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The Dolphin

The Dolphin is the only animal, which through many thousands of years has developed its higher chakras on equal terms with human beings. You could say, that the Dolphin is the human of the sea. This does not mean, that all Dolphins have developed their higher chakras (just like not all human beings have developed their higher chakras either!), but they are considerably more developed than other groups of animals, including the dog, the cat, and the horse.

Most animals have some inner basic structures, designed for further development at later stages, but the Dolphin has already long ago begun this development.

Certain groups of larger whales have similarly begun a higher development long ago, but it would take us too far to begin to distinguish these groups from each other. From here we will just say, that the Dolphin is the most considerable group af animals on Earth, which contains individuals with an actual higher development of consciousness.

This is an important recognition for many reasons, but the most important is probably, that the human being can establish an intensive, inner and outer collaboration with this animal, with far-reaching and beneficial consequences.

Just like the human being may benefit from a.o. the dog's, the cat's, and the horse's abilities, the Dolphin similarly is able to help human beings with their higher development. The dolphin has especially developed a very well functioning third-eye chakra, which makes this animal clairvoyant in a rather far-reaching manner. Together with the throath chakra and the whole sonar system this third-eye is a receiver of cosmic wisdom and messages from the spiritual realms, and the dolphin is able to forward these messages to human beings.

That is why so many people feel so deeply affected when meeting dolphins, whether they live in dolphinaria or in freedom in the seas. The human intuition is immediately turned on through this meeting, and the contact promotes a new development both before and after the meeting. The whole of Cosmos is namely interacting, and therefore any possibility for opening and development will be utilized by the human being's spiritual guide(s).

Apart from this opening of the human being's channels of intuition, the dolphins' most important task is to promote the important connection between the third-eye and the heart chakras. This joy, this innocent and "childlike playing" joy which most dolphins radiate, belongs to the heart and is an indispensable aspect of spiritual development.

It may easily get lost within the human beings' intellectual gymnastics along the way. It may lead to the loss of innocence, and this is a crucial point within all spiritual development. You could say, that the Dolphin is here on Earth to help human beings on their way, by reminding them of the important connection between innocence and spiritual wisdom.

Apart from the clairvoyant abilities which the dolphins are able to awake or expand within the human being, it can also heal. With its higher senses it can photograph the human aura, recognize blockings and holes, and then send different kinds of energy to relieve the problems. There are many stories about dolphin-healing, but we will restrict ourselves to the following two: An Englishman by the name Horace Dobbs has worked with dolphins in a number of years. He prefer the ones living in freedom in the sea, he is a diver, and he has been so lucky as to meet the same friendly, wild Dolphins for some years. He has the idea, that Dolphins have a special influence on human beings. One simply feels happy, and one feels a special contact, when being with them. He has started a whole program, where people with mental illnesses can come and try to swim together with a dolphin. A man, whom for many years had been deeply depressed, experienced by his first meeting with a dolphin a complete change in his mental condition. The dolphin accepted him, and he became a completely different person and he has changed in a decisive way in the years after. The depression has disappeared, and he experience a completely new happiness and meaning of life.

This story is from Denmark, and was told by an educator:

A young man had been institutionalized for many years. He was violent and very difficult to deal with. When he was discharged from the institution to live his own life, the staff considered him one of their most problematic pupils, and they knew he would have a difficult life. He went out sailing, but each time they were in port, he had to commit violence one way or the other.

Some years later he looks up the institution again and talks to an educator. He says, that he on a sail had met a flock of dolphins. One of the dolphins followed him, and he felt an intense contact with it. After the meeting he fully realized, that he had to stop his violent behaviour. He has been changed since then, and he says himself, that it was the meeting with the dolphin that changed his life.

These two stories demonstrates clearly, that something happens by the meeting with dolphins. It is a combination of direct healing, opening of the intuition-channels so the spiritual guide(s) easier can get through, and then the powerful experience it always is to meet a more highly developed being, whether it is in human shape, from the spiritual realms, or in the shape of a dolphin.

Concerning dolphins in captivity the opinions are divided. Here we will use the opportunity to point out, that dolphins are so highly developed animals, that they know they serve a purpose in relation to human beings. Therefore no harm is done to their spirit by keeping them in captivity, provided of course, that the surroundings they live in are optimal. You can also put a divine Master in prison, without damaging his spirit. He will just use the time to contemplate his own inner universe, help others whenever he is able to, and otherwise live the way he always have. The dolphins know, that they have a task in their relation to human beings, and that they are in close contact with the divine intelligence which will help them to help the human beings. By condemning keeping dolphins in captivity in general, one is projecting one's own lack of ability to adjust oneself to limited conditions into these highly developed animals, and that should be avoided.

For highly developed beings freedom is first and foremost an inner, mental freedom.

In my two meetings with dolphins (in a dolphinarium in Sweden) many things happened, and I can hardly mention them all. But there was a strong focus upon male/female integration, and I asked the dolphins about a certain problem I had, and they answered me through different body attitudes. This way I got a very precise answer to my question, and when I think of all that happened within the one and a half hours at the edge of the basin, then it is quite obvious that they really answered to my question. Apart from the incredible feeling that this really is possible, the whole event is also surrounded by homour, so this question and answer will forever be connected with humour, when I look back at it. Alone for this reason it is good to contact dolphins, - ones pompousness vanishes like dew before the sun.

The dolphin has a very strong influence on the human heart chakra. Sitting in this large room and seeing all the people looking at the skilful dolphins, one never sees anyone look sullen. Everyone is, as if by magic, happy and devoted. You feel such a joy by seeing these beautiful animals frisk about in the water. The room is simply humming from devotion and joy! I myself could directly feel an expansion of the heart chakra within this room. It is as if the contact with all the animals, perhaps more with some than with others, creates a direct opening of the heart chakra.

In case of a more intense contact, where one e.g. asks them about one or several problems one has, the centres of intuition - the throat and the third-eye chakras - are activated, and one feels in a very intense contact with one's higher SELF, to which also the spiritual guide(s) have direct access.

All this together creates that strong aha-experience, which for open, sensitive people can change their life in a decisive way. At the same time one is carried so beautifully away from the human-centered arrogance. We are neither the hub of the world or of the Universe. We are, like all other beings, in the middle of a development, but we do not have any natural super-authority over this planet. There are beings here, that are wiser than ourselves!

Apart from the direct contact with dolphins in a dolphinarium or when diving at a place with a wild dolphin (for the few, I would say!), one can achieve telepathic contact with one or several dolphins. You can try to look intensively at a picture of a dolphin, e.g. the one in this chapter. Try to really get in behind its outer physical shell. Feel what it contains, feel what the dolphin wants to say to exactly you.

Thereafter you may visualize this picture when meditating; or when you are going to sleep, then the dolphin may give you knowledge and healing while you are sleeping.

Some people may wonder about all this. We have a human potential within the spiritual realms which we can draw on. Great and divine Masters and Saints, which we all can benefit from contacting. Why do we now have to contact physical animals on the planet telepathically. Is this not a roundabout way ?

To this we will answer: no, it is not a roundabout way. By opening yourself for these truths, you in earnest are opening yourself for God's will with human beings on Earth. By opening for this you show your humility, your ability to think in unconventional ways, your will to innocence and joy.

By opening up to these beings your life will become richer, and your intuition in relation to the Masters and Saints mentioned above will improve.

We can say, that these truths are some of the utmost trials human beings have to pass through within the mental and emotional areas. Trials to test the ability to abandon established ways of thinking (like the idea that animals in any case are inferior to human beings, also spiritually), trials to the ability to open up, take in, and understand.

The dolphin is here on the planet to teach you this, now and in the coming age.

Copyright Birgit Klein. Translated from her book "Den Evige Livsspiral" (The Eternal Spiral Of Life). Channelled from members of The White Brotherhood.