Message to Mankind

from Attron, Galactic Confederation Ambassador
Channeled by Celeste
With the opening of the Star Gate on December 12, 1994, enlightened Earth-based humans consciously created a clearer, more direct communication link with extraterrestrial beings. They demonstrated that Earth is at last ready for inter-dimensional, inter-galactic co-operation. This is the fulfillment of the Divine Plan for this galaxy. We respond with great joy to your acceptance of our supportive presence on your planet.

I and my fellow ambassadors represent the Galactic Confederation and all its peace-loving members. Within a stable framework of universal law and order and respect for all life, the Confederation works to bring peace throughout the galaxy. For thousands of years we have been visiting Earth, much as your good will ambassadors travel abroad to communicate in person with representatives of foreign governments. We come to Earth to facilitate the exchange of mutually beneficial information, personnel, and goods.

We do not come to conquer or to solve your problems. We come to welcome you as an equal partner in the Galactic Confederation when you are ready. To be a lasting and effective member of the Confederation, Earth must decide, of its own free will, to accept the basic ideals and responsibilities of galactic citizenship. We cannot and will not force it upon you.

From a huge space ship stationed outside Earth's atmosphere, we monitor and observe your progress with non-invasive technology. We patiently wait for your mass consciousness to evolve to a certain level. We search all over the world, in every country and race, for positive, loving individuals or groups. We are not interested in knowing their philosophies, sex, age, or position in society. We are only looking for the open-minded, open-hearted who might communicate with us without fear or force. After due consideration, with the approval of the Confederation, we directly contact carefully selected Earth-based humans. This policy was implemented in ancient times and continues to this day.

We appear to our chosen contactees in the shape or form that is most acceptable to that individual. To those who are impressed by space ships and futuristic technology, we might appear as characters out of science fiction. To those interested in angelic lore, we appear with beautiful, shining wings. To simple native peoples, the appearance of a familiar nature god might be most effective.

From long experience, we know the risks and challenges involved in close encounters between an advanced civilization and a less evolved one. Much as your well-meaning missionaries destroyed the very tribesmen they came to save, some meetings between Earth-based humans and extraterrestrials have ended in disaster. Since ancient times, we have periodically contacted Earth-based humans. We have learned to choose our contactees very carefully and not to get involved in internal conflicts. Although we want to create a memorable impression, we do not want to be feared or worshiped. Our prime objective is to establish communication links that will facilitate future relations.

In Atlantean times, many believed that Earth was ready to join the Confederation. Our ambassadors, scientists, and teachers often visited Earth. There was a free exchange of information and good will. Some of our people actually lived on Earth for long periods. They had daily contact with the Atlantean leaders. Unfortunately, a faction of the Atlantean leadership was more interested in gaining personal power than in peaceful co-operation with the Confederation. They chose to misuse our gifts for their own selfish purposes. We were forced to withdraw and wait for more propitious conditions.

Of course, we did not abandon our friends on Earth. We gave them ample warnings of the anticipated earth changes. Many groups heeded our advice and emigrated to safer areas. They established new Atlantean colonies all around the Mediterranean Sea, in Mexico, and South America. These colonies preserved some of Atlantis' culture and technology as well as providing refuge for survivors of the final destruction.

Shortly before the end, we once more landed in our space ships. We invited aboard those wise, loving Earth-based humans who had worked so hard to lift the planet's consciousness. Some of you living today were there. Your souls remember the joy of being evacuated. Others remember their painful decisions to stay behind in selfless service. You continue, even until today, to strive for the ascension of Earth's mass consciousness.

Present conditions are very similar to those of Atlantean times. Again, mass consciousness has evolved to a higher level. Again, representatives of the Galactic Confederation are here to assist mankind through its transition period. We have established communication links with open-minded Earth-based humans. We are prepared to share technological and spiritual information when requested. We warn of expected earth changes. We have contingency plans to evacuate our friends in an emergency. Again, certain resistant forces threaten to ruin the whole planet's opportunity to progress.

As in Atlantean times, Earth has another golden opportunity to realize her glorious potential. In the future, space ships could come and go as a common occurrence. Extraterrestrials could visit regularly. You could travel freely throughout the galaxy. Through interaction with more advanced civilizations, you could solve all your environmental, medical, and social problems. In time, you could grow into responsible galactic citizens.

The Galactic Confederation is here to assist Earth to enter a wonderful new era of mutual assistance and co-operation. We invite Earth to our Galactic Confederation as equal galactic citizens. Only you can decide what your future will be.