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Cosmic Energy

Channeling from St. Germain by Birgit Klein

In Lemuria and other of the earliest cultures, human beings developed a formidable knowledge about how to physically collect and store divine energy. Pyramids and crystals, and certain metal alloys, gave the humans infinite amounts of energy, and a technology used for creating communication-systems, transport-systems, buildings etc., which were far more potent that those we in the Western world today consider being mans greatest cultural and scientific achievements.

They were able to contact God through the means of sounds, by which they could move enourmous blocks of stone over long distances, and place them with an accuracy, which amazes archeologists today. We are talking about cosmic sounds, which - like a kind of laserbeams - both were able to cut and transport these stone blocks. The pyramids in Egypt were built using these same principles used in Lemuria.

The pyramid contains all the basic shapes and angles of creation. This special pyramidic construction contains God in its center, and from this center it radiates an energy, which can be perhaps 1 million times greater than the energy used in a plane flying from Europe to USA. Just to give you an impression of what kind of energies are available to man. This directly absorbed cosmic energy is not only stronger, it also has a much wider field of activity (e.g. to heal diseases), and further it is non-polluting because it do not have to be combusted, but is used directly.

In recent times man again is beginning to engage in this primary technology centered around the highest divine energy. Therefore it is necessary with a few words of warning, because there historically is a tradition for abusing many of these energy-forms. But this basic knowledge is in any circumstance necessary for the rebuilding of the Earth, and the science of the New Age will depend on a knowledge about, among others, the pyramids and their function.

From Lemuria large amounts of people were sailing to the surrounding continents and established cultures in India, China and Atlantis. Also South America, Central America and a part of North America were colonized by Lemuria.

These ships sailed by the use of antenna, made by a metal alloy, which could absorb cosmic energy directly. Or they were moving by the help of either crystal- or metal-batteries, charged on land before sailing. The power of the wind was at the same time used as a supplement, and this combination of charged divine energy combined with the wind-power is the best way for creating energy for humans on planets. Human beings in the developed civilizations will again begin to utilize these methods, but many of them will believe, that they as the masters of creation for the first time are manifesting this geniality.