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Channelling: the Concept

by Vicki Davies

In channelling, the person channelling offers his/her mind, body and voice to entities (generally) professing important messages for humankind in general. With this description, channelling is not a new idea, yet today there is such a proliferation of people channelling entities that it appears as a fad. The channelling process has been going on for thousands and thousands of years without much publicity. It is becoming more obvious now, as it provides an opportunity for people to augment their growth because people today are ready to grow.

People can channel entities, their Higher Self or energy. I would like to look at each and also reasons why people channel and why people look to channellers.

We are going into a New Age or New Spirituality where the seat of power is located in the conscious mind. More and more people are realising that their reality is a result of conscious thoughts. This truth is becoming more and more real and people are asking for help - spiritual help. Many are creating that help in the form of channelling. Within humanity as a whole, there is an upsurge of energy in seeking answers, to reach, to stretch, to search, to discover that "something more". More and more people are eager to grow, to change to seek a sense of God, to find a greater relationship with God. More and more people are seeking answers that traditional spiritual avenues are simply not providing - that traditional Eastern or traditional Western methods are not providing - and therefore they are seeking different answers to the questions long asked.

As with all activities in life, channelling runs the gauntlet from good ones and not so good ones. Some channellers see channelling as a money making proposition and others look on it as a power trip. Others are sincere in intention, yet do not have the connection they ought to have or the clarity they ought to have and therefore channel inappropriately or inadequately. There are also those who are allowing very high energies, very powerful energies to travel and to put the information forth.

The information coming from those channelling needs to be looked at with discernment. There is so much information, and each person needs to see what feels right from their own beingness. If every piece of channelled information from every channelled source was correct and accurate and we could just accept as is, then there would be no responsibility left for us. Thus, we find discernment being very important when listening to or reading channelled information.

That discernment includes asking the following questions. "Are the teachings consistently unlimited? Or are they limited in that they give me the sense that I am less than I am? Can I apply this? Can I use this? Or is this useless mind babble? As I apply what is said, will this make me happier? Is my life working better? When I come away from this experience, am I feeling and am I thinking more hopefully? What's in my heart? Has this experience uplifted me both from a thinking and feeling sense? Is the message consistent? Is the personality of the entity or energy consistent? Are the teachings without contradiction?" In general, a person needs to look at channelling as a tool, an avenue, to allow them to catapult into higher levels of growth.

One way to work on understanding self to a greater extent and to change is the channel one's Higher Self or to tap into one's own counsellors or guardian angels. This can be both exciting and frightening. Channelling information from deeper levels of being helps an individual dig deeper into self and the psyche. If the person is channelling for inappropriate reasons, it can be frightening. Growth and self can be hurt, as well as others growth and selves could be hurt. Some people say using the Ouija Board is a form of channelling. I feel the use of this board to be very dangerous as lower entities can be called forth and their information can be very harmful. Make clear inside self, your motivation for channelling. Is it to learn? or is it to impress? When channelling, consider how you would handle the intrusion. It is a taking over of some part of the body. Look at protection- whether it be white light or some other form.

When channelling information for self whether it be through thoughts, voice, automatic writing or some other way, once again discernment is required. Listen to the information. Is it consistent or contradictory? Is it moody? Is it useless or harmful to you? Is it limiting to you? Is it making you feel hopeless or helpless? Is it uplifting? Is it allowing you to be more than you have been? Does it work? Is the information of value? Does the information expand or contract your love? Does it expand your feeling of awareness, or does it contract it?

Many artists, whether they are painters, writers, composers, or artists in any number of capacities, know they are channelling in the midst of the creative process. Basically what they are doing is getting out of the way. The painter lets the paint and the canvas interact. The writer allows the words and the blank paper to have an embracing relationship. The composer lets the notes and the score talk together without forcing his own activities upon it. I have done this when writing poetry and it is a beautiful experience.

To develop this subjective personal channelling, one has to be well motivated and willing to get out of the way. There must be a willingness to let ideas, the consciousness, and the love interact directly with reality. There must be a willingness to be a conduit.

A form of objective channelling is what Jach Purcel does in channelling Lazaris. The information channelled through is for the benefit of people with whom Lazaris talks. In some, this comes naturally. In others, it never will.

Another form of channelling is that of channelling energy - universal energy. When a person receives the initiations of Reiki, that person becomes a channel to bring through them the universal energy each time they touch something or someone. As a part of those initiations, a channel is created through the energy centres or chakras to enable this channelling to be done simply and with ease.

The Reiki channel can channel that energy into themselves to aid them in the healing process on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual or energetic level; allow themselves to grow; to have a spiritual discipline and to look on life and themselves from a different perspective, a mystical perspective. In treating themselves, they balance their own energies, build up a reserve of energy and work over time on restoring energy. Similar benefits can be felt when a Reiki channel treats another person.

The more energy a person channels through and uses, the more that person can bring into their lives events, situations and people to aid them in their own personal growth. Hence, channelling is old and new and wears a number of hats. I have read much channelled material and heard many different people channelling entities. To me, the one I listen to the most is my own Highest Self. To me, that is number one in channelling and combined with channelling the energy of Reiki, I allow myself to "walk tall".