UFO's, Close Encounters of the Positive Kind

Lecture by Jananda

Greetings. I will talk a little bit about my first contact with the space people. For me it was not at all a fearful experience, not at all. A group of people were sitting in a meditation. As we were sitting there meditating, a wonderful light appeared right next to my chair, and the right side of my body started burning. It was actually like I was on fire. I could not see any form, just the light. And this light said to me, "I am the light of the world. Please follow me."

I almost got a shock! A voice came out of this light. I always like to make a joke, so I said to this light, "Well, so am I!" But the light repeated it again and said, "I AM the light of the world, so please follow me." Then the light went into the other room, I followed the light. When I came in, the voice said, "Please sit down."

It was almost like an order, so I sat down in the chair. Then the light said to me, "Do you know who I am?" In my mind, I thought, "Yes, you are the Christ." And in the same second I started saying these words within myself, the voice said, "No, I'm not the Christ."

Then he told me who he was. It was actually a he, yet I can say that it was a male and a female being, 100% male and 100% female in the same body. The being explained to me where he came from. He said to me that we were very closely connected and that we came from the same planet. He is actually -- this is something I found out later -- he is actually a part of myself, part of my conscious living on the planet called Capella.

Capella is the bright, bright star you can see in the Northern sky here in the winter time only. It is a double star in the constellation Alpha Auriga, approximately 46 light-years from the Earth. When you see it, it has a brightness about a hundred times more powerful than the sun. Capella is the same size as Jupiter's orbit around the sun in the solar system. It is a gigantic planet.

Well, this being condensed his consciousness into the room and into the dense dimension in which we are living. He transformed part of his consciousness and manifested to me as a light. Actually he is a being of fire. He is about 9 feet tall, an enormous power, and as I said, 100% male and 100% female in the same body, a 100% being. He explained many things to me. He explained how a part of his consciousness came to this solar system millions of years ago. He showed me exactly how I entered this part of the universe through the Sirius star system and was then transformed. Each time I was transformed, a part of my consciousness was left there on the planet.

The latest connection before entering into planet Earth for physical incarnation was planet Venus. I am in very close contact with the Venusians. Part of my consciousness is still on Venus, yet I have not seen that part of my consciousness. I just know that there is part of my consciousness connected to the Venusian people. This part is called, JANANDA, the Venusian.

I am being told right now, as an explanation for myself, that part of my consciousness is not in this part of the universe right now. That part of the consciousness is traveling through the universe.

As you can see, we have multi-dimensional lives. I am not exceptional at all. I am just a tool or an instrument for this energy. We are all created like this with bodies in many, many dimensions at the same time. I have personally experienced that I have had another physical incarnation on this planet at the same time that I'm here. We are multi-dimensional beings. I really want you to accept who you are and what you are. You are not just a human being. You are much, much more than a human being. You are a spiritual being incarnated in flesh so you can perform a task here in this part of the universe on this planet right now.

This is my introduction. If you will allow a few moments for this entity or energy from Capella to go into this body, we will see what will happen and what kind of information I can transfer to you. Sometimes it is a shaking experience to allow the body to be the channel for that kind of energy. I am not in a trance. I say that right away. I am not in a trance. What happens is that I feel my body shaking inside. It is almost like an electric current is going through my body as the consciousness is entering into this body. Then we will see what I can give you by way of messages.

JAHRMIN: "I shall introduce myself to you as JAHRMIN from planet Capella, the star sun Capella. And as I go around in this physical body, I have a communication for you. Many times you will see that I am using these physical eyes for transferring a message to you. The instrument has a problem speaking the words. As I go around, I shall give my love to you, because we have great compassion for you. You have been here for many years and are now doing your great work on this planet. I must withdraw from this body and allow him to be on his own".

JANANDA: Well, it is quite a hard experience for me to do this. I shall talk about fear tonight, about fear, UFOs and ET's. I would like to give you just the comfort, the love, and the light from those higher evolved beings who have now been working in this vicinity for thousands of years. You came here with a purpose. You came here with the purpose of bringing light into this planet. You came here to assist the third dimension in its transformation process for it to be transformed to the fourth dimension. There will be a greater opening into the fifth dimension, so beings from higher dimensions can assist this dimension in its transformation process.

When you look out at your planet, you are seeing about 5 billion individuals. All these individuals are coming from different star systems. Is it any wonder that there can be chaos on this planet? You are all coming from different planets, from different star systems, from different galaxies, even from different universes to this planet to perform the task you have voluntarily taken on your shoulders, to carry in more light to this planet. That is why you are here.

When you look around and see the variety in people around you, we must inform you that it is an exact copy of what is going on in space. The space people, if you use that term, are also very, very different. They have various forms. Some of these beings are just music. Some of these beings are just love. Some of them have forms we cannot describe to you.

You may have difficulties understanding that all of these different dimensions have their own expressions, that they are all different. When you meet space people incarnated in a physical body, you will see this person as a physical person, as a human being. You will have to look very carefully into the auric field to see if this entity is coming from another star system and temporarily is in a physical body. When they come like that, they have a special assignment. Their special assignment may be to give messages and prepare mankind for what is going to happen on this planet. You have probably heard many stories about abductions. We want to put a little light on these "mystical" things called abductions. We want to give you an explanation of this. We will have to remind you that you must use your own discernment because you are all different. You must use your own heart to discern what we say and if it is the truth for you or not. Our goal is to bring enlightenment and bring light to the mind which is in darkness or fear. We want to bring in light to your mind, especially if you are fearful of beings coming from other galaxies, or from other star systems. We want to tell you that this planet has reached a point in its evolution where the dimension is going to change, it is going to shift over into another higher dimension. Because of that, it is necessary for other beings to come and assist the volunteers who are working on this planet, to assist them with the evolution of this planet. These beings are coming to Earth. Now and then it is necessary for them to actually create a form, a spaceship to bring you up into that spacecraft, and give you information. As long as you are in this physical form, it is very difficult for you to communicate with higher dimensions. When you are communicating with a higher energy level, (frequency,) the energy which is communicated to you is going through the different chakra systems in your different bodies. It can be very difficult for you to receive directly. It can be necessary for you to be taken out of your body and be brought up into a spacecraft. You are then transformed into a form which is in harmony with that dimension. Then you can be given a briefing about what is to come to this planet and what is your assignment for this planet.

Many of you know already what is going to happen. It is not a negative event. This planet is not going to be destroyed. This planet is not at all going to be without living beings. There will be physical changes. There will be changes, because it has always been like that on your planet, and it will always continue to be like that. Your planet is an ever-changing being who is coming into a density as you are, the third dimension. It is gradually going back into the light again. It is a great event also for you to experience. You are descended into a physical form and now are ascending back to the light from which you came.

You came here as a light being. Gradually you transformed your energy field to become a physical form. You have now been living in that physical form for such a long time that you can't remember that you are actually light and that you are on the way back to the light. So you must make your transformation first. Before you are become a physical etheric being, you have to go through a big, big transformation process.

The transformation processes starts, first of all, in your mind. Next it will manifest in your physical body. Your physical body will start reacting to that higher incoming energy from the universe. Then you will start becoming more in harmony with that incoming energy. However, some people have asked to participate more directly in assistance to their fellow citizens on this planet. Some of you have asked to be quickened in your evolution. You are preparing now to live here in this dimension in what seems like a physical body, but is really a fourth dimensional body. It becomes a light body, a body between dimensions, a body called physical/etheric, which again will be transformed to become completely etheric. Gradually, this process is going on, first starting in your mind and then in your body. Gradually you become more and more in contact with who you really are and your assignment on this planet. This is going to happen for you.

This evolution has been quickened for several reasons. One of the reasons is mankind's own tampering with atomic power. He has changed his time frequency. When this happens, it is necessary for beings from other dimensions to come and assist you in a more direct way, like preparing you for what is to come by making you a channel. They are not preparing to take over the leadership or government. This is not what they are doing. They are bringing more light to this planet. Many of you will experience, or already have experienced, that you have been brought up in a spacecraft and somebody has implanted devices in different places in your body. Not all of you, but a few of you, have been exposed to an experience that seems negative. However, these experiences are not against the universal order and universal law. No one is implanted against their free will. Every single being has accepted this experience on some level even though he or she doesn't remember it. They have agreed to become conscious channels or communication links between other dimensions and mankind on this planet. The implantation speed up or assist your awakening process.

Some of you might remember that you come from another star system like Orion or the Pleiades. Some beings in those planetary systems have gone through the same process we are going through on this planet. They have destroyed their own home planet, so it has been impossible for physical life forms to continue living on those planets. We are not pointing specifically to the Pleiades or Orion. We are just pointing out that it could very well be planets as close to planet Earth as the Pleiades or Orion star systems.

These beings have done the same things that we are doing: destroying their home planets with pollution, with hydrogen bombs or other weapons. These beings left their home planets many, many years ago, we could say aeons ago. Some left to come to this planet and to live here. When they came here, they were told by elder brothers from other dimensions that they were breaking the universal law by coming here with the purpose of taking over this planet. Beings of higher evolution told them, "You cannot do this because the God consciousness has granted this civilization living on this planet free choice or free will." They also informed them about the law of cause and effect. "You cannot just come here and take over this planet. We can show you a better way."

Some of these beings didn't like to listen to the Christ Council, the Brotherhood of Light, or the Planetary Councils. We could put it all together under one term and say the Universal Brotherhood, the Universal Brother and Sisterhood, but it is much easier to call it the Christ Council. The Mighty Christ Council told them they could not do this, and asked them kindly to leave and go back to their home planet and clean up their mess. They were given tools and ways to do this. Not all of them listened. We see the same here on this planet today, not everyone wants to listen.

We still have a lot of experiments on this planet with awful weapons, chemical warfare, etc. Some of the beings that arrived from other star system aeons ago started experimenting with mankind on planet earth. They started experimenting with his genetic encoding, his DNA molecules. They were told, "You cannot do that." But they didn't listen. They did it anyway. They broke universal law. Some of these beings who were experimenting with changing the DNA are now here on this planet to experience for themselves.

Somehow these beings have to pay back for what they did aeons ago. They are now here to make it good again. They are coming from their home planets and incarnating in physical forms. Because of genetic engineering, they are not capable of doing their assignments. They must then be brought up into a spacecraft, and implanted with monitoring or communication devices to do the assignment which they have agreed to do.

Let us tell you a little more about what is going on here on this planet. For many years, the Christ Council has had negotiations with the beings of less light and asked them to leave the planet. They have been doing that for many, many years now. About three years ago, almost four, finally a huge group of these beings agreed to leave the planet Earth and go back to their home planet with the assistance of beings of more light, they agreed to clean up what they have created in their home system. So they started leaving this planet. The peace you have experienced here in the last four years, is the result of the departure of these beings from planet Earth. They have now decided that they do not want to be caught in between dimensions when the dimensional shift occurs within a very short time.

They have agreed to go back. As they are leaving this planet, peace is coming to Earth. They have put their energy into the mind of man and tried to put fear and anger, the source of war and destruction, into man's mind. They are now leaving your planet. It is going to be a wonderful time for you here on this planet. It is going to be a world you cannot imagine right now. How wonderful it is going to be! It is going to be more than a thousand years of peace, more than a thousand years of a golden New Age coming to this planet. It is going to be a wonderful time. You are here right in the center of this. You are here to prepare yourself for these changes. You are here to get rid of the fear. You are here to clear up your emotional body. There are many healers amongst you who can assist you in this process. Even planet Earth is assisting you, much more than you can imagine, in the process of cleaning up your emotional body.

There are many ways of assisting mankind in this, but there is also a law called the law of cause and effect. And no one -- we have to repeat it over and over again: "No one from the higher dimensions is ever, ever allowed to intervene with mankind's decisions!" They will never be allowed to take over this planet. No one from a higher dimension will ever put on his shoulders the burden of karma by doing the work for mankind. It will not happen that way. Mankind will be given the possibility to do it by himself. When we talk about intervention, it will only take place if mankind is about to destroy his planet by nuclear explosion, because that will have tremendous effect on all the planets in the solar system. It has happened before. It is not going to happen again. Mankind will not be allowed to destroy his planet. He may be allowed to destroy the physical life forms on this planet by pollution, one way or another, but he will not be allowed to explode this planet. That will not take place. This is the only way that other beings might intervene.

You cry for help, "Why don't you come? Why don't you come to us? Why don't you come and assist us in this?" We do! We have been here for aeons now! We will never leave you behind, never. When we heard the cry for help from this planet, we decided to come, because you are our brothers and sisters. We come with a greater wisdom and greater love to share with you. We come as equals to communicate the message of love, the message of light. That is what we do. All we ask you to do is to ask us for help and assistance, and you will see we are there. Don't expect us to come in our wonderful ships to evacuate you. This is not the purpose. We are not here to evacuate you, not at all. We are here with one purpose: to unite with you, to unite with the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. To be united in the Father/Mother energy which has created you, which gave you the physical form. That is why we are here. So we are here to unite. You will have to take the first step. We will gladly take the next two to meet you, but you must take the first step. The first step is love. Create love. Sometimes we really do not understand why this is so difficult. Why is it so difficult? We would like to explain to you why: It is because of genetic engineering, within your DNA. You have no remembrance of who you are because of genetic engineering. We are here to assist you, to bring your DNA structure back to normal, so to speak. We will gladly assist you with this. You ask us why we don't land with our ships and take you up. Brothers and sisters, we have our assignment. You have yours. Your assignment is to be in physical form because you agreed to go into the darkness in the physical form. You are here as a volunteer. We have been around for millions of years, waiting for you while you brought light into the darkness. That is why you are here.

Are you happy about that?


JANANDA: No, you are not really happy. A lot of you -- we are sorry to say, -- a lot of you are not happy. A lot of you just want to go back home. It is not yet time to go back home. There is yet a little time, and then you are ready to meet us face to face. Your dreams will come true. The most wonderful dreams will come true, the most wonderful dreams about the world and peace, the planet in peace. This mankind and civilization has been granted a great dispensation. Do you know why? Because you are innocent. You are not the ones who created the mess on this planet. You are not the ones who experimented with genetic engineering, that's why. You are innocent, and we'll gladly assist in bringing you back into the light.

It is time now for me to give my blessings to you, which I do. Let me share peace with you. Many of you have much more peace in you than you can imagine. It is so easy to live in peace. We ask you before we leave, instead of being attuned with the fear, be attuned with the love and the light. When you hear that it is so awful on this planet, we ask you to turn a deaf ear to that kind of information, because it is not true. It is an illusion. There are very, very few on this planet you allow to have power. You should not allow those very few to have the power. You don't have to fight them. You don't have to kill them. All you have to do is to manifest the love which we have manifested. Through our love, the brothers of less light have left the planet. It is time for you to spread the light and the love, so what is hiding in the darkness comes out in the light. Do it with love. Don't do it with hate, fear and anger. That is not the key. You have seen that so many times in your planet's history. It won't work. Peace, peace, peace.

Are there any questions? You are welcome to ask any questions.

Question: I have a question. What can you tell us about the existence or non-existence of an underground facility that is set up in various places in this country that has a connection between our governmental forces and the entities from other dimensions?

Answer: When you watch your TV, when you read your newspaper, you will see without judgement that more than 98% of that which is spoken is not the truth. There is so much fear and fantasy. For instance, that the government in the United States of America on planet Earth is doing business with the small grays or with the Men in Black. So much of that is absolutely nonsense! We want you to do one thing. The best way to deal with that kind of information is to ignore it, and let there be light. So much of what you have been told in various newspapers or magazines is far away from the truth. We recommend that you ignore it.

We can also recommend that you use your discernment. We are not saying that it is not the truth. We just want you to use your discernment. How do you think in the modern society of the United States of America that things can be hidden underground for so long time? We just ask you the question. What has been exposed to the light is coming up to the light. We are not allowed to judge for you in any circumstances.

We want you to use the power you have, the power of love to change the world you are living in. If you, my friends, want to change the world and the United States Government, and the FBI, the CIA, the KGB and all the various forces which are misusing power, you have to use your power. This is not a destructive power. It is a power of love. When you create the power of love, the darkness will no longer remain darkness, but will become light. The socalled dark forces will destroy themselves.

The ships we have are created in harmony with the universe. We do not have any weapons aboard our ships. The only weapon we have is the weapon of love, which we have clearly demonstrated. We could use our technical power, but we know from experience that that is the misuse of power. We use the power of love to bring enlightenment into the brothers of less light, into their minds. You must bring enlightenment and light to the underground bases.

Once more, we would like to say, please, all of you, use your discernment. What feels true for you is the truth for you, If it is the truth for you to fight with the sword, then do it. If it is the truth for you to wear a bullet-proof vest, then do it and die the physical death. Take on the bullet-proof vest of love and light, that is what you need. That should be sufficient answer to the question.

Question: The idea of having love to conquer anger and hatred is a wonderful idea and easy in an environment like this or in an environment in which you are reciprocated. But when you are in a dangerous, violent environment where people are completely oblivious to you, I don't quite understand how you can do that.

Answer: Right. The change of the world must always come from within. If you want to live in a place where there is danger, if you have fear for your life, then you cannot live there. The idea is to bring in light from within. It is happening on your planet, and it is happening in places like here. For instance, this, you say, is a good place to live. It is. It is a very good place to live, in a world of freedom, if the freedom is not an illusion.

Question: Yes. But not everybody can live here.

Answer: Right. We change the world by changing ourselves to love and see that we are doing wrong. For example, let us look a little bit at the food situation on this planet. Let us take a look at the destruction of the rain forests to produce meat for the meat eaters. It must be changed from within, and it is changing. And by that change, you are changing this whole system on this planet.

Question: I am saying it is much different if you lived in a place like New York, which is where I live. Not everybody can live in Sedona.

Answer: Right!

Question: Even if they come here for awhile, they can't always stay here. There are 20 million people living in that area, and there is a lot of tension and a lot of stress, and it is not necessarily physical violence.

Answer: No, it is just tension. Right. See, if mankind would start listening to his higher guidance and not build his city upon fault lines, he would not be as confused as he is. You see it in the main cities. You were mentioning New York. You can mention a few other huge cities placed upon fault lines. When you are living in an area like that, the mindset gets confused and out of balance.

Question: What do you mean by "fault lines"?

Answer: Fault lines, earthquake lines.

Question: In New York?

Answer: Yes.

Question: 20 million people can't just move.

Answer: No! See, this civilization has a lot of lessons to learn, as well as the lessons that were learned when Lemuria or Atlantis was changed. The warnings have been given to the people living in those various places. Not all want to listen. That's the way it is. There is the law of cause and effect. We are not saying it is easy to change this world. It takes time, but you see it is changing.

Look at what is happening in the Arabic countries right now. No one in the world wants war. No one in the world wants destruction. Everybody wants peace, and it's going to happen. It is a gradual process. It takes a while to change the minds of five billion people. It takes a while, but it is coming. And you are seeing more and more people living in those areas who are ready to change. We are not saying it is easy.

A contribution from Mr. Ron Babin: "I lived in New York for six years. I have many friends who live in New York. All of them have found the inner peace to stay there and survive and be happy without letting the outside affect them. I think this is what JANANDA is trying to get across. If you are happy inside, when you have that inner peace and love inside, it won't matter what is out there. It is there, but you don't have to be overshadowed by it".

JANANDA "Thank you, Ron."

Question: I was a psychic healer for many years, and I brought the light to the darkness. I felt as if I brought the candle to the cave, the dark places. Then it shifted to where the darkness started coming out into the light. And it became somewhat of a battle between good and evil, light and dark. In a way the greater the Light is, the darker the shadows. Is there anything you would like to say on that issue? I am finding now that many people of the light are being overshadowed by the darkness, and the forces of fear and manipulation are raging.

Answer: Yes. Always in a situation as we have it here on this planet right now, just before dawn, there is confusion. You see all the insects hurry off into the darkness and try to hide, that is what is happening. There is a lot of confusion right now because the light is coming. When you are talking about the socalled light workers who are turning around, let us give you this little bit. We give you the power to create. If you are not finished with your so-called negative part, how can you work with the greater power you have been given? So many light workers have to come to a point where they are facing the fact that the darkness is within themselves. They have to expose themselves to that. Then the change will come. It is very good when a channel is starting off on his or her path and says, "Okay, what am I doing here?"

Confront yourself with what you really are. And if you see that there are a few spots in your auric field, it is time to clean them up. It is very good what has happened because we are entering into a higher frequency, into a higher dimension, which will manifest on this planet. The ones who are not finished cannot work there properly. You are learning now that you are creating your own world or reality. When you enter into the next dimension and are leaving the third-dimensional stuff behind, then you will really learn to create. And if you are not in alignment with the power you have been given to create, there will be confusion, so this will not happen. It is very good. It is very good.

Question: It's been a lot of hard work. It may not feel very good, but it is very good.

Answer: It's very difficult!

Question: I retired about five years ago so as to do my own hard work, and a lot has been done, and there is a little to finish up. What I am seeing not only in my own life, but in many, is serve. Serving clears up what is left.

Answer: Serving is the purpose.

Question: Yes. And the darkness does not want to be brought into the light.

Answer: No!

Question: The worst thing you can do is shine the light on the darkness.

Answer: Absolutely. Let us give you just a couple of examples, Okay? Within the medical profession, the healers are now coming into it. It is very good. There is a lot of fear within the medical profession, in the American Medical Association. There is a lot of fear. What is this? What are we up to here? It is very good. It is happening all over. You see there are meditation groups in the United Nations. There are meditation groups in the Pentagon of the United States of America, in Russia, in Germany, in England, all over. It is happening, it must happen. This change must come from within. There will be a lot of struggle against the old illusions of power. There is going to be a lot of struggle.

Question: When do you expect the shifts to become visible in this density? Is it going to happen soon? And is there any danger that the government will try to make them appear to be the enemy?

Answer: The change is here already. It is not something that is going to happen. You are seeing it happen. You see it around here. You see people already living in the fourth dimension but not yet aware of it. They are already living there. What do you think happened when you came and became a member of a certain religion in this world, and then you started changing this religion from the inside? What do you think happened to you? They killed you. The same fearful reaction to change is happening again, because those with power, are afraid of the incoming Light. A lot of energy is going to be manifested. I am so lucky to be serving as a volunteer here in the Center. Let me give you a story. I dare to tell about it, I dare to take responsibility for what I did. I was working here when a lady came into the room with a most incredible document about what was going to happen with the light workers. The government was going to shoot them! President Bush was going to be killed, a lot of complete nonsense! And I took the responsibility on behalf of the Center to destroy the paper. Threw it away. I took this action as part of my karma so other people weren't exposed to that kind of nonsense.

We know it is a difficult time. When you talk about the changes in New York, there are many things that I, as a responsible worker for the light would like to do. For instance, we are allowing people to die for the lack of food which we could change instantly on this planet. There are many things I would like to do, but I know I cannot go out there and change it instantly. It must come as a gradual change.

Question: What about, when will the changes become visible?

Answer: It is here. It is NOW. I have to say, it is here already.

Question: Well, when will everybody know it?

THE PEANUT GALLERY: When your eyes are open!

Answer: What we would suggest for you to do is to realize one thing, that the ascension process on this planet is gradual. Since you are living in this world, you are not aware that it is happening within yourself. As you are changing your mind, your body is becoming changed. You are entering into the fourth dimension. You still have a physical body, but it is not as physical anymore. It cannot be destroyed by earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. It is going to be a light body. That is going to happen. When we talk to beings from other dimensions, their form is as real for them as the body form we have here is real for us.

Personally, I don't dare to put any time frame on anything anymore. I have done that so many times. I don't want to do it again. We have seen the great light. This is the thing I have been shown now for many, many years. I have seen a huge energy field of light coming from somewhere in the universe. It comes like the sunlight. Then planet Earth is light. But yet my space contacts or the people I am communicating with are telling me, there are still these two dimensions living next to each other for a long time yet. There are still people in the third dimension, as well as in the fourth dimension living side-by-side. It is our own minds which create what we want to experience. If we want to experience the destruction of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, if you have that in your mind, you are creating it. The law of cause and effect will see to it that the whole world around you will move you to that place to experience it. You will be in the right place at the right time.

Once a man came to me for a reading. I thought he was from Switzerland. I couldn't understand, I said to him, "Man, you must move. You have to move. I see the mountains where you live. The mountains are falling apart, so you have to move. There is going to be a huge, huge earthquake where you live."

He said, "Do you know where I am living?"

I said, "Yes. Apparently in Switzerland, I see this mountain."

He said, "No, I am living in San Francisco, and I know I have to move." So that is why he came to me. He knew he had to move.

Question: Something happened to me recently, perhaps you could clear it up a little bit. I love the space brothers and do a lot of healing work. Then about a week ago, I had a dream and things happened. I had an implant apparently. I wasn't able to do healing work. I wasn't able to do muscle testing to find out answers about things. The polarity shifted. It was very unpleasant. Then somebody did a healing with light, love and intention, and the implant was gone.

Answer: Good!

Question: And now my son has one, but we are expecting him to find the answers so he will be able to get rid of it. It didn't seem like a benevolent thing, and I was just wondering if you give me some type of an explanation for this thing.

Answer: Yes. This is what we are saying. Some beings have agreed to have an implant in them so that they can do their assignment. This is happening now. First of all, we want to say, there are good and bad guys. No doubt. There are brothers of less light. You can only protect yourself by tuning into the Christ love or the godself, or the light within yourself. If you are exposed to that in your dreams, it is not a dream, it is reality. Many times we think, "Oh, yeah! That was a dream I had." It was not a dream. It was a preparation for you so you could do your assignment in a much, much easier way. We want you to feel and use your discernment if you have been exposed to implants.

The space people have for a long time implanted crystals in this planet to assist it in changing the magnetic frequency. If they were not here, the planet would blow out of its orbit. We would have a complete polar shift. We are not interested in having the planet Earth take a polar shift right now, because that would cause a lot of destruction. It is not going to happen. A lot of people are being prepared for their assignment by having an implant. It is not negative. We want you to feel it. If it feels negative, go to the most powerful light worker or psychic surgeon who can find, contact the mighty healing angels, and heal it. The worst thing that happens for us is that our emotional bodies are shutting down. We think immediately, "Oh, no! It is negative." We have heard so many stories about negativity such as the book Communion and things like that. We have heard a lot of that stuff. We just want you to tune into love instead.

Question: I have done a lot of work taking bits of machinery out of circulation, I don't really have a belief system about this like a lot of people do, but that is what came up. What seems to be happening was that people agreed to think that they were lacking, and agreed to take on some extra machinery. This kept them from developing their own ability to rise to the occasion. They could just as easily hand it back and say, "Thank you very much. I thought I needed this, but I don't need it." It acts like a foreign body for a person.

Answer: When your soul has agreed to do this assignment, you cannot just let go of it.

Question: If you have agreed, that is one thing. But if you are lacking, it is like walking with crutches or a pacemaker.

Answer: I know!

Question: I don't know if this will fit in with the talk, but lately there has been a lot of news coming out about the inner Earth and about the people there and Admiral Bird in the early part of this century from Walberg, some facility openings at the poles, and that this government helps them. I have been reading a lot of books about that lately. That information seems to be coming out. Is there something I need to know about inner Earth beings?

Answer: There are beings living on this planet in the inner Earth. They are not all physical. Only a very few of them are physical. They are actually living in the fourth dimension. There are many beings living in the inner Earth. You don't see them. We have a another whole world just around us here in another dimension. We have them. So there are a lot of inner Earth people too.

Question: The U.S. government made a deal with them that they wouldn't be exploding underground nuclear bombs anymore; however, they are going to be exploding a bunch of them this next fall in Nevada. It came to me sort of in a flash that they may have found caverns and tunnels that are going into the Earth that they are planning to destroy.

Answer: Yes. The science of geologist could tell hem when they start exploding nuclear devices underground in the near future that they actually are triggering the most horrible earthquakes in Los Angeles and San Francisco. The space people are bringing so much enlightenment into mankind that mankind will say, "We don't want this anymore. There is no need for it." This is going to happen. However, if the United States of America still continues to explode nuclear devices, the law of cause and effect has already been set into motion. We will see to it that that kind of experiment will stop.

Question: In the beginning there was light, and lightness. Perhaps it is time to awaken and stop being solidified crystals like we have in Europe and go back to our birthright. The human mind doesn't want to surrender, it doesn't want to make contact with the Universal Mind. And the time is coming when we will have to do that.

Answer: Correct!

Question: As far as the government has heard any comment, and I have had some experience, some of my friends know, the Internal Service is crumbling. They are finished. They are in stark fear just now. They have lost the battle. So why do we give them power? They have no power. They are fighting for survival. The systems are all going to be changed. Our medical system is gone and so is the legal system. Many of the systems are finished. The light bearers have come, and they have taken over. So let us be positive. Everything is in God's hands and everything is in Divine Order. So be it.

Answer: That is a good way of ending this. I know that I haven't covered everything about fear, about the space brothers or contact with other dimensional beings. But we want you to use your own discernment and not be fearful.

Celeste will now guide us in meditation. We will feel a lot of love coming in here.


CELESTE: "Draw the light into your heart center fully and naturally, as easily and naturally as breathing. Let us turn our thoughts, focus our minds upon the vibrations of Spirit. Let us know and feel deeply that we are Spirit. We are One. We are not cast off and separate, fallen into a guilty darkness. We are light and we belong in the light, our light is calling to us now to open our hearts and feel deeply in every cell, with every fiber that we are light, that quick moving frequency of light. We are not heavy and dense. We are light. And even more than light, we are the frequency of love. Love is an energy and power moving more quickly than light. And so let us speed up every fiber of our being into Light and beyond that into love.

And in the frequency of love we find all that we seek. The great beings of light and love are there ready to hold out their arms and welcome us home. So just by thought, we move into our true being. And just by thought we can choose to be at home in the love we are."

(10 minutes silent meditation)

Let us take a moment as we begin to come back from this meditation, to bring the Earth up into the same frequency of Love. The Earth is a living being and responds to the love and the light we send to it. So let us send love anywhere on the planet where it is needed, and see the Earth surrounded in a rainbow ray of love that brings healing and harmony, peace and wisdom into the troubled spots of the planet.

When you feel complete with this service, return to your everyday consciousness.