The Phoenix


Through Celeste Korsholm


The phoenix is a fabulously beautiful bird from ancient mythology who builds a nest of aromatic boughs, sets it afire, is consumed, then rises from the ashes and flies away to begin a whole new life. Ancient Chinese, Sumerian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Incan, and Aztec mythology all tell of this uniquely immortal bird. It is an archetypal symbol of transformation and rebirth that is deeply meaningful for our times. We are experiencing the chaos of rapid change at the end of a great cosmic cycle. Just like the phoenix, we are passing through the fire that destroys the old life and ways of doing things. Through this painful, confusing time, the phoenix reminds us that we, too, will be reborn from the ashes and ascend into a whole glorious new life cycle.


During a meditation in the summer of 1991, Celeste was invited to a meeting of a group of twelve great ascended beings who represent the planets of our solar system on the Planetary Council. Celeste was asked to paint the Council's portraits and begin to disseminate information about them. Thus began four months of direct contact and intense communication with these magnificent celestial beings. During morning meditations, they merged their energy fields with hers. Celeste channelled the visual impressions into portrait drawings and the thought forms into written messages. In this way, she received twelve portraits and a great deal of information about the Planetary Council's purpose and functions.

The Council is responsible for the fulfillment of the Divine Cosmic Plan to bring Light into this part of the universe. They work for the harmonious ascension of the whole solar system into higher consciousness. They seek to bring human consciousness on Earth into a global awareness so that Earth can act as an equal partner in this family of planets. These highly evolved beings have instant access to all dimensions of being. Each had to master the vibrations of all the planets in order to become a member of this ruling council. Many are still remembered in Earth's history and mythology. Since each strongly feels his duty to contribute his individual expertise, the democratic decision making process can get very heated. At these times, a representative from the higher Christ Council, Solaris Kumara, who has never incarnated on any of our planets, is called upon to contribute suggestions from a more detached viewpoint. When a decision is finally made, all differences dissolve and the Council acts as one.

The following is a list of the twelve Planetary Council members and a brief discussion of their functions:

  1. HORUS, (ancient Egyptian falcon-headed god of the sky), representing the Sun, co-ordinates the Planetary Council's activities with the higher Intergalactic and Christ Councils.
  2. HERMES, (ancient Greek messenger of the gods), representing Mercury, directs inter-planetary, inter-galactic communications.
  3. ADONIS, (handsome youth of Roman mythology who was loved by Venus, goddess of love), representing Venus, directs the evolution of love and beauty.
  4. ENOCH, (ancient Hebrew scribe), representing Earth on the Planetary Council, directs prophetic communications.
  5. CROESUS, (wealthy Lydian king defeated by Persia in 546 B.C.), representing Mars, co-ordinates Planetary Council activities with the Ascended Masters in the Brotherhood of Light.
  6. ATHENA, (Greek mythology's goddess of war and wisdom), representing the asteroid belt, defends truth and justice.
  7. JOVE, (ancient Roman king of the gods), representing Jupiter, maintains the balance of the planets' magnetic fields.
  8. ZOROASTER, (6th century B.C. priest/reformer who brought monotheism to the ancient Middle East), representing Saturn, concerned with order, structure, and destiny.
  9. QUETZALCOATAL, (Aztec "feathered serpent" god of the sky), representing Uranus, works for religious and philosophical change.
  10. MERLIN, (5th century Welsh sorcerer of King Arthur's Court), representing Neptune, focuses upon scientific discoveries.
  11. LAO-TZU, (6th century B.C. Chinese philosopher who founded Taoism), representing Pluto, contributes detached wisdom.
  12. APOLLO, (Greek mythology's god of the sun) representing Phoenix, the catalyst for change.

In February, 1993, a year and a half after the first series of messages, Celeste was contacted again by Hermes in his capacity as communication link between Earth and extraterrestrial beings. Hermes came to introduce his "elder brother," Apollo. Over the next few weeks, Celeste received a great deal of new information concerning a tenth planet, a huge outer planet in our solar system as yet undiscovered by Earth's astronomers. Apollo, Greek mythology's god of the sun, representing this planet on the Planetary Council, was the spokesperson. Apollo gave the information from his point of view and communicated his ideas in thought forms that were familiar to Celeste's consciousness. Therefore, the following information is colored by the individual perceptions of both Apollo and Celeste. Please keep this in mind as you read.


Greetings, I am Apollo.

Much of our history is a matter of attitude or opinion. Different historians might tell our story in different ways. I am the optimist, one who sees the adventure and learning experiences as positive, so I present this short history from that point of view. I will explain my personal part in it as the drama unfolds.

Our planet is called the Phoenix. It is a planet even larger than Jupiter on the outermost edge of this solar system. We were the first planet in the system to be colonized by other star systems, such as the Pleiades, Sirius, and Andromeda, who had reached space faring levels of consciousness long before we did. Our planet was convenient as a base for interplanetary, intergalactic, or interstellar projects. We became the bridge from this solar system to other systems. We had much help from these more highly evolved beings in the beginning stages of our evolution. Since Phoenix did not have the natural abundance of Earth, we needed advanced technology to develop our internal thermal energy and build an artificially protected environment.

All planets and stars are threads in the vast canopy of divine order. The struggles to evolve in this part of the universe affected Phoenix's evolution even as it did Earth's. The story of the "war in heaven" described in Revelations, chapter 12, gives a simplified version of these extraterrestrial battles. In verses 7-10 it reads, "There was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought with his angels, and prevailed not; neither was there place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him."

The Devil, or Satan, of the Biblical version of the story has also been called the Luciferians, the Dark Forces, the Fallen Angels, or the Grays. Whatever their name, they were a group of beings who made different choices from the majority. They decided to create without love, using only the intellect. Without love, they created chaos. They were eventually cast out of the higher dimensions and forced to look for new places to live. Our solar system attracted them. It was basically undeveloped, but it had great potential. It gave them a chance to begin again. You might compare this event to the great period of colonization of the United States and Australia by prisoners and indentured servants. Only the desperate would risk the hardships of beginning anew in a harsh environment. Our evolution on Planet Phoenix has been greatly affected by these beings of less light.

When you first visit our planet, you would be dazzled by the control we have over our environment. There is no pollution or waste. Robots handle the routine tasks. There is no tedious manual work to do. We can live thousands of years in the same physical bodies. We have great ascended beings, called Elders, who are no longer affected by physical conditions. Our population is stable and medical science far in advance of yours. At first glance, you would be impressed with our progress. You would have to look closer to see that we are still dealing with duality and conflict. We have yet to achieve unity consciousness. We view this transition period at the end of this cosmic cycle as an opportunity to make a quantum leap forward. We are working toward mass ascension on Phoenix even as you work for mass ascension on Earth.

Our orbit around the sun is at a right angle to the plane of all the other planets' orbits. The tenth planet crosses all the orbits of the outer planets. At its perihelion, or closest point to the sun, Phoenix passes through the asteroid belt between

Jupiter and Mars. Its complete orbit around the sun takes 3000+ Earth years. Sometimes its passage through the inner solar system misses the other planets by such wide margins that no adverse affect is felt. Earth may be far away on the other side of the sun when we pass through the inner solar system. Only when our orbit takes us close to the Earth is your planet much affected. The Phoenix returns on a regular 3,000+ year cycle, but disasters on Earth may only occur every 6,000 to 10,000 years. All the planets feel the ripple effect of Phoenix's passage, but they are not drastically inundated every time.

Of course, Phoenix is also affected by the close passage among the other planets. Collisions with asteroids or another planet mean vast destruction for everyone. That is why our planet is called the Phoenix. We "die" each time we come back to perihelion. We are "reborn" as we leave for the outer reaches of the solar system.

Our history is very much concerned with these reoccurring challenges. It is a basic fact of our civilization. Just after surviving a crisis in the inner solar system, we celebrate and vow to use our period of safety for spiritual growth. When we are farthest away from the sun, we drift back into inertia, forgetting how precious life is and falling into indifference and stagnation. The closer we get to the sun, the more we are re-energized and awakened to all that we still want to accomplish. All of society is quickened into finding new solutions and appreciating each moment. Young ones who have never lived through the crisis grow up wondering how it will be. Those who are experienced are expected to have the answers and guidance for the uninitiated. If we have a priesthood at all, it would be this group specializing in the preparation process.


Many are the tales of "gods" or "angels" from heaven interacting with men on Earth. Modern translations of ancient Sumerian and Hebrew texts of 6000 B.C. tell in great detail of the coming of the gods to the Tigris-Euphrates area in the Middle East. (See Secharia Sitchin's The 12th Planet, Avon Books, NY, 1976, and Richard Laurence's translation of The Book of Enoch, The Prophet, Artisan Sales, CA, 1980.) The gods are described as a large, quarrelsome family who fought among themselves for power on Earth. They quickly established a highly advanced civilization with writing, agriculture, irrigation, and huge building projects where only cave men had existed for thousands of years. The same basic story is retold in later Babylonian, Assyrian, Hebrew, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman mythology. These ancient "myths" are the only memory left of real events of prehistory.

When Earth was scheduled for a new input of Light, our Planet Phoenix was advanced enough to volunteer for Earth assignment. We came from Phoenix in those ancient times with the serious intent of settling on the planet and sharing our superior technology with mankind. We chose the TigrisEuphrates area to establish our Earth base. Other extraterrestrial groups developed bases elsewhere on the planet. These bases were all monitored by the Planetary Council. There was considerable communication and exchange of information between bases. Every time Phoenix approached the inner solar system, they sent advance warning to the other extraterrestrial bases. As one group made mistakes or learned important lessons, the whole interplanetary effort benefited.

Many of the new ventures on Earth were timed to coincide with the passage of the Phoenix through the inner solar system. The best time for a new group to begin an expansive project was right after the planet passed perihelion. It is like a surfer catching the wave. He must time his departure to benefit from the greater power of the wave without being smashed into the shore. On Saturn, new recruits would be trained far in advance so that they would be prepared to descend to Earth at the most beneficial time. This gave them a whole cycle in which to work before Phoenix returned.

Those who were able to physically endure the adverse conditions weren't necessarily those who had the wisdom to rule. Those with the courage and love of adventure were the younger, active souls of our group. Out of necessity, the adventurers were the explorers and first contacts. They established a base and began building a community. The local natives were in awe of the gods' "magical" technology. For the first time they were exposed to irrigation, agriculture, and animal husbandry. A little knowledge naturally led them to want to know more.

The settlers were on their own for long periods as the Phoenix passed away on its orbit. The wise ones, or elders, arrived periodically to check on their progress. By the time the elders returned to "walk in the garden in the cool of the day," as it says in Genesis, the natives had already been corrupted, or at least altered, by their interaction with the "sons of God." At first, like Adam and Eve, they had not yet eaten of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They were ignorant as far as technology was concerned. They survived on a stone age subsistence level, yet they had a unity consciousness. Like today's Australian Aborigines they shared the same dreamtime memories. This was lost when they began to interact with the Phoenicians. All too quickly they began to worship and depend on the "gods."

When the Elders arrived, they discovered what an adverse affect their technology was having on the native people. The Elders understood that the natives must learn on their own.

Evolution must come from within. They decreed that the natives must leave Eden, leave the soft life of the base and return to their former way of life. The elders did not want to be karmically responsible for disrupting Earth's natural order. In Genesis, chapter 3, verses 22-24, it is written, "The Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil; and now, lest he put forth his hand and take also from the tree of life, and eat, and live forever: therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken. So he drove out the man."

At first, the Phoenicians who remained on Earth after the Elders departed went on with their assignments. Over time, they got tired of doing all the physical work. They looked at the natives as a potential work force. They even did some genetic engineering to adapt the animal form to create more effective laborers. They came to love these simpler souls and depend on them, thus weakening their own abilities and strengths. Eventually, they couldn't do without them.

Allow me to insert my personal story at this point in the tale .....

In Greek mythology, I, Apollo, was called the god of the sun. I drove my golden chariot pulled by four white horses across the sky each day. At nightfall, I fell into the sea to sleep until morning. I was a symbol of renewal and resurrection similar to the phoenix. Zeus king of the gods was my father. Like the Sumerian tales of a large family of gods in a power struggle, Greek mythology tells a similar story. Zeus forcefully deposed his father, Cronus, and divided the rule of Earth with his two brothers, Hades and Poseidon. The creator gods, represented by Gaia and her son, Cronus, began the Earth based project but never lived there. Their children, Zeus Poseidon, and Hades, were the first settlers who built the Earth-base. Since they took the risks and lived in isolation on Earth for long periods, they soon decided that they would make their own decisions. Things that worked on the home planet didn't necessarily work on Earth. They had to adapt and solve problems as they arose. Basically, they ignored the older generation and took command on their own, cutting themselves off from the support of higher realms.

I was the third generation of Phoenicians working on Earth. By the time my generation came along, the first settlers had learned a lot. They were ready to begin working with the home planet again. So I became the interface and re-connection with the home planet. I was the new breed, so to speak. I was the son of the divine beings but I had lived all my life on Earth. My personality, or unique qualities, included a great deal of handsome good looks and charm. I was the "golden boy" whose intelligence and wit seemed to justify my parent's choices. My grandparents were also willing to forgive and forget by the time I appeared. I became the arbitrator between both sides of the family. I am still involved in bringing people together. I use my long experience in negotiations and mediation to bring interdimensional harmony.

My weakness came in long-term self discipline. I tended to be distracted by lovely ladies wherever I was assigned. Yet my restless nature soon caused boredom and frustration. In Genesis, 6, the story is told like this, "The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose." We Phoenicians freely began to mate with the native women and produced a lot of crossbred children. The offspring of the gods and humans were physically much larger and stronger than the natives. The Bible speaks of the "giants in the Earth in those days." Gradually, the Nephilim, as they were called, came to dominate the natives and misuse their power. The influence of the Luciferian forces was manifesting on Earth. The older generation on Phoenix didn't approve of this at all.

This is the time of the biblical "Tower of Babel." The Nephilim had decided to build rockets and travel into space on their own. They no longer were happy with a simple life style. They wanted to have the technological benefits of their ancestors from the stars. The Tower of Babel probably referred to a rocket launch tower! Unfortunately, they didn't have the consciousness of the Phoenicians. They had no elder brothers to show them the loving way. They thought that all they needed was the intelligence and the physical power to accomplish their desires.

When the elders returned on the next orbit of Phoenix into the inner solar system, they found the situation critical. They realized that drastic action must be taken. In Genesis, 6 it says, "And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth....And it repented the Lord that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart." The Biblical account continues with the story of God destroying by flood everything on Earth except Noah, his family and the animals.

Ancient cultures all over the world tell tales of world wide floods and understand Earth's history to be cyclical. The Mayans and the Hopi, for example, teach of four separate world creations each ending in destruction. Scientific evidence is mounting to support this. Study of core samples of ancient Antarctic ice demonstrates periodic destruction and Earth changes. Geologic studies prove nine separate magnetic pole shifts in Earth's 4.6 billion year history.

Our elders decided to close all the Earth bases and end the long colonization. They did not destroy the Nephilim. The Nephilim gradually did that to themselves. They were given the choice of leaving the Earth or staying. Some did leave with the outgoing planet. Others were caught in the allure of physical control and chose to stay to dominate the natives. A few, a precious few, chose to stay to serve, to keep the higher consciousness in the physical realm. These were the true treasures of the whole drama. Through these few, a new breed of man evolved with some of the qualities of each race passed on to their descendants. Gradually, they have forgotten who they are. They have only a vague remembrance of the legendary Phoenix of long ago.

Each time the Phoenix returns near Earth, envoys were sent in advance to reconnect with Earthlings. They seek out their descendants and try to alert them to the coming Earth changes. This remnant is still on Earth scattered through the population in all walks of life. In a way, they have had advantages that the ordinary human didn't have. They have the inner spiritual knowing of a better way, the Way of The One. Yet this very difference sets them apart from others. They are often isolated and desperately lonely. They suffer greatly without really knowing why. Deep inside is a longing for better times and more loving relationships. They await the return of they know not what.

These descendants have the right, if they so choose, to return to the stars with the Phoenix. Some are ready, some refuse. Some remain through the crisis period, then leave for the rendezvous with the outward bound planet. These are the essential contacts who make our work easier. Some of their work involves gathering the remnants together into a safe place to protect them from the worst destruction and evacuate them to the outward bound planet. This is the long awaited time of the Phoenix's resurrection for the children of the stars.


In the mythological story of the phoenix, ancient historians are describing Planet Phoenix's return. The main elements of the story apply perfectly: 1, There is only one phoenix at a time, 2, it returns gloriously at regular intervals, 3, it brings death and destruction that soon change into birth and resurrection, and 4, it leaves for another long period. The Phoenix myths tell the story of the cycles of this planet around the sun in its huge orbit. It is time for the Phoenix to return. It now nears the inner solar system. It will have a great impact on Earth and all the other planets.

As the Phoenix approaches in its orbit, it will be coming from behind the sun in the southern hemisphere, in the direction of the Phoenix Constellation. By the time it is visible to astronomers, it will be quite close to Earth. It will not hit Earth. Yet it must pass right through the asteroid belt. Since the asteroids are scattered in a ring all around the sun, it cannot avoid hitting some asteroids. Others will be thrown out of their orbit by the wind of its passage, so to speak. Since Earth will be in the vicinity, it is very likely that some will head toward Earth. The probabilities are high. At the very least, its passage will cause the Earth to wobble on its axis and find a new balance in a new orbit. This has happened before during other "close encounters" with Phoenix.

We see the coming few years as a raft that approaches a waterfall. The momentum builds. Speed increases. There is no turning back or getting out of the way. The water will inevitably carry the raft over the edge to be dashed upon the rocks below. There is a moment of terror and exhilaration as the old rules are left behind. For a heart-stopping second, all is suspended between. All that was before is remembered and understood. Then it is plunged down into a turbulent new dimension of experience. Once through the rapids, the raft again flows smoothly along.

As Phoenicians, we serve by bringing the opportunity for change. Of course, we do not wish to be destructive when we approach the other planets. More often than not, we pass through the inner solar system without problems. All of the planetary rulers breathe more easily when we pass out away from the other planets. On the other hand, our coming is very stimulating. We motivate everyone in the solar system to assess his experience and begin to ponder his spiritual values and progress.

We have the advantage of living long enough to remember other cycles. Your lives and civilization on Earth are so short. You have no memory of our last inner passage. Since you cannot consciously remember what occurred before, you doubt and disbelieve the loving warnings that are given over and over by Spirit. For this reason, it is helpful if we reconnect with positive Earthlings. Let us join hands and help each other to calmly step forward into greater light. This is our great opportunity to follow the Elders into higher consciousness.

The Planetary Council's work is very much concerned with this solar event. They work toward positive change and ascension for all planetary consciousness. Like any large scale disaster or change, co-operation is necessary It makes all stronger and more loving and destroys the weak elements. It is an opportunity for restructuring on a more evolved scale. As in your personal lives, the pain involved in these initiations is lessened with acceptance and awareness.

Dearest ones, there is no death. But the pain, suffering and fear dominate the mass consciousness. All of those incarnated on Earth are affected by this powerful thought form. Even if you understand death as change, it still has aspects of resistance and terror. As a child fears the night, no matter how many mornings have come, the human, physical consciousness fears death. It may not be a blessing to know about the changes if you cannot do anything about them. Many choose to blindly go through the changes, not knowing. They have their own protection. Others choose to be conscious. This is the free will aspect. Our purpose is not to shock the masses. Our purpose is to comfort those who seek to understand the urgency they feel inside. We would reassure those who are seeking that all is in divine order.

Although we cannot walk through the fire for Earth, we have total understanding of the difficulties you face. All of us who have been through this before have vowed to do it better this time. I, myself, have incarnated on Earth. I know all that you are experiencing. There are terrific challenges. The inner life becomes all you can control, all you can prepare. There are many, many who want to meet the changes with joy and exaltation, not the former fear and resistance. These are the ones to whom we speak.

Phoenix is a catalyst. It can be considered a blessing or a curse, depending upon how you look at it. Many, many different star groups have cast their seeds upon this field of endeavor to reap the harvest at this end of a great cosmic cycle. There are endless possibilities for great evolutionary progress in our times.

My message, if I have any single one, is to encourage you to gather your inner resources together and never give up. Like the Phoenix, begin again and again and again, as many times as it takes. The Phoenix will be reborn from the ashes. The future for your planet will be glorious. Remember, so many others have accomplished dimensional shifts. You, too, will achieve this goal with God's help. It is written and so it shall be, "LET THERE BE LIGHT!"