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Barbara Marciniak's Lecture

Barbara Marciniak

A somewhat paraphrased account of Barbara Marciniak's 12/1/94 lecture at The Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA

Many people in the audience were taking notes, as I was, but I also had a little tape recorder on my lap. The woman sitting next to me noticed it and asked (out of curiosity) what I was doing, writing and sketching. I told her that I was a reporter for The Internet. She smiled.

Barbara reinforced many of the same ideas presented in her first book, "Bringers of The Dawn", but added some interesting new ones. The auditorium was filled to capacity, and as w/ many such events at this time of year, there was a fair amount of coughing and 'sniveling' as she/they (the Pleiadians) observed. She (channeling now) said that we allow germs and sickness to gain control of us due to an underlying belief that we are "worthless", but she said to throw that idea in the trash because we are "priceless'(though at times w/ a tendency toward being 'lethal') and that we should treat ourselves accordingly.

The bulk of the session was conducted in 'Question-Answer' format, which lends the following a slightly disjointed quality, even so, there was a good amt. of continuity.

Many questions addressed personal experiences of visitations of beings from other dimensions, which left some of those who experienced these 'visits' scared of being hurt (by the visitors). Barbara: "So when scary happens you think of being hurt?" Barbara related that a few yrs ago she too had one visitation from the Pleiadians, and it scared her so much that she forbade them from ever appearing to her again, "unless in a weak moment", when she was feeling good, "so if you want to come *right now* in the next few minutes, it's ok, otherwise I don't want to see you!"

Halloween--Celebrating the opening of the ancestral doorway. A very powerful time to put on a costume and 'play' the multidimensional understand who you are...your galactic awareness. She joked (I think) about the paranoia around the CIA (a catch-all for all the sinister forces) who are riding around in vans bombarding us w/ high-tech equipment. "The bubble of intent" is far more powerful than any technology." Spirit is 'working' when you feel that you have no choice. You 'must' go w/ it.

For 400 million years, human beings have been on this planet...Everything around you is alive...The 'New World Order' on some level is frightening... Don't worship anything outside yourselves--ET's, angels, apparitions, etc. Our task is to learn who is making these.

A question (confusion) about the ego. Should we trash it or elevate it? Barbara: How to be w/ the ego and still be 'priceless'? We've traditionally placed so little value in ourselves as human beings. We live in a genetic library, placed by the ancients...In every moment we are emitting something. Until we realize our pricelessness, we emit junk.

Do not fear your ego, it's part of your identity. When you truly open to the domain of Spirit, you have no ego, and yet Spirit asks you to 'strengthen' your ego, your I AM.

What is returning is your own energy, and how you use it determines much. If you use it to destroy, you will create your own destruction...and you will never advance beyond the mere holding of it.

A question about coming Earth changes on the coastal areas: When we speak about coastal energies on the coastal areas, everyone all of a sudden gets very nervous. And guess what? You can tune in. And you can tell, yes? Can you not? The land speaks to you, the Earth speaks to you, the weather speaks to you, the animals, the spirits. And time and time again, cataclysm has shaken the globe, and there are petroglyphs that date back 400 million years ago...when the human line was here. Why is there no record of this? Because time and time again we need to wake up through the destruction of what we have created.

Both coasts of the United States hold two great energies...Los Angeles and New York City (with San Francisco as a subsidiary). When it is that a place of great influence has an accumulation of power, doesn't use that power very properly, then that power comes back. These cities have in some way poisoned peoples, because the cities are not designed to accommodate the energy of the Earth. You cannot plow over the Earth with cement and expect the Earth to sustain you. You cannot dump nasty thought forms into the ethers, as Mr O.J.Simpson's energy is creating, and expect the Earth not to respond...Whatever you think determines the effect of the reality.

Living in the Calif. coastal region, sitting on the brim of the rim (laughter), your feet dangling over...inside the energy fields...In a quantum leap, the action is quick, instantaneous. It shifts. As the Earth begins to move inside Herself, the electromagnetic signals change. You are electromagnetic creatures. You are light, water, electricity, so you are affected by all these changes. So when you live in an area that is considered to be "pre-cataclysmic", as the coastal areas of your country are, as your entire world could be considered to be, these energies create a movement...of the serpent...that awakens your perceptions and psychic intuitions. These energies throw you out of logic, but there's a dance between logic and intuition...We haven't offered enough ritual to the Earth...Reality shakes to wake us up to get our help us not to destroy us.

Talk to the Earth, taste it, roll around in it, have a good relationship w/ it and realize it is a Living Being. Then the Earth will know this and will respond accordingly.

You can transmute and transform your reality. Stretch yourself to imagine that you're on assignment to catch the Light. You can feel safe regardless of what's happening.

Posing the (a) question, expands the reality. Set a field of inquiry into motion. The forces around you will help you come to the answers. Life is a menu, you can have anything you want.

Re: racial injustice: There is a compassion of purpose to every travesty of injustice that has happened to you.

Awakening the Kundalini will eliminate fear from your lives.

12:12  ---- A way to define the undefineably. Seek to see the integrity and intent behind any person or idea. Not everyone is steering you toward yourself.

Electromagnetic balancing will aid the body to remembering to travel w/ your *mind* rather than external hardware.

Call in your 12 Guides that would bring the most fun and the greatest amount of success for the benefit of the Planet. Know what you want to take place--forget the 'how'.

Build an economy based on meaning, but do not expect your political leaders to do this for you...Never doubt that what you set into motion returns to you.

Your celestial heritage is strong, as well as your racial one. Your ancestors are alive in your blood. You should not fear your blood. You have the power to heal yr ancestral line.

Notes taken by Yana Murphy