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There is much that one learns when they come to Schoolhouse Earth, dear ones!. One of the biggest things is learning to be positive in a negative world; learning to keep a balance, no matter what is going on in your life. We shall speak of attitude, positive mental attitude. There are many, many books published about this subject, which you may wish to read.

If you continue with your lessons of life, keeping a strong positive attitude,, you have the intent of doing good, of being the best you can be, of climbing the ladder of success in any way that may be your goal. These two ideas come together in a positive vein. They will assist you in creating the life which would be ideal for you. When you keep a positive attitude, you are in a state of receptivity and so your intuitive results are high, if you would listen. Keep up the positive attitude! Keep your intent high, and you will then be in command of yourself. In other words, you will "take dominion" over yourselves.

When you are in a space of total self-assuredness, your positive guides are always with you and they will very much overpower any that may possible be negative. As you know, there is a balance between the Light and the lesser Light. If you slip and you dwell in confusion, the negative is allowed to come forth. You will be uncertain and the very opposite to your goals will occur. Now I'd like to make a distinction between "desire" and "intent". I would ask you to use intent in this instance rather than desire because it is a stronger word. Desire is so mixed up with people's emotions and that it becomes a rather weak word! Intent is a very strong word, those who make it strong. However, intent can also have a range from wishy-washy to command. Intent can enhance your abilities to a phenomenal extent, so much that you can produce what your call "miracles" in your life.

I would like to suggest that you set goals for yourselves along the lines of your abilities and those enhanced miracles that we have been talking about. Plot a course and watch your progress. Then watch the right books and the right people come into your lives to assist you. Here again, we speak of intent. If you simple sit back and say, "Oh, it would surely be fun to levitate, wouldn't it. Maybe we'll do that one day. "Do you think you're going to levitate in two weeks? No! But if you plot a course and set some goals, you will find that you will be able to set an example for others that is highly, highly marvellous!

I thank you for your love and I am always within your hearts.