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The Interplanetary Federation

This text is dictated in 1991 by a spiritual being who calls himself Archos.

I belong to the wide circle of people, who have joined what we call "The Interplanetary Federation". It is a co-operation, which includes all planets in this universe with physical life on them. I am now residing in the spiritual dimensions, but else I belong to a planet, which is beyond the Earth in state of evolution.

All physical inhabitable planets exist in a hierachic pattern in their relation to each other. Some has just developed physical life, others are in a evolutionary state, far beyond that of The Earth. On all planets which develops a possibility for physical life, there will develop beings of biological origin in a certain evolutionary pattern, which is much like the one on Earth. Seen in the long perspective, the planets this way are much alike. But within the different eras, there may be many special forms of life, which is unique for each certain planet. Human beings, in the sense of unique beings, which develop a strong potential of intelligence and possibilities of divinitiation[?] of soul and body, will develop on all these planets. We can be a little different by structure and height etc., but on all planets the human beings will develop through more coarse types, into more delicate ones, as the divine energy more and more illuminates their body and consciousness.

There are a countless number of possibilities for variation, and like people in different areas of The Earth develops certain, characteristic appearances and features, it is also possible to know people from certain planets by their appearance.

The mineral, plant and animal realms on the certain planets will also develop in different ways. On my planet for example, we have not had as many reptiles as you have had, but in return we have had more species of predators, over a rather long period. My planet is a bit beyond The Earth in terms of development, therefore The Interplanetary Federation (IPF) has decided, that I, Archos, shall be among those who actively contact the people of the Earth, to instruct about this federation and the possibilities it offers.

The development of the Earth belongs to the most important missions for IPF at the time. The Earth is in a serious condition, it is in crisis, but we can see from the spiritual dimensions, that it is also strong, and can stand a great deal. Like people help other people who are in crisis, this way planets helps other planets, in suchs periods of crisis.

Any crisis has at the same time a possibility within it for a great change, a transformation.

The first issue of IPF is to prevent more human caused destruction on this planet. The two most common ways to destroy a planet are through war and pollution. This way The Earth makes no exception to the common pattern.

One of The Earths most vulnerable issues, as already known by many people, is the forest areas. Some planets are not as vulnerable, because they have many areas with different kinds of vegetation, which serves the same functions as the forests. But on Earth you are very dependent upon the forest areas, and one of the most common reasons for the decay of civilizations has been the destruction of the forests.

Therefore, we from The Interplanetary Federation will call upon everyone, who reads this, to one way or the other to contribute to the preservation of all kinds of forest areas, not just the rainforests. Contribute to create a new respect and deference for the trees, and for their indispensable function within the ecological cyklus. In your own life, and, if possible, in a larger scale.

The two greatest threats against the Earth however, comes from all the negative images of thought, which is connected to concrete acts of violence or war, and to pollution. These negative thoughts penetrates the mental aura of The Earth, and has a very strong influence upon it. This area has different colours, but negative influences shows as foggy and very dark, concentrated areas surrounding the planet. From TIF we, as a counteraction, send different very large groups of Angels, to surround The Earth, in different formations, for example as a great spiral which reaches from pole to pole. You can support this operation by meditating upon our formations of Angels surrounding the Earth.

You can also help to neutralize these negative clouds surrounding The Earth simply by asking God to heal and neutralize them. In some areas these negative influences are so strong, that they act as curses. When a sufficiently large amount of people are thinking in terms which is solely guided by hate, revenge, and a desire for violence, the collective pattern of thought will turn into a such curse. By asking God to help The Earth to purify itself from this, you can, as a single person, assist in making the way for a real purification.

The pollution issue is also one of our projects on Earth. It includes a lot of different kinds, but the most important are the chemical forms, which influences life within a long range of time. But all areas, where humans in ignorance and greed make a mess of and soils nature, so it eventually dies, are threatened areas in the whole of the Earths aura.

Each time you think with a loving, respectful, and open mind of one of the creatures in nature, whatever it is a beautiful flower you meet, a lovely tree, or a beautiful stream, you are helping with neutralizing all kinds of soiling of nature. In each action you take to show, that you try to live in a way that in all respects is in balance with the laws of nature, you will be with us in this big cleansing and cleaning project.

Like in any other process of development, it is the human consciousness which is the motive power. We have a kind of pollution army here, which can help in areas, which are really seriously polluted, but this help must be coordinated with a similar level of understanding in the human consciousness.

Even though humans beings in many areas are unconscious and thoughtless, you can however count on some help from us. We have several possibilities for reducing the pollution level, e.g we can induce life into dead areas, physically and mentally healing, and we can also by channeling through single persons provide for a constant raising of the generel level of consciousness.

We are telling you this, to help you not to lose your courage, even though many areas are in a serious condition. Help is available, both physically and spiritually.

When the aura of the Earth is going through its final transformation, we will be very active also with the neutralization of pollution and with inducing life into dead areas.

Know this in your heart and console yourself, that is why I send you these words.

There are areas on the Earth which needs special attention, and you can help us by praying for the folowing areas:

  • The Soviet-union (or that area, which previosly was called the Soviet-union)
  • Eastern Europe
  • USA
  • The Arabian countries and Israel
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Tibet

When you pray for these areas and countries, you can imagine a shining golden-white cloud of love being sent from the Divine areas, in through the aura of the Earth and down to the actual area, surrounding every single living being with its light, and letting the New Age' clarity and love for the planet penetrate everything.

The Interplanetary Federation is a union of about 7 million planets. This large number will ensure you, that the help needed is available. But I will repeat: the condition for receiving this help is a leap in the consciousness of the inhabitants of your planet, as a whole. We cannot help in a rate faster than the progress of this collective consciousness of yours. Therefore my very first advice to you is to raise your level of consciousness and help others to do the same; to work with your attitudes and worths in relation to the cosmic view and the conception of the Earth as a living organism.

As you can see, we are a very big organization. We have a fully developed contact net to many people on Earth, and we are continually working on increasing the channeling of our knowledge. But I would like to point out, that we are in contact not only with human beings. Also the highest developed of the animals are a part of this contact net, like most of the dolphins and a lot of whales and other species.

Dolphins and whales with their highly developed sensory and sonar system are the perfect receivers of signals from other planets, their inhabitants, and their spaceships, as well as they also can use these senses to receive impulses from the spiritual world.

With their strong and well balanced chacra system they are indispensable in the seas on the planet. Even though a number of dolphins will be called back to God within the changes that are to come, a sufficient amount of them will survive to the benefit of the future on this earth.

Apart from their superior receiving-abilities you could call them the Gems of the sea. Through their chacra system they radiate light and energy into the water, this way ensuring the waters penetratability of and ability to receive the Divine energy.

Some dolphins are chosen to survive in close contact with humans in dolphinaria, where they must be given the optimal conditions. The water must be very deep, the basin must have as natural a shape as possible, and finally the basin and the room in which it is must be as large as possible, not to break down their sonar system.

There are however some single individuals among the dolphins, which are so highly developed, that they can stand to live in even very difficult surroundings, and they have the similarly important duty to heal all the people, who come to see their show. While doing their show, they at the same time open and heal the people around them.

We in IPF will strongly request for you to pray for all the dolphins and whales on the planet Earth. It is not only out of ignorance, that they are ruthlessly exploited. The dark forces know their importance for the development of the Light on the planet. Therefore they demand a special attention and protection, especially in the years to come.

Apart from praying for them, you can contact them telephatically. No other creatures on Earth have so strong telepathic abilities as especially certain groups of dolphins. If you are a bit sensitive, you will therefore be able to feel a contact, whenever you are thinking of dolphins.

Also the discarnated dolphins have important tasks, and some of them also participate actively in our co-operation from their spiritual position in their dolphin-area.

Because of the dolphins' abilities and conscious reception of information from our co-operation, they form an important connecting link between IPF and the humans on Earth. By contacting the dolphins both physically in the dolphinaria and the sea, and spiritually by telepathy, you therefore will strengthen the important colloboration between the planets in this univers.

You will strengthen the grid of telepathic communication which like shining patterns surrounds the Earth, and through which the creation of a strong and inviolable unity concerning Gods plan for the Earth is being attempted. That plan, which will lead the Earth through its very important transformation up through the 90's and into the next century.

With all these words I for the first want to tell you, who reads this, that you are not alone - in no way, if you see the universe as a whole. Not only do you all of the time receive increasingly more help from more and more spiritual guides and angels. But also at the physical level is the help increasing here from our interplanetary collaboration, which consist of large numbers of human beings in both physical and spiritual shape. I, Archos, represent for the time the host from the spiritual dimensions of this universe. This host of helping people, whom from other planets have been able to SEE - with their third eye - what is going on in the whole univere and thereby also on Earth. They are now out of incarnation, but continue their help

We constitute a co-ordinating instance between the physical and the spiritual Universe, and we use all imaginable ways to channel our knowledge to all kinds of people in all areas of the Earth.

The group of physically incarnated people from the many planets that are aware of the condition of the Earth, and wants to contribute with their help, includes many people whom from their planet just are praying for the Earth, and generally do what they can to send the Earth their knowledge and optimism. A smaller group of these have begun reconnaissance-flights around the Earth to see how it all develops. On such flights, which takes place in what human beings on Earth calls "spaceships", it is possible for those on board with the help of some very advanced technology to get a complete picture of the situation on Earth. There may be certain receiver-devices, which is capable of receiving information on all relevant areas, like the conditions of humans' consciousness, conditions of pollution, conditions of war, conditions of hunger etc.. These reconnaissance-flights will increase in the coming years at specially chosen places.

Physical flights between planets very distant from each other is done using a special energy, which makes it able to fly with the speed of light. People on higher developed planets are able to do this by the help of thought-power. Cosmic energy is collected in special generators, which is then controlled by very strong thought-power. As I said the purpose of these flights is to measure the conditions on the Earth, but also to give an insight into this technology, which makes these flights possible. Human beings are only limited by their own consciousness, and anyone who has experienced a spaceship (or a flying operational-room, as we call them), will have got the idea into his mind, that it is possible for human beings to develop new ways of creating and using energy, which will revolutionize life on Earth, like it has done on other planets.

All humans, who have experienced a spaceship from another planet are especially chosen, and have tasks concerning developing new forms of energy. But most of them wait with all this until their next incarnation, where the practicabilities are better.

At last I will say to you, who reads this: you can anytime you want to contact me, Archos, as a helper on your way through the rest of your life, if you remember these words to you about the Earth and the changes that are to come.

When we have joined together to help you and your planet, is it because we know the law that says, that all development must come from the free will of human beings. When we are so many, who give ourselves as tools for a coming development on Earth and in the Universe, we are helping to carry out Gods plan.

Gods plan means in short a revolution of love and responsibility on Earth, which will bring it up to a marked higher level of consciousness, as a whole. Ignorance and the primitive attachment to the material will be replaced by a new and completely different consciousness, where human beings will begin to SEE. This means to see through the material and feel and see the Divine consciousness behind it.

This will result in a lot of changes on Earth, of which many already are beginning to show. E.g. is the first step towards one world, a planet without nations, borders, and wars, already taken. A lot of people have already begun to prepare their next incarnation on Earth, with these changes in mind.

New and qualitatively higher patterns of thought are on their way everywhere on your planet: concerning health and disease, science, technology, education, social order etc..

When you, who reads this, are going to prepare yourself to all these changes, then remember that the only real tool for this development is the human consciousness, YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. Be aware of your own responsibility - do not just let all the others do the work. Your consciousness is a perfect tool, and you have the contact to God and Gods helpers within you, and you will receive all the help and support you will need, when you in earnest say yes to assist in making the changes come true.

Do not be confused by all this, but find out, what your special skills are, and concentrate on working within this area. Try to imagine the changes which you yourself can assist in making a fertile soil for, and try to imagine this mighty army in the spiritual realm and on other planets, which is assisting in helping you people on Earth.

Your thoughts strengthen and support our work, so that we better can strengthen and support yours.

I salute you here from the vault of heaven and send you a golden arrow of hope, wishes and clarity for the direction you have chosen and will chose, to the benefit of both yourself and your planet.

Greeting from your Archos!

Copyright Birgit Klein. Translated from her book "Den Evige Livsspiral"