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Celeste & Jananda Korsholm

Celeste and Jananda Korsholm: "We are working with the Brotherhood of Light to bring more light into physical life on this planet ...". Here some of their kindly offered material:

  • Ascension Guidelines (Celeste and Jananda Korsholm)
    What is ascension? Ascension is basically a change in the focus of consciousness. It is the natural, on-going evolutionary process of all creation ...
  • Channeling Collection 1989 (Celeste Korsholm)
    Channelings from John, Josephus, Kuthumi, Kwan Yin, Monka, Sananda, Soltec, The Wind of Change, White Eagle, Isaiah, Isis, Sagamemnon, Aliah, Lady Master Flora, Ashtara, Cosmic Weatherman, Angelic realm, The Light Forces on various subjects.
  • Full Moon Lectures:
    Series of monthly full moon lectures presented by Jananda and Celeste at The Center for the New Age in Sedona:
  • The Phoenix (Celeste Korsholm)
    Ancient Chinese, Sumerian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Incan, and Aztec mythology all tell of this uniquely immortal bird. It is an archetypal symbol of transformation and rebirth ...
  • Message to Humankind (Attron) (Celeste Korsholm)
    Galactic Confederation channeling on destiny of humankind