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Ashtar Command (Landing Update)


Excerpted from Connecting Link Magazine #24 (14 Oct 94)

It is important that all mankind keeps abreast of this most important moment in the life of planet Earth. At this time we are on schedule. The meeting will take place in the latter part of 1994 at a place central to those attending. We cannot reveal the date as it is of utmost importance that those opposed to this meeting are as surprised as those who are not prepared.

The media will be told only that a program of strategic importance to the affairs of the world is scheduled and all stations will be required to carry it. The content will be revealed only after the broadcast has begun and it will be done in such a manner, by a person so well respected, that the minimum of fear wi11 arise. The public is more aware than even they know, as they have been subjected to years of preconditioning by selected movies and books. This type of programming is being done now to prepare all humans to accept the truth about us without undue chaos. We, of course, have been ready for this moment for eons and welcome it with great anticipation.

After the program airs and the public is made aware, we expect a great deal of confusion among the populace. We now believe that there will not be a high level of fear due to the above-mentioned conditioning, however there will still be a need for calmers--for those among you to step boldly forward and assume your rightful roles as leaders in this field, for you will have become instant "experts" as there are very few politicians or government officials who have the knowledge all starseeds possess in an awakened state.

Thus it is of primary importance that you prepare yourselves to become advisors, counselors, peace-keepers and comforting friends to any and all who come to you for answers. State the truth, state our intentions of peace and love, state that we wish only to assist our brethren during this time of trial and that we have the knowledge to cleanse the planet with your assistance, working as a team, a brotherhood of beings from all over the cosmos who have come to be of aid to our sister planet. Take your rightful place among the Grand Council for we have long awaited you.

The media will be the primary factor in keeping order as they have access to most civilized peoples due to televisions and radios in most homes. If done as planned, this will be presented in a truthful, non-threatening manner. And since trusted leaders will accept our presence and state this over and over, the public at large will follow suit.

All Lightworkers must be prepared to be consulted, and we hope they will willingly share their knowledge and encourage acceptance of their brothers of the cosmos.

This may mean a dramatic change of life-styles for many, but all will know the proper moment to respond, for this is why you came. It is for this moment you have been schooled and prepared and it is for this moment you agreed to come here. So allow the memoies to surface and act upon your inner guidance now. You will know what to do. Do not try to plan what you will say or do. Trust the wisdom within and listen and respond accordingly.

These are the times of change and now the changes will become balanced. The end of the darkness is at hand and Light will reign supreme. Love will so fill your being that the entire planet will become a star and shine as a million suns. The Ascension has begun... rejoice and know that all is as it should be and we await you with Love unbridled.

Yvonne Cole has channeled the Ashtar Command since 1986. She has recently moved to a cabin in the mountains of North Carolina where she assists in managing a small resort. Her path is one of mediator between extraterrestrial beings and mankind during these changing times.