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Awakening To The Heart

Lord Krishna

I Am Krishna. I Am with you, and I bring forth unto you, the Gold Flame, for it is my essence. It is the light that I display to each of you. I ask you to see this light there, in your heart, to see it growing, for I shall assist you in an understanding of opening the heart. It was given long ago that I would come to this Earth and bring to ones here a vibration that they would remember, for they had forgotten their essence. So it was given that I was to be known as the first avatar of God to appear upon this Earth and to shine the light.

In this then, I say to you, each one of you are no different than I Am, for I Am with you. 1, too, dwell within your own heart. I Am the master soul who would not be unlike yourself, and although I know it while you [dol not, I say to you, I Am with you ever and always.

I ask you now to visualize within your heart that which is the three-fold flame of love, power, and wisdom. For indeed, you will recognize this flame to be growing in the days to come. You see, each one, this is your touchstone of truth. Only that which is felt and received in the heart is true reality. All that which is perceived to be happening outside of yourself is nothing more than illusion.

So, I bring to you this understanding of the heart. Recognize that you are never alone and wherever it is that you look within your heart for your daily guidance, know that it shall be received where you ask with a sincere wish and in fact, a child-like innocence as well. So it is, that you seek an understanding through the heart. Yes, this understanding is very simple but it cannot be emphasized too often. For in this busy, day-to-day life that each of you find yourselves experiencing, you tend to forget, for you [are] busy running here and there and not truly listening to the wisdom and beauty of the heart. For the heart is like a lotus blossom; it is similar to that which is the Bramarandra, as the crown of the head is known in the Hindu tradition.

We ask you to think of the heart in this manner, as a thousand-petaled lotus and to know that each one of the petals opens in its own time, in its own space. In truth, to everything there is a season and a time under heaven to open it unto each of you. Yes, that heaven is awakening within your heart. You see, it is not "out there," somewhere, but it is within you. And this, many upon your Earth would be misguided in understanding, for they yet look outside of themselves for the answers to their dilemmas.

Until it is that ones are prepared to take responsibility for their own happiness, they will live in frustration. What is frustration? It stems from that first fall from consciousness where mankind tasted of the fruit in the Garden. Well, I would have you know that the Garden is this Earth, and as ones tasted of that fruit, which was simply and truly the knowledge of good and evil, that is when the separation began. Indeed, it is the first frustration. When one tums away from God, they become frustrated. For they no longer recognize that God is behind them to assist them, and so they believe they must do it on their own. At any moment, any one upon this Earth may tum towards the Light within their heart and be redeemed. Indeed, the only redemption is that which you understand within your own being. There is none outside of you who can redeem you - none but your own soul.

This soul is waiting for each of you to notice it and to recognize its love and its power and its wisdom. For it is the three-fold flame within the heart of which we speak. Therefore, I ask each of you to visualize this flame now: Love, as a pink flame; power, as a blue flame; and wisdom, as a yellow flame in the middle, with the blue and the pink surrounding it. I ask each of you to visualize this flame now within your heart and to see it growing, ever more brightly and expanding. You see, dear ones, there is in truth nothing that any of you need to be doing, except understanding that it is through your consciousness that you will assist. As each of you raise your consciousness, you assist all others. So, it matters not what any of you do or where you go, for you are of assistance no matter where it would be, no matter what you do.

For as the flame grows within your heart, the vibration of truth is attracted to that flame. for that which is the vibration of truth is of a much higher velocity than that which is untruth. So, the cells of the body, being much like a microwave dish, would receive this light, this impulse. It is a vibrational idea that is transmitted from one cell to another, not only within your body, but within the bodies of all.

Where it is that you carry a higher vibration of truth, that truth also touches upon every other soul upon this Earth. So you see, this is how the Earth will change. It is a revolution of consciousness and this is taking place this very moment, throughout this Earth. Where you would carry thoughts that [are] of a positive nature, those thoughts go out, again, as a vibrational idea and they are received by others, even though they would not consciously understand the message as it is spoken, it matters not. For when the cells of the body recognize truth more often, then that body or that being will then be embedded with truth as well, and they will change whether they are conscious of it or not.

I say to you, that I Am no different than each of you. But you say, "But they do not recognize my light," and I say to you, it does not matter. What matters are the thoughts you carry. Where you carry thoughts of any negative nature whatsoever, those thoughts, too, go out and touch upon others. And where those ones are not as enlightened as others, they will absorb those thoughts and it will continue to create a negative reality for them, on a subliminal level.

We ask you to look within your heart and see what you truly believe, not only about yourself, but about your world and what you would wish for it. To become very clear about your wants and your needs and your desires. For gaining clarity is the first step to manifestation. Where you are not clear, you will not receive. Therefore, you must be honest with yourself. We can only assist you in this manner by encouraging you. There is no master to whom it is given to come unto this Earth and to bail anyone out this time - no. I speak to you, one and ail, and I say to you that you are the ones who will awaken within the dream. In fact, many of you already have and are aware of this. You will awaken within the dream and it will be crystal clear to you. But you say, "I am already awakened and yet, l do not understand," and I say to you, it is because there are shifts in consciousness that take place from time to time. With every full moon, there is a shift in consciousness. That conscious- ness is magnified twelve times twelve thousand. Indeed, 144,000 times what it was before.

Some months you will recognize where it will be more of a challenge than others. Indeed, you will recognize this many times by the difficulty which you will experience; unfortunately, this is a part of the illusion in the third dimension. But I say to you, that which is the third dimension is quickly fading and you have already moved into the beginnings of the fourth dimension. Many of you who are aware of this may have noticed that there are those who at times, do not see you. This is because they are yet focused in linear time. That is an illusion, and one that will come crashing down soon. For there shall be a crash of consciousness and where it is that you are upon your raft and have thoughts of faith and trust, you will recognize those waters, though they be rough, they will not be stormy compared to those others who are cast adrift with barely anything to cling to. And you will be the ones who will heave them on board, so to speak. Then, they will listen to you. You see, when they have nowhere else to turn, they will begin to listen.

So patience, dear ones. We see great hope, we see great a great light within each of your hearts. We see your vision for the future, and it is valid, every last detail. Those things that you have wished for, that you have hoped for, that you have known since you were a child that you are here to achieve, they are valid, they are your truth. And it is given for each of you to speak that truth. For you will recognize that there will be many who will be ready to hear what you have to say, although they might not indicate that to you so much, I say to you, their ears will be opened, and they will say, "Yes, indeed, isn't that interesting," and they will file it away for future reference, of this we can assure you.

Blessings to you, I Am Krishna. I bring forth the vibration of the Gold Flame, and I ignite that which is the three-fold flame within your heart. See this flame ignited and recognize that it is love, power, and wisdom. Meditate upon this flame, and you will understand the truth.

Pamela Stumbough is a fully conscious channel for the Ascended Masters and The Merlin. She travels extensively teaching the Inner Christ Channeling Seminar and is available for telephone channelings, personal and group channelings, lectures, and house blessings.

Lord Krishna was the first Avatar sent to Earth directly from the Great Central Sun (the presence of God). Before the Lemurian civilization, when the Earth was yet a paradise vibration, it was possible for Earth to sustain Krishna's pure essence and power. Through his influence, Krishna brought to Earth its first Golden Era. When it was time for Krishna to depart, thousands of souls departed with him and ascended back to God.