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St. Germain: Purity of Sexuality

Channeling by Birgit Klein

St. Germain is the Ascended Master who represents wisdom. He governs the seventh flame and he is the Master of the Crown chakra, which you can have cleansed very effectively with his help.

He is also that Master who has been assigned the task to give the children of Earth the violet/purple flame that will cleanse the Earth in the time to come. Therefore it is St. Germain you should call upon when you want special support of this flame. You can use it whenever you want to. It is very effective for cleansing us of our negative karma, and if you use it every day, perhaps meditating upon it, then you will experience very fine, rapid spiritual development.

I am St. Germain. I would like to give you my contribution to the theme of this book, love and sex. I am the Master who has brought you the purple flame. This flame has several shades, and it may, perhaps, be a bit confusing, to those of you who know "The Violet Flame" from Summit Lighthouse, to understand that this is the same flame and that it can manifest in several different hues. But it is the same flame; it vibrates in different shades from more bluish to more reddish, always shining with a very strong light. It is fire, and it comes from the aura of God, and it will bring the Earth and its children purity. Therefore we like the name "purple" very much. It is the name that is closest related to the purpose of this flame. This flame you can use to purify your love and your sexuality. It can do this in a very short time if you have a relationship where you feel it is difficult to get through to the pure feeling of love. If you feel that your sex chakra is unclean and gives you problems, then use the purple flame; it will cleanse you.

Your ability to love depends completely on your purity. If you have blockages and tensions, then they will be like a layer covering your ability to feel pure love. But the purple flame can penetrate this layer like nothing. It is very simple: you just call upon the purple flame, perhaps through me if you like, then it will burn this layer of blockages away and you will experience what this feeling of pure love is. In the beginning you will only get glimpses of it, but when you make it a little more stabilized, you will feel your love extending so that it can include more and more people, more and more living beings.

You can also cleanse your sex chakra very effectively with the purple flame. This cleansing fire will burn away all lustful, ego-centered thoughts and feelings. It will give you a sexuality which is so clean and pure that you will experience the true ecstasy which is the purpose of this act. True ecstasy has nothing to do with egoism; it has to do with the joy of giving, the joy of being close to another human being, the joy of affection, to be confidently focussed in giving instead of demanding, because you will know that you always get what you need.

All of this the purple flame can give you, and it will, if you use it actively. To use it actively means to demonstrate your willingness to use it, to be conscious of it, and to be aware of it.

Surround yourself with these shades of purple and violet; they will also give you some vibrations which strengthen the influence of the purple flame on your consciousness and your body.

I am St. Germain and I am one of the Ascended Masters you can use any time you like. Perhaps you cannot comprehend us all at once, but that does not matter very much, if just you have the will to do it.

You can use some Masters at certain times, and use others at other times; it is not so important how and when. If you keep an open mind, then you will receive the right feelings as to what you should take in, and the right things will come to you at the right time. This you must trust in. Moreover, keep your mind open to those impulses to develop yourself, which continually flow to you from your spiritual guides and from the Ascended Masters. I am St. Germain. Previously I incarnated as St. Joseph, the father of Jesus, and I shall through this channel write about that important incarnation in the era of the Earth's history when all that is going to happen in the days to come was in preparation.

I will write this story so that everyone can get an impression of why Jesus incarnated for that very purpose which he came for. Christians have not understood very much of this, and now the truth must be revealed. I am St. Germain, I am with you, I am the Master that will bring you the purple flame when you need it, and when you open yourself up to this gift from God.

I am your devoted St. Germain

Copyright Birgit Klein. Translated from her book "Jorden doer uden kaerlighed" (Without love the Earth will die).