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by Eric Klein, channelling St. Germain

I am St. Germain, Lord and Master of the Violet Flame of Transformation and Alchemy, Lord of Shambhala, Member of the Brotherhood of Light, Lord of Order, Bringer of Peace.

It has been decided that I would speak in order to provide specific information that is important on a global level to those who are ready to understand its true repercussions and understandings. This information is for those who are open-hearted enough to accept it in all its truth and honesty, for those who are ready to utilize it in order to aid the world and aid in the transformations that are already beginning to occur.

We are moving toward a powerful time. The month of May carries the energy of the Violet Flame at its strongest and most focused point. It is during this month that my concentration will be focused and locked upon the Earth and the transformational and alchemical energies of the violet ray will be working strongly upon the consciousness of Mankind and upon their energy structure and the energy structure and consciousness of the Earth itself. It will be a time of great upheaval when energies will begin to be stirred in order for physical metamorphosis to begin its long process of transformation. Evolution is not simply a state of mind, but it is also a state of body, the body of Mankind and the body of the Earth. For thousands upon thousands of years energy codes have lain dormant within the Earth and within Mankind themselves, parcels of energy and blue-prints of energy-form that were created by the angelic kind and stored into vortexes and ley-lines, but also stored into the energy-body of every single human being upon the Planet. These energy blue-prints and parcels of energy will begin to awaken and unfold from the beginning of the month of May onwards. Many individuals have already been guided to points throughout the Planet in order to aid in this unfoldment and the distribution of the energy throughout the ley-line system. The metamorphosis will be slow to begin with, a grinding movement forwards, but the flowering of this bloom will be strong and potent and even those in the Medical Sciences will eventually begin to see that something is happening within the physical form of those new-born children upon the Planet. At first, of course, this information will remain top secret, but in time it will be discovered and become public knowledge.

This is a powerful time when signs will be given by the Divine in echo to this physical transformation. Also, at this time of course in perfect harmony and synchronism with this physical movement forwards the consciousness of Mankind will begin to expand and open. Certain individuals throughout the Planet will begin to awaken to their true origin and nature, aspects of Ascended Masters will suddenly become aware of who they truly are. Incarnated angels will become aware also of their source and many individuals and workers of the Light, who now remain dormant, will begin to stir in their slumber and awaken to the call of Light of the future. The consciousness of Mankind as a whole will begin to be raised and the thoughts and focus of the hearts and minds of all men and women will turn to those things that are balanced and in need of order. May marks a time when Mankind will begin to see a greater and wider truth, a truth that up until this point has been ignored or misunderstood. It is the month of great awakening, it is the month that marks the beginning of something that we have waited for thousands upon thousands of years.

There exist 7 seals, dimensional gateways that are the entrance and exit points to reservoirs of Universal energy and force. These layers of energy are energy that will be focused upon the Earth in order to carry the Earth and its' people closer to the Divine, to prepare them for the future paradise and the Golden Age of Aquarius. Already two of these seals have been broken, the third seal will break in May. Focused thought from the Ascended Masters and the Archangelic Realms have recently manipulated the dimensional status of this seal so that the main focus of its' energy will erupt over Milan in Italy. The energy will enter the Earth there and be carried through a complex labyrinth of ley-line system energy throughout the entire Planet. This energy is also responsible for the Evolution and Awakening of Mankind. The vibrational energy of Milan will be raised prior to this experience in order that the vibration may be conducive to the carrying of this energy throughout the Planet. Throughout the following 3 months waves of energy will be felt moving throughout the physical dimensions of the Planet causing the awakenings that I have detailed and mentioned.

This is a powerful time, a time when many things will occur in a very short space of Earth time. Occurrences will take place on a physical level and on the inner spiritual, mental and emotional levels. Things will occur in the Earth itself, shifts of movement, shifts of thought.

It is important that Mankind focuses their thoughts at this time upon the fluidity of the flow of energy throughout the Earth. The Earth at this moment in time suffers from a bad circulation of its' own life blood-force ley-line energy. If this new energy is to be distributed properly, then it is important for people to focus their thoughts upon the smooth flow of energy throughout the Planet.

Earth healing was at one time a very valid and important thing, but recently Mankind, those spiritually awoken, have altered the focus of their attention and the Earth has become a little deserted. It is true to say that the Earth can survive without our healing thoughts, even if we ourselves - Mankind is utterly destroyed. But if we are to move together into the future, then the Earth does need our help in allowing its life blood-force to flow more smoothly and more rapidly throughout the Planet. As the Earth needs this power, we too need it in order to advance and evolve. And so it is important at this moment in time to once again focus our attention and thoughts upon her feeling and aiding in the flow of the energy throughout the Earth's physical structure.

We are pleased that we are finally enabled to bring these informations forward. It is time for great celebration, for the transformation that the Prophets have always spoken about is finally beginning. We have great confidence in Mankind that they will not make mistakes, that they will not cause problems, that they will not turn this potential for order into chaos. We have great confidence because we look upon those souls of Light, who are doing our work upon the earth, and we know that they are doing a good job. Our confidence rests in all of them. You are the ones who can make a difference, you are the ones who can tip the scale, you are the ones who can change our World.

It is important to be cautious about the darkness that will be drawn to all individuals who are working under the banner of Light during these times of great transformation. A cautious eye and ear and sensitivity will allow you to see where darkness intends to tempt you out of your Path of energy and into the darkness. The forces of darkness can work through any individual, however light-centered they claim to be. Remain sure in your discernment, strong in your energy and faith and you will be safe and free from harm.

Our great gratitude, our love and Light goes to all those workers for the Light who focus their heart and their mind so greatly upon the task at hand.

I am St. Germain.