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Be Prepared

It is I SANANDA I bring you my most warmest and heart felt love at this time of transformation. We are endeavouring at this time to reach as many of you the light workers who are open to receive. We wish to assist you in creating the maximum potential for opening within each one of you. The key to the process of transformation on the earth plane is to assist you in the activation of those transformational energies that you are channelling through. By our continued combined efforts the energies are being grounded - the vibrations are lifting on a planetary basis. As more and more activation's and openings within and around you. remain sensitive to these and attune to them. Allow the web of light that is spreading around the planet to become expanded and strengthened.

Much change is planned and to be realised in this year of 96 and this will also extend into 97. be prepared for these changes that will occur. These will be most observable within the governmental and institutional organisation as the mass conscious begins to lift and break free from the tight control or grip that those organisations have exerted. You might expect that some cracking and disintegration of these centres of power and control will occur. Simply hold the light through these stormy times and know that all is in Divine Order. That the on going release of transformational energy is impacting upon the earth plan and that you are instrumental in that work; that your role will continue to become more significant and important as the process unfolds. Be those points of light that you are. Effect those changes and transformations within you. Allow yourselves to be the source of great light and transformation for the mass of humanity. We are with you - remain every present and connected. Open to receive the Divine Love flowing down to you. Hold fast in your day to day lives - allow nothing to unbalance you. In this way you will be of great service. We are all one in the light, we are all coming together most beautifully.

I AM SANANDA, your brother of the light, Andonai.


It is I ASHTAR who wishes to speak to your next. The Celestial Command is poised, is every ready to act for the greater good in accordance with the Divine Plan. Know that we are your back-up team, so to speak. You the light workers on the physical plane of the earth are supported - we are your support. Allow yourselves to connect with us, to feel our presence and know that you have our support and that we are covering all eventualities. I ask you to develop that assuredness within you, that inner most connection and in that knowing; know we are with you, that there is tremendous support at hand.

As the light continues to be anchored into the planet you can begin to expect the long awaited earth changes to slowly but surely beginning to manifest. There has already been much release and balancing of the earth's energies and this will continue. With your assistance in consciously anchoring the light onto the planet we are confident that these transformations and changes will be most gentle and harmonious. Within the next two years you can expect to see more and more of the earth changes starting to unfold. These will be simply the beginnings of a most beautiful and necessary process as the earth releases and balances her energies. Allow yourselves to be at one with these movements to aid the earth and work with her. More and more of these changes will become self evident and humanity will be brought into that awakened state. We are aiming to do this in the most gentle and harmonious way possible. so work with patience and great love and compassion for those around you, for yourselves and for the earth. Allow the divine energy, the divine light that you are to become fully activated and connected down, through into mother earth. We are ever present working to co-ordinate this transformation - we are with you. Allow us all to unite, allow yourselves to be filled with ever increasing joy as the planet moves into the Golden Age. Be that light, be that love, be the focus, allow your hearts to open and bring through that unlimitless source of love and light.

I AM ASHTAR, at your command, Adonai.