Croesus, the Marsian influence

Celeste Korsholm


During a meditation in the summer of 1991, I was invited to a meeting of a group of twelve great Ascended Masters who represent the planets of our solar system on the Planetary Council. I was asked to paint the Council's portraits and begin to disseminate infor mation about them. Thus began four months of direct contact and intense communication with these magnifi cent celestial beings. During morning meditations, they merged their energy fields with mine. Visual impressions became portrait drawings and thought forms became written messages. In this way, I received twelve portraits and a great deal of information about the Planetary Council's purpose and functions.

The Council is responsible for the fulfillment of the Divine Cosmic Plan to bring Light into this part of the universe. They work for the harmonious ascension of the whole solar system into higher consciousness. They seek to bring human consciousness on Earth into a global awareness so that Earth can act as an equal partner in this family of planets. These highly evolved beings have instant access to all dimensions of being. Each had to master the vibrations of all the planets in order to become a member of this ruling council. Many are still remembered in Earth's history and mythology.

Since each strongly feels his duty to contribute his individual expertise, the Council's democratic decision making process can get very heated. At these times, a representative from the higher Christ Council, Solaris Kumara, who has never incarnated on any of our planets, is called upon to contribute suggestions from a more detached viewpoint. When a decision is finally made, all differences dissolve and the Council acts as one. (See at the bottom for a complete list of the twelve Planetary Council Members and a brief discussion of their functions.)

In May, 1993, I arrived home from a lecture tour to be presented with my next assignment. My guidance announced that I would be receiving information from the Planetary Council about the history of the solar system. Representatives from each planet would provide stories of their evolution, their interaction with Earth, and our common destiny. The very next day, Jove appeared in my meditation and whisked me off to Jupiter. The Jupiterians gave me the first in a series of planetary histories. This has been published under the title, "Tales From Jupiter." Next came Master Croesus, the Planetary Council member representing Mars, with his "Tales From Mars." Over the next few months I telepathically received information about all the planets. Eventually, this material will be published under a single title, "Tales From the Planets."

The Martian tales begin with Suleiman's story. Suleiman, called "The Magnificent" by the Europeans and "The Lawgiver" by his own people, was Sultan of the Ottoman Turkish Empire from 1520 to 1566. As the story progresses, Master Croesus, the Planetary Council Member representing Mars, and Master El Morya, Ascended Master of the first ray of will and power, will contribute their perspective to this short Martian history. When I first began to receive this channelled material, I thought I had no personal association with Mars, the Red Planet of War. I learned differently as the Martian story unfolded. Although not a warrior myself, I have had many exhilarating lifetime adventures with warriors. I have been their friend and lover. Through shared adversity, I gained a deep appreciation for their abilities to take charge, make decisions, and act quickly in a crisis.

The warrior ray is a fiery, passionate ray. Warriors live by deep, emotional energy. This is both their strength and their weakness. In order to achieve mastery in this ray, a warrior must learn to balance his fierce emotions with patience and compassion for those slower in thought and act]ion. He must achieve an equilibrium between violence and passivity, between impulsiveness and procrastination, between action and avoidance.

Those of the bloody sword also contribute to Earth's evolution. They also serve the great cosmic plan. They fight and fight and fight, killing, destroying, and raping the people, the land and themselves until they finally realize that there must be a better way. Inevitably, they are transformed into the peaceful warriors. They evolve from the use of violence to solve problems to an unshakable commitment to peace. Nothing can make them return to their destructive ways.

Perhaps "Tales of Mars" will help you appreciate the positive qualities of the warrior ray in yourself and in those around you. Perhaps it will trigger long forgotten memories of your own adventures in the ancient battles between Light and Dark.


Greetings. I am Suleiman, once called "The Magnificent." I have been selected to begin telling "Tales From Mars." I, and many other Martian warriors, have focused our energy in the Middle East where the struggle between good and evil, Light and Dark has been very intense. Into this caldron are drawn warriors of both extremes. We come to prove our mastery through profound learning experiences. Other vibrations are repelled. They quickly withdraw to more compatible climes. Those who thrive in the Middle East are the warriors of fire much influenced by the Martian energy.

My country, modern Turkey, has always been a complex intermingling of races and religions. Its geographical position on the northeastern shore of the Mediterranean made it a natural bridge between West and East. The main overland route to the Far East crossed Turkey. On the East, Turkey boarders modern Iran, Syria and the Middle East. When my great grand father, Mehmed II, captured Constantinople in 1452, the Turks inherited the corrupt Byzantine Christian culture. His descendants went on to conquer Greece and Hungary and even threaten Venetian power in Italy. Throughout Mehmed II's rule, Christians were not forced to convert to Islam. They could still be in the army and have civil rights. During my reign, I made an alliance with the French against the Hapsburg Emperor, Charles V, and the English King Henry VIIl. I granted the French special trade and travel privileges. These early Christian/European influences have continued in Turkey until modern times. All religions were tolerated during my reign. Jews, Catholics, Russian Orthodox, etc. could live without persecution.

I grew up in a richly mixed atmosphere of eastern and western cultures. Merchants, scholars, diplomats, and soldiers from Greece and Europe mingled with those from India, Tibet, and China. Our great libraries contained the ancient wisdom of Atlantis and Egypt. All philosophies and religions were brought together in close association. There was much freedom of thought and expression. Although we were very proud of our splendid, ancient heritage, we were not all the fanatical, intolerant barbarians of your western history books.

Selim I, (1512-20), my father, doubled the size of the Ottoman Empire by ending the corrupt 100 year rule of the Mamluks in 1517. The Ottoman Empire thus absorbed all the holy places of Islam and made the Turkish Sultan the most important ruler of Islam. Islamic customs, beliefs, and organizations came to dominate, but not totally eliminate, the influence of other religions.

Sufism, the mystical aspect of Islam, was another part of my inheritance. My grandfather, Bayezid II, (1481-1512), became a Sufi pacifist late in life. Janissaries, the powerful military organization that spearheaded the Ottoman conquest, deposed Bayezid II in favor of his more militant son, Selim I, my father. The Sufavids in Iran were the only ones in the whole Middle Eastern area not conquered by the Ottomans. They remained a strong influence. Like my grandfather I, too, became an aescetic mystic in my last years.

As only one among many sons of the Sultan, I was rigorously trained from my childhood in all aspects of leadership. Only the fittest would survive to become the next supreme ruler. I had to compete not only in martial arts, but in scholarship and the fine arts. I needed to learn to wield the pen in composing poetry as well as the sword in waging battle. I grew up in an atmosphere of tremendous competition amid the soft luxury and bitter intrigue of the Turkish court. I inherited an indomitable will from my father which gave me the inner strength to survive every challenge. I soon learned to keep my own council and trust no one.

Fortunately for me, my mother was not only beautiful, but intelligent and creative. She endured the in trigues of the harem by focusing on poetry, music, and dance. Her deep love of beauty enriched my earliest childhood and continued to be a solace throughout my tumultuous adult life. She taught me to turn away anger with gentle words and to distract aggression with feminine subtlety. I became an unusual combination of feminine and masculine attributes. One moment I could be weeping over a beautiful poem. The next, I could be trying to kill an older, larger opponent in an uncontrollable fit of rage. As Sultan, I could easily be persuaded, but never forced. So was my character forged in our 16th century Turkish court.

From my mother I gained a great love of women. Like every Turkish Sultan, I had many concubines. Unlike my predecessors, I fell in love with a Slavic slave girl named Hurrem, meaning "bringer of joy." Against all opposition, I made her my wife and loved her all my life. No matter what malicious accusations were hurled against her, and there were many, our love endured through the years. They say she was not even beautiful, but to me she was the essence of womanhood, wise, compassionate, and loving. She bore the third of my four sons. It was her son who became my heir when my oldest son died and my second son had to be executed for his disloyalty. She was life itself to me. When she died, my joy went with her. In my poetry, which has been preserved in my homeland to this day, I tried to express my sorrow. It was my only solace.

I needed all my wits and skills to survive my youth and become the next sultan. Enemies abounded on every side. When my father, Selim, finally decided to make me his heir, he executed his brothers, seven of their sons and four of his own five sons in order to insure only one heir to the throne. Thus, I, Suleiman II, inherited wealth and power unequaled before or since.

One advantage I had over others was my great teacher and mentor. When I first met him as a young boy, he was introduced to me as Ashanti. He noticed me when I was very young. As I grew, he watched me from afar. Occasionally, on his rare visits, he spoke a few kind words of encouragement to me. It was not until many years later that I was told his real name. He was Akbar the Great, the Mogul emperor from India, (1542-l605) travelling incognito. Much later I finally learned his spiritual name, El Morya.

Akbar, or Ashanti, as I called him, was a very wise, cultured man whom I came to love and trust beyond all others. He spent his lifetime absorbing knowledge in all disciplines. In Europe, it was the Renaissance with its new humanism and secularism. The ancient wisdom of the Greeks and Romans was being revived. This was the time of the alchemist, the sorcerer, the astrologer. Such a Renaissance man was my master. He was proficient in science, religion, philosophy, medicine, and the arts. He travelled widely and studied the ways of many peoples and cultures.

With all of this, I have yet to mention Ashanti's greatest attribute. He knew not only the ways of this world, but of other worlds. History books do not record the strange, but true story of extraterrestrial, other dimensional contact through the ages. Always, the Brotherhood of Light moved quietly behind the scenes to guide man's evolution. Most of their stories are hidden in folk tales, myths and legends. The Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh and the Greek tales of Ulysses are examples of real events colored by dramatic embellish ment and moralizing lessons. My teacher, Ashanti, was an ascended master, an immortal, working for the Brotherhood of Light. Through him I was carefully awakened to my true being and destiny.

Ashanti did not seem to age through my lifetime. He always appeared to be a mature man in his early forties. Like the enigmatic St. Germaine who mysteriously appeared and disappeared in the French courts of Louis XIV, XV, and XVI, my master seemed to have a special status that allowed him to come and go from the Turkish court at will. He had unlimited wealth and power. He enjoyed the confidence of my father, the Sultan, as well as all our other powerful leaders. After his visits, my father suddenly had new ideas and solutions for our country's problems. My father never publicly acknowledged Ashanti's assistance, but he always enthusiastically welcomed him on his next visit. As I learned later, Ashanti insisted on this secrecy. He wanted no personal notoriety or public attention.

Ashanti's cosmic contacts alerted him to my poten tial destiny. Ostensively, he came to our court to see my father. Actually, he came to check on my progress and begin my higher spiritual education. He did not tell me this, of course. My ego was always inflated as it was. No, with me he was always rather remote, a kind, but stern disciplinarian. I do not know how he arranged to become my personal mentor. It was highly irregular to give a stranger access to the family life of a Sultan.

Yes, I had the guidance and protection of this great ascended master. He initiated me into the Brotherhood of Light, awakened my higher consciousness, and motivated me to serve the Divine Plan. With his help I was able to fulfill my divine destiny as Sultan of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. I now yield the narrator's role of "Tales From Mars" to Master El Morya.


Greetings, I am El Morya.

The Brotherhood of Light works behind the scenes through the ages. Our purpose is always to guide, not control. When we see a potentially volatile situation developing, we have many resources to bring to bear upon the problem. Far in advance of a crisis, we can send reinforcements to diffuse the explosive atmosphere. We have the advantage of a much broader perspective of time. What you call the future we per ceive as potential "nows.' Small adjustments in these dangerous potentials can produce wide differentials in the future. In order to understand our perspective, imagine us to be the traffic controllers at an airport. On the radar screen, we can see planes coming from all directions long before they arrive at the airport. If we perceive potential conflict in their flight paths, we can guide them into alternate directions. For the individual pilots, our directions are a warning about the unknown future. For us, the situation is an obvious part of our "now."

The Middle East of the early 16th century was such a place of potential conflict. Far in advance, we saw trouble coming to this area. Since it was under my jurisdiction, so to speak, I did what I could to guide it into a positive outcome. The Middle East inherited conflicts which began in other realms and continued on Earth. First Mars, then the Middle Eastern area on Earth became the target of extraterrestrial forces who wanted to conquer and control for their own purposes. These forces had no concept of contributing to the good of all and following the Divine Plan. They focused all their great intelligence and creativity into serving themselves. These malevolent influences caused the destruction of Mars and continued to create conflicts on Earth.

Other groups coming to the Middle East were positive, seeking to balance negative influences and carry out the Divine Plan for Earth. Ancient extraterrestrial Earth bases were located in the Tigris/Euphrates valley. They stimulated the emergence of the powerful Sumerian civilization which later developed into the Babylonian, Assyrian, and Hebrew cultures, among others.

It seemed to the Brotherhood of Light that the best way to deal with this potentially volatile situation in the Middle East was to create an "inside man," one who could experience the situation first hand and be ac cepted by the group. In this case, Suleiman was selected to become the "inside man." He agreed to incarnate at this point of time and space to affect positive changes from within. As a potential sultan, he would have great power and influence. If he could be awakened to his divine purpose, much good could result. To realize this plan required much spiritual support. A large group of the Brotherhood of Light volunteered to incarnate with him in order to aid him in the physical dimension. His mother, wife, and loyal friends all worked for the Brotherhood of Light. I, El Morya, agreed to be his spiritual guidance as part of my Earth assignment.

The Brotherhood of Light had to guide Suleiman very carefully. We knew from past experience in the Egyptian Akhenaton drama, for example, that he needed to be a man of the people. He could not be so totally different that he could not relate to the common people; yet he needed to be strong-minded enough to make the necessary changes. For these reasons, we chose his bloodlines very carefully. He required just the right balance of man and superman genetics. The result was the unique personality of Suleiman. As a child and young man, he did not understand what made him different from everyone around him. It was my job to help him understand himself without creating an egotistical, powerful monster who misused his superior abilities.

At every opportunity, I arranged to meet Suleiman. I subtly influenced his father to favor this son above the others. On several occasions, I was able to take him out of the court for lengthy travels. I showed him how other people lived and thought. I also took him space travelling. We would leave our physical bodies in the care of my servants with strict instructions not to disturb the sleeping forms under any circumstances. Then we could travel in the universe. Mars was the primary focus of this interdimensional education.

It was very important that Suleiman be conscious of his Martian background. Therefore, I gradually revealed his unique ancestry. We traveled to Mars to witness first hand the results of the Martian conflicts. He was shown both sides of his planet's history from a higher spiritual perspective. He learned his potential and his choices. What he would do with all this knowledge was up to Suleiman.

History shows that Suleiman successfully resolved conflicting Martian tendencies to become the greatest Ottoman Sultan. He ruled forty-six years in the Golden Age of the Ottoman Empire. The arts and sciences flourished in the stimulation of an open exchange of ideas from East and West. He commissioned his royal architect, Busbecq, to construct a complex of buildings containing a mosque even greater than the Hagia Sophia, a hospital, a university, and a library. His main palace, Topkapi, regularly fed 5000 people a day. Administrative and military leaders were chosen on personal merit, not on inherited status. Every year promising boys from the villages were brought to the capital to be educated. The intelligent ones became scholars and administrators. The strong became soldiers. Many humbly born became responsible leaders of the realm. Suleiman developed a system of just laws for all people, earning himself the title, "Law giver." His reign brought stability, justice, and prosper ity to the Middle East.

This concludes my part of "Tales From Mars." Allow me to introduce Master Croesus, who will continue the narration.


Mars, like the Middle East, has been the focus of conflicts between the Light and the Dark Forces. In many ways, this beautiful red planet is much like the Earth. It has a solid rocky core, an atmosphere, water, and relatively moderate changes in seasons and temperature. Like Earth, it began its evolution with many life forms in the third dimension. When the Sowers seeded the young planets in the newly forming solar system, a great diversity of species took root and flourished on Mars.

Later, when the Watchers arrived to select the most successful life form in which to inject Higher Light Intelligence, they had a wide variety from which to choose. They eventually settled on two different insectlike forms. One was much like Earth's ant form. The other was more like the praying mantis. The watchers found equal potential for intelligent development in these two species. Rather than choose between them, they decided to give both the infusion of Light. From the very beginning, this unusual decision created potential conflict. It set up a unique atmosphere of struggle between species that inevitably resulted in making Mars the red planet of war.

The Higher Light Intelligence that the Watchers distribute throughout the expanding cosmos creates self conscious awareness into the minds of those who receive it. More awareness brings rapid adaption to the environment which eventually allows a surplus of energy that can be focused on more expansion of conscious ness. The spiral of evolution is thus accelerated. When two species are developing in the same environment at the same time, they must compete for the same terri tory. It is as if two people try to get up a narrow circular staircase at the same time. The space gets very crowded and progress is impossible. If they can stop the struggle and agree to let one go first and the other follow, progress goes smoothly. If not, confusion reigns and no one goes anywhere. So it was on Mars. Both species tried to rush up the evolutionary staircase at the same time. Conflict was inevitable.

At first, there were plenty of environmental difficulties to keep both species busy. For long ages, both applied their expanding intelligence toward conquering the environment. The ant species chose to develop a highly regulated, communal society, much like the ant colonies on Earth. They developed a unity conscious ness that gave them great power as a group, but allowed no individual creativity. The praying mantis species, on the other hand, focused on its relationship with spirit. It sought to transform the external environ ment by developing the internal strength of heart and mind.

When these two species eventually found them selves forced together on the evolutionary staircase, the ant species had no concept of stepping back from the struggle and negotiating. All it knew was to complete its assigned task or die in the attempt. The number of individuals who were killed in the process was immate rial. Only the good of the whole mattered. The ants would have continued until all died or they triumphed. So it fell to the praying mantis species to withdraw from the struggle and let the ants charge up the stairway. Without resistance, the ants swarmed ahead at great speed. They overran all other species on Mars with sheer numbers. They multiplied unchecked for ages.

In their obsessive, fanatical allegiance to the group, the ants neglected other aspects of consciousness. Order was maintained by rigid adherence to ancient rules and regulations. No one was taught to think or feel for themselves. They were very responsible, but they weren't creative. A group can progress only so far without new ideas and strong individuals to accomplish changes. There is great strength in unity conscious ness, but it must be balanced by respect for individual creativity. The ant species on Mars developed a totally left-brained, logical, aggressive, male society. They neglected the right-brained, intuitive, receptive, female side of themselves. (You are familiar with this imbalance from your Earth experience.) On Mars, this process was allowed to continue to its furthest extreme in self destruction. Eventually, they destroyed their environment and themselves. Like lemmings, they finally threw themselves over the cliff in an orgy of self destructiveness.

While the ant species was organizing itself into centralized colonies, the praying mantis species, let us call them the Reverence Race, were developing an entirely different culture. Just as their name implies, they focused upon the inner world of spirit rather than the outer, external world. Feminine, receptive, intuitive, magnetic characteristics were valued above all others. The more perceptive, sensitive individuals were sought as leaders. Decisions were made by going within, aligning with spirit, and receiving inspiration from higher dimensions of being.

I, Croesus, was part of the Reverence race on Mars. From the beginning of our Higher Light Infusion by the Watchers, we chose the way of the heart. Through the ages, we found that love was more powerful than any external force. We learned to create with the heart and mind in balance. Instead of building cities, we con structed temples. Places of worship and higher spiritual training were our highest priority. Our most brilliant artists and creative minds were focused upon manifesting spirit in matter. We built great structures. Domes, pyramids, towers, and sculptures reached up from the iron rich rocks of Mars to point toward the One Source of All. Once we understood the universal principles of heart/mind creation, there was no limit to the size or shape of our monuments. Underlying each was the principle of sacred geometry. Our buildings were not only beautiful on the surface, but their spiritual power also raised the consciousness of everyone who entered.

Of course, we were aware of our ant neighbors. Their frantic activities were impossible to ignore. We chose to withdraw rather than confront their expansion. When we could no longer physically avoid their aggression, we withdrew to higher dimensions. We were the species who pulled back from the evolutionary stairway and let the ants go first. We did not resist their furious unified power. Instead, we gradually learned to co-exist in the same space in a faster frequency, in a higher dimension.

This shift in consciousness did not happen over night. It was very difficult to stand by and watch the ants destroy all our beautiful creations. Some of us could not. Some of our more warlike groups went to battle to defend them and perished in the process. The pyramids and "face on Mars," first photographed by the Viking I spacecraft in 1976, are ruins of our once great civilization. The ants' belligerent, wholesale destruction of all that we loved was the greatest test of our convictions. We had come to believe that mutable, external form was not as important as immutable spirit. We were forced to choose between whom we would serve, matter or spirit. This great mass initiation pushed us into the next dimension of being. As a group, the Reverence Race ascended.

It took time for the Reverence Race to create a new civilization in the fourth dimension. Those who had personally done the inner spiritual preparation in the third dimension adapted quickly to the new frequency. Several other groups required a longer period of reeducation and healing. First there were those who had been drawn up into higher evolution simply because they were part of our group. They needed more time and individual experience. They had not resisted the group energy, but neither had they done anything positive to assist it. Eventually, they needed to choose for themselves what they believed.

The second group needed emotional healing. They loved beauty in any form or dimension so much that they had been deeply wounded by its destruction. It would take time for them to recover their creative spirit. The third group had reacted violently to the ant people's repression of individuality. These were the strong warrior spirits of our group who feared the higher consciousness would lead to the very thing that we were fighting against. These needed to learn that unity consciousness could also allow for individual expression.

Meanwhile, the ant people continued their aggressive expansion on the third dimensional surface of Mars. When they conquered all other species, they turned against each other. Their obsessive need for dominance forced them to continue killing until they destroyed themselves and their environment. Eventually they went underground to continue their aggression there. Since life is eternal, this voracious group consciousness did not end with their destruction of third dimensional life on Mars. They found another third dimensional planet on which they could continue their evolution. Earth, their nearest neighbor, provided the perfect opportunity for further experience. Ant people began incarnating on Earth in vast numbers. This time, however, universal law required that their destructive impact be strictly limited. Most of this energy was contained in the very tiny bodies of Earth's ants. The aggressive Martian consciousness is allowed to continue in the ants who live and die for the group with no individuality for as long as it meets their needs.

One more comment ...... Those who cannot tolerate ants and want to kill them at every opportunity are reacting to past battles with this energy in other realms. Understand that the warrior consciousness creates many opportunities for conflict in order to achieve the unconditional love and unshakable calm of the peaceful warrior. The Martian consciousness continues to serve the divine plan on Earth.

Members of the Reverence Race have also incarnated on Earth. Ascending from the third to the fourth dimension did not mean that they had achieved perfection. They still had much to learn. They chose to evolve through service in the time-honored tradition of the Brotherhood of Light. Since conditions on Earth were so similar to our past Martian experience, many of the Reverence Race volunteered to share our hardearned wisdom with humans on Earth. We came to Earth to teach non-violence.

In Earth's history, a thread of pacifism can be found running through all other philosophies. These peaceful thinkers are not as flamboyant as the warrior consciousness. Their ideas are generally ignored in the more violent resolution of conflicts. You find them in such familiar contemporary examples as Gandhi and Martin Luther King. All are essentially spirit-centered philosophers who have integrated the wisdom and experience of the Reverence Race from Mars.

Over the ages, the Middle East provided an arena of experience for both Martian life paths. Where the Ant People's consciousness dominated, the Brotherhood of Light tried to balance this extreme by bringing in members of the Reverence Race. The greatest need provided the greatest potential for service and positive change. Such a situation existed in the Ottoman Empire of the 16th century. In Suleiman, the Brother hood of Light's plans to bring more balance into this conflagration was successful. If one man's heart could transform conflict into peace, in time, all aggression on Earth could be brought into balance. These learning experiences would be much more powerful and lasting because they developed not by outer force, but by inner conviction.

Another instance of the blending of both Martian species was my Earth incarnation as Croesus. Croesus was King of Lydia, a small, but wealthy country that flourished between 700 and 500 BC in what is now Western Turkey, a thousand years before Suleiman, "The Magnificent." Like Suleiman, my genetic structure contained both the aggressive tendencies of the Ant People and the non-violent convictions of the Reverence Race. My life purpose was to find a balance between these conflicting outlooks.

The story of Croesus has all the elements of Greek tragedy. Thanks to Greek historians like Herodotus, a 5th century BC historian, and Bacchylides, a Greek poet, there is a contemporary written record of my fate. My father, Alyattes, conquered most of mainland Ionia, (Greece). I acted as viceroy and commander-in-chief for my father. After a struggle with my half brother, I became king at my father's death. At first, I seemed to lead the perfect life. Outsiders envied my gold mines, tributes from conquered neighboring states, and the advantageous location of the capitol, Sardis, on the main east/west trade route. All this made me rich beyond imagining. My name comes down through history synonymous with fabulous wealth. "Rich as Croesus," means very rich indeed.

The Lydians had a reputation for being a fun-loving, sensuous people. Our remaining art and artifacts reveal our love of dancing, music, beauty, and family. In orgiastic banquet scenes, flute players and harpists accompany dancers writhing in abandoned frenzies. Women and men lie in each others arms, eating and drinking. Women are included as equals in warmly loving family scenes. Our tombs were constructed like homes with little rooms for each family member's sarcophagi. Greek historians relate how the Lydians managed to create a life of pleasure even during an 8th century BC famine! The story is told that one day the Lydians gambled and fasted. They next day they feasted. The next day they returned to gambling and fasting, etc. In this imaginative way, they survived an eighteen year famine without abandoning their way of life.

I was not fated to enjoy my good fortune for long. The first tragedy struck when my son was born deaf. Since he could never learn to speak, he could never rule after me. My second son grew to young manhood, but died in a hunting accident. Added to this personal grief, I had to face the threat of the Persian King Cyrus I, fresh from his conquest of the Medes. I began to negotiate with the Egyptians, Spartans, and Babylonians to form an alliance against this rising menace. At the same time, I sent a huge gift of gold to the Greek oracle at Delphi, asking for advice. I had a great admiration for the Greeks. Many times I paid for prophecies of the Delphic Oracle. This time the oracle responded crypti cally, "If you cross the river, you will destroy a kingdom." I interpreted this to mean that I should not wait for my allies. I decided to take the initiative and go out to meet the Persian army. I led my army across the river. We met in battle at Pteria, but neither side really won. I decided to return to Sardis and regroup. Cyrus pur sued our Lydian forces, attacking us by surprise outside our city walls. Before long, it was my kingdom that was destroyed, not the Persians'!

In 526 BC I was captured, the capital taken, and my Lydian kingdom ended forever. Greek historians tell conflicting stories about what happened to Croesus. Bacchylides wrote that I tried to kill myself on a funeral pyre, but was captured. Herodotus says that I was saved from Cyrus' sentence of burning by Apollo, the Greek god of the sun. I later was seen in Egypt with Cyrus successor, Cambyses II. The Greek-born Persian doctor, Ctesias, wrote that Croesus eventually became governor of Barene in Media.

Dramatic, magical events took place that day in 526 BC. Everything happened very quickly during the battle for Sardis. There was no time to plan or think rationally. The Persians burned and looted as they swept rapidly into the city. I was in the thick of the battle. I sent my deaf son to protect his mother and sisters. He was killed defending his family. My beloved wife and daughters were all slaughtered. At the end of the day, I was captured and taken alive to be judged by Cyrus.

Imagine me, totally crushed and defeated, on my knees in chains, before the triumphant Persian King. In one day I had lost everything, family, wealth, and power. There was nothing left for me except death. Just as Cyrus was pronouncing my sentence, I raised my head and looked my captor directly in the eyes. This was my moment of truth. Even knowing that my family had been brutally massacred and my kingdom lost, I resolved then and there to forgive everything. Instead of dying in rage and hatred, I reached into the depths of my Martian soul and found a deep peace. I knew there must be a better way than to die in rage and dispair. In that moment of conscious decision, on the brink of death, I was transfigured. In that moment I became the peaceful warrior. My bloody, filthy body began to glow with a golden, otherworldly light. This eerie inner radiance lit up the gloomy night with the light of midday. Cyrus and the guards fell back in awe. They gasped in disbelief. How was this be possible? There I was, transformed into a god before their eyes! It was a miracle! They thought I had become Apollo, the god of the sun! They dared not kill a god!

So it was that my life was spared that day in Sardis. Cyrus did not know what to do with me. He kept me imprisoned for a long time. Occasionally, he would summon me to court to see if I had changed my attitude. I still refused to hate. I refused to seek revenge. I continued to feel only love and compassion for everyone. I was an incredible enigma to the old ruler. He could not understand such spiritual strength in a warrior. In time, the Persian leader came to admire, respect, and finally, trust me. I was accepted into the Persian court and given a position of responsibility. I lived the rest of that incarnation as a peaceful warrior. I demonstrated in my life that Martian aggressiveness could be softened by love.

This is the tale of Martian ascension. Within the warrior consciousness of individuals such as Croesus and Suleiman, the aggressiveness of the Ant People is integrated with the non-violence of the Reverence Race. Martian genetic strains of both the Ant People and the Reverence Race come together into powerful, progres sive leaders who bring peace, order, and prosperity to their people. The long range plans of the Brotherhood of Light come to fruition within the warriors who choose to fulfill their highest destiny. If even one man chooses to forgive instead of destroy, ages of struggle between opposites can be healed. So it has always been and so it will always be. One leads the way for the many to resolve their conflicts as peaceful warriors.


  1. HORUS, (ancient Egyptian falcon-headed god of the sky), representing the Sun, co-ordinates the Planetary Council's activities with the higher Intergalactic and Christ Councils.
  2. HERMES, (ancient Greek messenger of the gods), representing Mercury, directs inter-planetary, intergalactic communications.
  3. ADONIS, (handsome youth of Roman mythology loved by Venus, goddess of love), representing Venus, directs the evolution of love and beauty.
  4. ENOCH, (ancient Hebrew scribe), representing Earth on the Planetary Council, directs prophetic communica tions.
  5. CROESUS, (wealthy Lydian king defeated by Persia in 546 BC), representing Mars, co-ordinates Planetary Council activities with the Ascended Masters in the Brotherhood of Light.
  6. ATHENA, (Greek mythology's goddess of war and wisdom), representing the asteroid belt, defends truth and justice.
  7. JOVE, (ancient Roman king of the gods), represent ing Jupiter, maintains the balance of the planets' magnetic fields.
  8. ZOROASTER, (6th century BC priest/reformer who brought monotheism to the ancient Middle East), representing Saturn, concerned with order, structure, and destiny.
  9. QUETZALCOATAL, (Aztec "feathered serpent" god of the sky), representing Uranus, works for religious and philosophical change.
  10. MERLIN, (5th century Welsh sorcerer of King Arthur's Court), representing Neptune, focuses upon scientific discoveries.
  11. LAO-TZU, (6th century BC Chinese philosopher who founded Taoism), representing Pluto, contributes detached wisdom.
  12. APOLLO, (Greek mythology's god of the sun) representing Phoenix, the catalyst for change.