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Jewels on The Path

You who have given yourselves to the spiritual path, if you have not dedicated yourselves one hundred percent, I invite you now to do so. The most important work that you can do is to transform yourselves by transforming your thoughts, beliefs, and projections about the very nature of your reality, about the nature of life, about what it means to be alive here as a physical being. You know, there are physical beings walking around on Earth in the state of bliss. There are many more walking around in states of alienation, anger, or fear. It is necessary that we work together to transform these negative patterns into patterns that are reflective of the divine plan. ........

We encourage you to come more fully into this moment, for this moment is all that truly exists. It is a spontaneous creation. It is being created in each moment. It is not a static situation that you can take for granted. And in that moment is where you find your hidden code, your higher self, your God-presence awaiting you. It is something to let go to. It is something to simply allow. It is not something you construct with your mind or your ideas. It is already perfect within you, who you are an what you are here to do, perfectly manifested! A divine jewel; this is how I perceive you.

Jewels On The Path, by Eric Klein, (pp 162, 164 channelling St. Germain)