, in which you do not find any ready reception for you essence, in which you feel that you are aliens, often, in a foreign land. And so you, too, must be honored in your request.

Then we have a large segment of humanity that is praying for the rising of Atlantis and Lemuria, that the Golden Age will once again recur with all the wonderful technologies and sciences, the abilty to travel in the solar system in spaceships and to meet your other bretheren of the stars. Also that is a great wish amongst many.

Believe it or not, many starseeds equate ascension and returning home with Earth changes, and they are praying ardently that the Earth changes come quickly so they can go home, be beamed up and evacuated. Yes, so we have that prayer also.

Now understand what occurs as a choice in the parallel reality is evolked. You call it forth; and the largest and loudest cry calls forth what occurs. Now of all of those voices, what do you think is the loudest cry? "Beam me up!" amongst the starseed, yes. Amongst humanity, it's "God, do something to help me, please." Now what is better, to cut the dog's tail off a little bit at a time or to just have a good whack and be done with it? And so we are a little between the proverbial rock and hard place.

On the one hand, many of you wish for a peaceful transitioning into this Golden Age, and on the other hand, it's going to take what to get mankind's attention? Two thousand years of prophets and avatars and masters and saints and the same massage: you are divine, wake up, love all, serve all, come together as a family of faith, there is one God, you are saved, all of you, by Christ, the Christ in Krishna, the Christ in Moses, the Christ in Mohammed, the Christ in Jesus, the Christ in you. But know - there has not been an understanding even amongst the Lightworkers. There is a perception of difference, and even when one would want to come together as a group and as a family, there are the differences.

What to do. Well, what is happening is this.

The Effects of the New Dispensation

There are birthed into your dimensions, into your solar system, into your galaxy and into your universe, solar winds of a new dispensation and they are pulsating in waves of Light that are reaching you, first of all, upon your subtle planes. Everything starts from the top and moves down. The last to receive the impression and impact is the physical envelope. So what has happened?

In the years since 1987 you have begun to shift, you have begun to change your livelihoods. Many of you came out of what you call you traditional work-a-day world at that time and/or came into your true work. How many of you did that? Yes.

Second, you decided that you were not going to compromise yourself any longer, that you were going to get out of relationships that did not empower you. How many of you did that during these years? Yes, yes. You decided you had a right to live where you wish to live and to create a lifestyle that would support you in living and working and expressing your highest essence and you moved to that place. How many of you did that during this time? Or you found a way to create that lifestyle where you felt comfortable. You began to live with a purpose that went beyond the consensus reality, so what you did was to make that step out of consensus reality.

At that point, you stepped into and activated what we call the messianic consciousness or the collective messiah or the group avatar. You started an evocative cry that began to spread north, south, east and west, across the seas, everywhere, in a similar resonace. And at that point, you began to be co-creative together.

That part of you which is creative is not your mind, not your emotions, not your body; it is your soul. You could call the soul that consciousness unit, which is eternally inquisitive. It exists as an awareness unit, non-reactive but very responsive and responsible because it has the response-ability to move from a heartfelt place in selflessness and in joy. And it is the part of you that began what was called in the Indian prophecies "to line up with your personality." It's been called many things: the descension of golden solar angels, the return of the bird tribes, soul integration and infusion. But a part of you came in, no matter what model you used, and resonated as a sense of strength, a sense ofself- confidence, a sense of empowerment, a sense of purity and love that transcended anything you'd known up until that time. How many of you have had that experience? That is who you truly are. Because you have come from the future - more or less, all of you are actually from the future-what occurred was that part of who you truly are had strayed back, watching your personality going through its growing up, its human cycle; then in 1987 it began to awaken and enter into you and become one with you.

The Native American prophecy referred to that as the awakening of 144,000 rainbow dancers, awakening in their dream bodies. To do what? To dance the dream awake. That's what it means. What it means is that part of you had stayed subjective so it would not get totally caught up in human dysfunctional patterns. It awakened in dreamtime, in the subtle planes, and it came into you. Some of you may have had a sense almost of being walked-in to, although you knew it was yourself, but it was as though you had a new lease on life and a change of consciousness that was very, very profound and lasting. It also brought in a sense of joy and it brought in a vision which you see popping up everywhere now. If you ask hundreds of Lightworkers, even though they may follow different paths, they will all describe a similar vision.


There's something more. What is also happening at the same time is that your inner and outer bodies and being co-resonated back into one vibratory frequency that is consistent for you. Your mind is being reworked so that your twelvefold DNA fires sequentially and downloads decodements that pertain to multidimensional awareness and off-planet concerns. That is why it's very hard to keep your mind in the remembering patterns of your Earth life. You are off the wheel of karma. You are off the recycling. Your planet was exactly like what happens when ... remember those old-time records you used to play? If one was scratched, the needle would stick in the same refrain. That's what your planet has been doing. Now someone has lifted that needle up and put it in another groove. Because of that, you will no longer have this going from birth to death to an astral belt and then recycling back in again and again and again (reincarnation). That is not the norm, dear ones.

Some of you were caught in that, although not all the starseeds were. Some of you were able to go to other planets and come back and forth but many of humanity have been caught in the birth-and- death disease, as we call it, this recycling.

We contacted many of you two years ago and asked you if you were ready to come up to the ship. Were any of you contacted two years ago in a dream or in person or by a telepathic message and requested to come aboard the ship?

Unconsciously, perhaps. But all over the world we appeared to our people, our own personnel, and said it is time to come up, we have greater service for you to be engaged in. We found a lot of fear. We found a lot of reasons to avoid embracing that opportunity. Again, because we cannot violate free will, we had to stand back. We also scratched our heads and said, well, these are our family, but they don't remember who they are. They're afraid of us. What are we going to do?

So then we sent Mother Mary, who is so loved and so trusted within your religious doctrine, and she spoke of getting into contact with your divine presence, beginning to change the way you think so that you come more into a fellowship with God and into peace in your life. But then her message was brought into the narrow confines of orthodox thinking and so was kept away from he masses and only a few people heard the message. We thought, what to do?


And please remember this: that you have already lived this life that you think you're living for the first time; you have already lived it in the past. You are re-enacting something you already completed long ago. Why do you think you have prophecy and deja vu if I'm not speaking the truth? Why do you have an Akashic Record that also has the future of you? Why are the sages in India telling you every single thing that you are going to do, and no matter what day you come to have that reading in India, they will tell you the very day and the time you were coming to have that reading? Now the day you choose to have that reading determines which parallel reality you choose to enact. So the seven sages wrote these extraordinary books in an age when the intellect was undiluted and bright. That was the Golden Age.


Your see, we don't have to land on the lawn of the White House. All you need to do is shift your perspective a little and you'll see that we are right here with you right now. This is all part of the paradigm shift.