Healing Lecture

By Jananda, Meditation by Celeste

If you'll close your eyes and join me, we will go within and focus on that Spirit which is always with each one of us. We might visualize this as a bright light radiating out from the very center of our being. Let's see this clearly within ourselves. Then become aware that this same light is shining within everyone in this room. Our combined radiance now creates a powerful circle of light. It fills this room with such radiance, such brilliant light! We feel it blending all of our energies, bringing us together, and unifying us. As we join together and focus on this healing light, we can then project it outwards in a very powerful way.

Let us visualize our dear Planet Earth glowing like a jewel in space. As the Earth turns and serenely floats through space, visualize that the entire Earth is covered in a brilliant circle of light. All the divergent energy on the planet is unified, harmonized, blended and healed by this light. We consciously choose to concentrate this wonderful circle of light around our beautiful Mother Earth. We are going to hold this thought. We are going to hold this concentration of light and know that no darkness can come into it. There is only light here. We invite the great beings of light, the mighty healing angels, Raphael and all his healing legions of angels, all the great master healers through the ages, those who heal the mind, the body, the spirit. We welcome them all here with us. We are going to step into this healing circle of light and claim our power to heal ourselves and our planet. With this commitment we say, "So it is." Amen.


Our subject is healing. Let's talk about esoteric healing, about planetary healing, and about personal healing. We will talk about the healing of the mass consciousness. This is why we are here. We are here not only to heal ourselves and our friends. We are here to heal the mass consciousness on this planet so we can get a much, much better future for this planet.

I came to the United States from Denmark in 1988. I am now living here in Sedona with my wife, Celeste. We are working with the Brotherhood of Light to bring more light into physical life on this planet. I have the intention of asking the Highest Source or Force to come here to heal all of us on our wonderful planet. So prepare yourself. This is powerful stuff we are going to call forth.

I have been involved with healing for more than 25 years now. It has not always been easy. It has been very, very difficult now and then. In my thirties, a severe back injury began ten years of pain that several major operation and best efforts of modern medicine could not cure. This "cosmic wake up call" forced me to look for alternate healing methods. The first dramatic appearance of my spiritual guidance in 1969 made me conscious of the healing power in my own hands. He asked me three times if I was ready to do my work. At the time, I thought I had taken too much morphine and had totally lost my mind. Even so, I answered, "Yes," each time he asked me. This experience ended a lifetime of atheism and set me on my spiritual path. When doctors no longer could help me, I was forced to turn to spiritual healers. In this process I discovered my own abilities to heal and I, myself, was healed.

When I was preparing for this lecture, Master Dwajhl Kuhl, called the Tibetan, came into my morning meditation. I know this Tibetan Master from a past life in the Himalayas when he was my teacher. He suggested that I use some of his material for a talk about healing. I felt that this was a wonderful idea. I chose some of the six universal laws about healing listed in "Esoteric Healing," Master Dwajhl Kuhl's teachings channelled through Alice A. Bailey, published by Lucis Trust in 1953.

Some years ago, I was contacted by Djwajhl Kuhl. He came to me and spoke about my viewpoint on his teachings. I was really shocked because I had just been talking with some people about Alice A. Bailey's books. I was complaining because these channelled books from the Ascended Masters were so difficult to understand. He said, "I am sometimes called the disciplinarian, and I like discipline. If you cannot discipline and control you mind, I cannot use you as a tool." I was pretty shocked that he knew what I was thinking. Wow! We need to take care of what we think and say because the masters are listening. That's really incredible!

There are, of course, laws that are guiding this universe. Everything in the universe is law and order. Don't think there is no law and order existing, because there is a war and a lot of killing in the third dimensional world on this planet. There is law and order in the universe. Allow me to read a few of the ten universal laws of healing found on page 532-533 of "Esoteric Healing."

Law #1. "All diseases are the result of inhibited soul life. This is true of all forms in all kingdoms. The art of the healer consists in releasing the soul so that its life can flow through the aggregate of organism which constitute any particular form.

Law #2. "Disease is the product of and subject to three influences: first, a man's past, wherein he pays the price of ancient error; second, his inheritance, wherein he shares with all mankind those tainted streams of energy which are of group origin; third, he shares with all the natural forms that which the Lord of Life imposes on His body. These three influences are called the "Ancient Law of Evil Sharing." This must give place some day to that new "Law of Ancient Dominating Good" which lies behind all that God has made. This law must be brought into activity by the spiritual will of man.

Law #4. "Disease, both physical and psychological, has its roots in the good, the beautiful and the true. It is but a distorted reflection of divine possibilities.

Law #5. "There is naught but energy, for God is Life. Two energies meet in man, but another five are present. For each is to be found at the central point of contact. The conflict of these energies with forces and of forces twist themselves and produce the bodily ills of man.

Rule #5. "The healer must link his soul, his heart, his brain and his hands. Thus can he pour the vital healing force upon the patient. This is magnetic work. It cures the disease or increases the evil state, according to the knowledge of the healer. The healer must seek to link the soul, brain, his heart and the auric emanation. Thus his presence can then feed the soul life of the patient. This is the work of radiation. The hands are needed not. The patient's soul responds through the response of his aura to the radiation of the healer's aura flooded with soul energy.

Law #9. "Perfection calls imperfection to the surface. Good drives evil from the form of man in time and space. The method used by the Perfect One and that employed by Good is harmlessness. This is not negativity but perfect poise, a complete point of view and divine understanding. The healer or the healing group must keep the will in leash. It is not will. "It is not will that must be used but love." This is the most important saying in the laws and the rules for the healer.

I just wanted to read some of this because I feel the Tibetan Master's presence is very important for the understanding of why we have problems on this planet. He gave us a lot of true information about how we can change this world. Isn't it incredible to put it into words that are so difficult to understand? He is smiling at me. He asks, "Haven't you experienced in your own physical life what it is all about?" When I read this and read it once more, then I begin to understand it. If you really want to understand what the Tibetan master is saying, I suggest that you read his work.

Let us talk about healing. How can we do it practically? How can we heal this planet because this is the most important assignment we have? It is not the healing of yourself. The master is saying to us, "We cannot wait for you until you become masters. You have to heal yourself and the planet now. This is your responsibility."

I would suggest that we now give the power over to the mighty healing angels and to the Source, the First Cause, the Alpha and Omega. Let us give the power to I AM THAT I AM. Are you ready?

I ask you from Spirit to call forth the mighty, mighty power of the I AM, the I AM within you. Will you concentrate? Will you pray with me? Say within yourself and put all the love that you have behind you. If you like, speak it out loud. Feel free to do that. I call forth the mighty, mighty I AM Presence. Come.

A FEW VOICES: I call forth the mighty I AM Presence.

JANANDA: Oh, we need more than that! Do you think that you can heal Planet Earth with only two or three people saying this? We need more power behind it. We ask you, beloved sisters and brothers on Earth in physical form, to claim what you are.

MANY VOICES: I call for the mighty I AM Presence!

JANANDA: Great! See, the mighty I AM Presence is within you. When you call forth this mighty power, nothing is impossible. You can create with that mighty power. You can heal with this power. Claim only one thing. Do only one thing. Focus your mind into your heart. Create the triangle of energy. Create this from your heart. This is the first point of energy. Think about this. It is the first point in this triangle, the heart, the center, the I AM. Focus on this point. Feel the energy. Know for certain that this is the Mighty I AM Presence within. I AM THAT I AM, this is what is in here. We want you to focus on the I AM THAT I AM, the first point of love. Because from the heart can only emanate one thing, love. So let us focus on that point, and as we focus on that point, let us then focus on the I AM presence in our soul. The soul itself, this fantastic loving being somewhere here beside yourself, somewhere out here in the next dimension. Let us focus on the soul. If you like, you can imagine your soul as a human being or just as a light. You can focus on that energy field, as total light and love, unconditional universal love. Try to imagine that. Somewhere out here there is another point of the triangle where you are contacting the soul itself.

Now we have two points of the triangle which we need to heal. The third point is the focus of our attention right now, the one we want to heal. It can be a loved one we have here in the physical dimension, or it can be Planet Earth itself. Contact what you feel is right within your heart as the third point of the triangle. Please focus on that. It can be someone you really love who needs universal guidance, universal love, universal healing, total unconditional love. It is not what you want in your mind. Keep your will in leash. It is not your will at all. You can do much harm with your will. It is the will of God, the will of the soul, so ask that the will of God be done. Thy will be done in me. Thy will be done through me. Thy will be done with me, and Thy will be done by me.

If you ask for these four things, if you ask the will of God to be done this way, you can never do any harm with the healing power or with your will because now you are unifying yourself with the mighty I AM Presence, and the mighty I AM Presence cannot do anything wrong, ever. So ask for that. Pray for that. Realize the power you have. Realize what you can do with this mighty power. Do some of you here want to heal yourself through this process? Yes? Heal yourself. You can do that. Trust the power you have. Trust that mighty I AM Presence that you are because this is the real stuff. This is the real healing power. Do you want to see clearly? Yes? Do you want to get rid of your glasses? Yes. Do you want to get rid of the physical problems you have in your body? Yes? Say "yes" to this, and Thy will be done. Thy will be done. Remember to put it this way.

Why is it so difficult for us to heal ourselves while we are in physical form? Why is this so difficult? Because we have too little trust and faith in that mighty I AM Presence which can heal and cure us of any disease, any illness. We don't believe it. We don't believe that we are I AM THAT I AM. So it is time for you to call forth this mighty power and use it to heal yourself, your planet, and mass consciousness. This whole dark cloud of mass consciousness needs to be cured of its energy from the past.

When we heal, we are not alone. When we ask for healing, we are never alone. Remember when the Master said, "Where one or more are gathered together in my name, I am there." Do you remember? Wherever you are, you are never alone, never. You cannot be alone because you cannot separate yourself from this mighty power you are, from this I AM THAT I AM. From this I AM Presence, you cannot be separate. You are always more than one. You are always connected with all your simultaneous life forms. Don't think that you are just this physical form and that is all, because it is not so.

When you want to heal, you call forth this Presence of God and know. Be still. Be very still and know that ye are God. And then it is time for you to heal. Then it is time for you to call forth the mighty healing angels. Use the name of Archangel Michael for this mighty healing power if you like. Others are using other angels. Use whatever name you like to call forth, and it is always there. Know one thing. When you knock on the door, the door will be opened and the Divine Presence is there.

We would like to discus a mighty healing angel which has the specific assignment of assisting in the healing process. We call him Archangel Raphael, symbolized by this wonderful being in the painting by Celeste. Maybe Celeste will explain what the symbols mean.

CELESTE: He is standing in the double helix which is the symbol of the DNA molecule. This is a symbol of the microcosm, the very tiniest part of ourselves. It is also a symbol of how dimensions pass from one to another in an endless flow. In this way it symbolizes the macrocosm. Raphael is holding the scroll of revelation on which is written the name of God, Yhwh, phonetically "Yode Hay Vode Hay." He is pointing to the scroll indicating that through this focus on God, the Source, there is all healing, there is all truth, there is all that we seek."

JANANDA: This is a wonderful being of fire who can assist you in healing any disease. Just ask for him to come and assist you. He has a mighty, mighty legion of angels to assist in healing. Now I would like to explain my own experience with these wonderful beings when I am doing a healing.

My first meeting, I think, with the angelic beings who come to assist in healing was feeling a presence. I didn't know what was going on. I experienced a wonderful, blue, green and pink energy. I was never able to see any person. Since these beings are without physical form, I saw a pyramid-like form. As I was doing the healing, I felt that this energy somehow enfolded both me and the client. Either the client was sitting on a chair or lying on the table. This energy enfolded us with what felt like angels wings. When I think about this, I understand that this was the auric field that the angels project around us.

Sometimes, hands come out of this angelic auric field. Gradually I understood that there were a lot of healing angels in the room when I did a healing. Lately these angels have been so wonderful when they come. There is a tiny light in the center of this energy. It is a light you cannot really describe with words, because it is an otherworldly light. It is so powerful. It is golden, white, pink, all the colors you can imagine. I feel all this smiling, this joy. Sometimes there can be a huge eye staring at you. It may say to you, "We need your assistance to heal this blessed brother/sister."

Once, in a healing session, I answered, "Yes, what can I do?"

The mighty healing angel said, "Please, leave the room."

"What?" I thought I was doing the healing, you know.

Then the angel said in an incredibly soft, loving voice that sings in your body and makes your whole body start vibrating, "Yes, we want you to leave the room, but leave behind your etheric form. We need your etheric form to accomplish the healing you have started." This was said completely without any prejudice or judgement. "We need that energy from your etheric body because it is not influenced by your mental or your emotional body. It is the pure energy that we need this time."

So I staggered out of the room. I was really dizzy now because I lost part of my etheric form. I didn't observe myself in that situation, but I felt it. I totally lacked in energy and I was really dizzy. The mighty healing angel used my etheric energy to accomplish what I started. I could feel the angels moving their hands over the body. Praise the Lord that it was possible to heal this beloved one by using my etheric body! I felt so grateful that we could assist.

I want you to realize that when you heal, it is not only you who does the healing. It is only a part of you who is doing the healing. It is the mighty I AM Presence who is doing the healing. We cannot do this alone by ourselves. It is the Father/Mother God within which does the work. Now, this is wonderful!

Let me tell you an experience I had years ago when I was newly into this. A mother called me. She was desperate. She had a little daughter, about 8 months old, with very powerful brain seizures. Doctors had to give a lot of medicine to this little child just to keep her alive. The mother pleaded, "Can you do something?"

I said, "I don't know if I can, but I will try."

So the mother brought the little girl to me. I told her to place the baby on the table." Immediately I felt the presence of a powerful energy. That was my first experience with the healing angels. I felt the Master's presence. I passed my hands over the baby. Suddenly, her entire body convulsed back in an arch from head to toes. Then she collapsed back down again. I thought the child was dead. I felt the hair rising on my head. Then I realized that the child was not dead. She was healed!

I said to the mother, "Take your child to the hospital and let the doctors examine her. The child is healed." It was not me who said this. It was someone else who said it through me. She called for an appointment and took the baby to the hospital two days later. The doctors found that the child's brain was perfect. The mother called to let me know. Now, here comes the big one! Here comes the master teaching of the law of cause and effect.

The lady called me. She said, "My daughter is healed. There is nothing wrong with her brain. The EEG showed normal brain functions. They have taken her off the medicine. The doctors said that they must have misdiagnosed her."

I said, "Great! Wonderful! Congratulations!" I hung up the phone. I turned around and said to my wife, "Do you know what I did? I healed a child of a brain tumor!" Just as I was bragging to my wife, my older daughter came running in. She said, "Dad, can you help me? There is something loose on my moped." I took a screwdriver and went out to the garage. As I bent over the moped my back went out. A terrible stabbing pain shot through my body. I had already had an operation on my back. This was an all too familiar feeling. I couldn't straighten up. I couldn't move.

"Call the doctor, Call the doctor!" I screamed. For about 20 to 25 minutes I was bent over with all this pain until the doctor arrived to give me a shot and get me into bed. All this time I didn't realize what it was that I was saying or what I was doing wrong by claiming that I was doing the healing. It was not until I was in bed with another shot of morphine that I was brought up and finally understood what I was saying. I have never claimed since that I am doing the work. I'm not the one. I'm just the instrument for Spirit to do the healing.

So take this little experience into consideration when you feel that you are healing someone. They are doing the work, all these wonderful beings. As we are healing other people, we are healing ourselves. It can be painful still. We can have many years of problems, but we are also healing ourselves by healing other people. By assisting other people, by bringing to consciousness our common problems, we are healing ourselves.

You have never, never made any mistakes. Neither are you being punished. The only thing you have not realized is a very, very simple law, the law of cause and effect. As you are growing or evolving in your spiritual growth, you are going to become more and more aware of the law of cause and effect. In the beginning it can be difficult to understand that every problem we have is triggered by the law of cause and effect.

Yesterday, I was asked by someone, "Why do children have to suffer?" I asked Dwajhl Kuhl about this. He pointed out the law of cause and effect. That was the only explanation I received from the masters. No one is suffering without reason. For instance, there can be thousands of reasons for a disease that a child has. The teachings can be, first of all, that the child volunteers to come into this incarnation with a certain disease to teach the doctors, to teach the parents, or the healer, etc. The law of cause and effect is always, totally, 100 percent just. There is no injustice, not at all, never. Don't think that God created something wrong by creating the law of cause and effect. God is perfect. There are many ways of healing, and there are many ways of understanding the law of cause and effect. There are many viewpoints. One way to understand the law of cause and effect is to develop a disease. One way or another, such direct experience is our greatest teacher of the law of cause and effect.

We are not innocent. In one lifetime, we might serve as a soldier, for instance. You can go out and kill people. As you go through this process of killing, you may say, when you finish your life, "Oh, I'll never, never do that again." As you come up before the Karmic Board, you are shown the thousands of people you have killed. The Karmic Board shows you what you have done. How can you solve this? How can you pay these people back for taking their life and shortening their opportunities for spiritual growth? None of this information is given with judgement. It is given with a total understanding of the human condition. And you think, "Oh, man, how am I going to balance this?"

The Karmic Board will show you a variety of options. You say, "Great, I killed 7,000 people in that lifetime, so why don't I go down in a physical form and heal about 25,000 people. That should do it." The Karmic Board agrees, "Yes, great!"

You look at the Karmic Board when you are standing there about to take on your shoulders this big assignment to go down and heal 25,000 people. How are you going to do this? I AM That I AM. I will go down and have no problems doing this. You say to the Karmic Board, "Do you have something else I can do? Do I have some other past lives I need to look at?"

"Oh, yes, yes." They show you all these things. You receive a really nice printout from their computer of all you have to do. You don't realize how difficult it will be. You don't realize when you sign this printout that there might be 25 years of pain. You think, "Good, I can do that easily."

You incarnate. You grow up. You become big and strong. You don't remember a darned thing about the 25 years of pain you decided to have. But one day, the big "cosmic 2" x 4" hits you. You can't understand what it is all about. You don't want to look up to God. Oh, no! You walk around bent over in pain for several years, hardly able to walk. Why do You have to walk on two crutches? Why do You have to sit in a chair all day? Why can't you work anymore? Because God wants you to sit down and think! You need to look at that.

Most of the time you spend looking down. That is not the way. I am talking out of my own experience. One day the great healer is coming to say, "Look up." You finally do look up and then you understand some part of it. You think, "That's great!" It's clear and you start healing this and that. What you don't realize is that there were a lot of printouts from that computer! You really have to go through a long process. Sometimes you come to a point when you cannot bear it anymore. Then the mighty I AM Presence comes, one way or another, to help you. You will be shown a way out of your problems. It can be difficult for a soul in physical form to listen to this guidance. While you are experiencing this, you can call forth this mighty power and be an ascended master, or be an ascended being. That is your choice.

Now we are going to ask you, "What do you want? What do you want?" Do you want to leave the planet before time? No, no! You want to experience it in full. If you want to experience this life in full, I'm just asking you, why don't you call forth this mighty presence you are, I AM THAT I AM, so you can go back and forth between dimensions by your own choice. Do you want to be an ascended being?


Only one said, "Yes." Isn't that incredible? Here you all have the possibility of becoming ascended beings and only one said, "Yes." Now we are here to experience life in the physical form. We are here to shift the mass consciousness, to evolve out of the dark. So we can call forth this mighty I AM Presence.

Celeste has a wonderful painting about healing. Celeste, would you explain about your painting?

CELESTE: This painting is called the "Healing Pool." It is a real place created in higher dimensions. It is a sacred temple filled with healing, flowing water. The angels above and the wonderful I AM Presence standing in the middle of the temple focus the healing energy down upon the little figure standing in the water with open arms to receive it.

JANANDA: That was a wonderful explanation! I mentioned the Karmic Board of Directors. a few minutes ago. Do you know that you are a part of that? Do you know that you are a member of the White Brotherhood? Do you know that you are the White Brotherhood? I just wanted you to realize that you are all of these things. You are this mighty force itself, manifested in physical form to assist a civilization that has been exploring the darkness and its contents. You are here to bring back from this darkness the knowledge about how we can change it. You are wonderful beings of fire, wonderful beings of light on many, many dimensions at the same time.

Do you want to heal? Let us call forth these wonderful beings. Here is the director of the Karmic Board, Archangel Uriel. Uriel is the one who has given you the printout from the computer. He gave you that before you entered into this lifetime. If you have some complaint, call forth Archangel Uriel. You can sing it out loud or you can just think silently within, "Be still and know that I am God." When you call forth the mighty Archangel Uriel, he is there right away. If he is busy making a new printout on the computer, he will send someone else to you, but he will respond. You call forth this energy and say, "Uriel, it is time. I'm ready to let go of all this karma. Could you help me with this?"

Uriel will look at your printout and say, "Oh, yes, I can assist you in this. I can release you from some of your karma." He will assist you, but you have to ask for it. Now, I want you to listen carefully to what we are saying to you. This is the greatest opportunity you have had in a long time. Are you ready to let go of your karma? Are you ready to take the responsibility? Okay, great!

It is so exciting because now we will call forth Archangel Uriel. We invoke this mighty presence. "I command the Archangel Uriel to come forth with all the mighty power you are. I command this out of the I AM Presence within me, and I pray that the will of God might be done in all these people. Thy will be done through you, Archangel Uriel, for these beloved sisters and brothers. I ask you, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, to release them from their karma. Let go of your karma. Be not afraid, beloved ones. We are all one in God.

Now we have called forth this mighty energy, the director of the law of cause and effect, and we are now ready to be healed. But first we ask, "Thy will be done in me, through me, with me and by me." So let the mighty healing power from all the angels in the kingdom of God pour forth their energy of healing through these bodies, to this Planet. Now let the healing energy stream through your body into the Earth. Receive this healing energy. Allow it to come. Allow yourself to be one with the mighty I AM Presence, and be healed. So be it. So be it. So be it. Amen.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Let me say something to you. (He points at a man in the audience.) At the same second you started speaking I wanted to speak to you. Interesting, isn't it? In your eyes is the mighty light. Accept the light in your eyes and free yourself of the crutches of glasses. Did you want to say something?

QUESTION: I don't know about anybody else, but when you were asking us if we wanted to be ascended masters and no one answered, I had a very strong feeling that part of the reason why no one said anything is because it is a very humbling experience. I mean, it doesn't really appear to us that we are ascended masters because of our pain and suffering. How can we say we are something that we don't feel that we are? I can't just claim that I am an ascended master. It is almost like lying, so there is a lot of pain there still.

JANANDA: Mostly I think that we don't dare to say it because we are not ready for it. That is what you are saying. We are simply not ready for it. We still have something to learn here. I like your comment. I like the little question mark behind it. You do some eye exercises and the light will shine. You are apparently going to do a lot of healing with those eyes. You are already doing it. There is so much power coming out of your eyes. Use them.

You know, I just realized one thing right now while I'm standing here. I love you. I love you. I really love you with my heart. Thank you.