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Maitreya: Meditation upon The Light of Christ

A small meditation, channeled from Maitreya. First a small introduction from another channeling:

This Master has a special status, like Jesus just explained. Maitreya is a human being, but created by God as his son, as the complete personification of The Spirit of Christ, of this white, divine Light of Love. Maitreya has therefore not incarnated the same way the other Masters have, only a couple of times, and his task is to Christen people on their way to full spiritual Enlightenment. When Maitreya begins his Christening of a person, then he goes with him/her and blows his breath into him/her at any given moment, where this person opens for the subtle vibrationes, that comes from him. Maitreya is therefore a Superior Master, he is your Master, when you begin your final walk towards the Light, towards the Christ Consciousness, where you eventually will reach the Total Enlightement.

I am the Lord Maitreya. I am the son of God, the spirit of Christ personified.

I will give you The Light of Christ while you read these words. Feel the fine crystals, which your body is composed of, begin to sparkle and vibrate while The Light of Christ begins to penetrate them. It feels like something which expands and refreshes, purifies and clears, and makes your body lighter. The Light of Christ gives you a feeling of floating lightness when it fills you.

Sit for a while and feel your lightness. Feel that you are drifting among all the beings of creation. Feel The Light of Christ as a indomitable force through your whole organism.

Visualize The Light of Christ while it penetrates all the way up through your uppermost chakras. The Third-eye chakra will be especially sensitive while you are reading these words. I will let this chakra of yours be cleansed with The Light of Christ right in this moment.

When you have sat for a while, then begin to feel how The Eye of God is coming in through your Third-eye chakra. Feel that you sense the presence of God, feel that your Third-eye chakra is clearer than ever before.

This chakra shall give you the perception of what your existence is, what awaits you in this incarnation. Any time you feel a desire for clarity, use this meditation and I will be by your side.

I am the Master Maitreya, forever the son of God.

Copyright Birgit Klein.