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This is a message from Lord Sananda through the Amethyst Group on the 15th November 1995. Which he requested to be networked to all Lightworkers and shared with as many of his children as possible.

My Beloved Children

I have asked my beloved instrument to remind you and all your friends, of those gentle words imparted a century ago and yet those words are so true to your Earth today. I can breathe through the heat of your desire and although I speak in the earthquake, wind, and fire, if you listen you will hear my voice of calm. Allow me and my beloved friends - brothers and sisters from the universes and planets and places and worlds and stars - allow us to come and drop the stills of quietness on your world. We will take away the strain and stress and then the ordered lives of men will confess there is beauty in peace.

My beloved children, it is I, Sananda, who speaks with you this evening and I come to you one last time before the final closure of this year. To this Group I have spoken so many times and I bathe in the love and light which they have sent my way and I come in love, and I stand in the light of the Lord of all the Realms, and I say again and again to you my children, fear not the coming days. There are changes afoot and the days when these final changes will be implemented are ticking away in you world. I say to you, my children, to all of you who will read and hear these words, know I am with you. Your world stands on the brink of a new and exciting age. Finally, your world will begin to return to what it was first created as. Mark this, my children. Cast aside the prophecies of doom. Cast aside those who would tell you that there is much gnashing of teeth, that the end of the world is nigh; there is doom and gloom ahead. Cast these aside, my children, do not allow these thoughts to enter you heads or permeate and discourage you from your goal.

You, the Amethyst Group - my beloved Group - your work is as tireless and as strong as ever, and I say to you my beloved children, the work of this Group will come into its own when the final changes have begun. I will ask you once again to take up the mantle of speech for me, speak to those who will hear. Rally them around the cause, let them understand and know this is not game play, your world is changing, and how, and those who have failed to realise this now - we must work a little harder to convince them and win them around with love. Thankfully, many of your world's scientists on continents and lands have realised that there is a great climatic change occurring in your world. Many are reiterating this is the mildest time you have had since three, six, seven hundred years hence. They are finally, slowly and surely, beginning to realise the change is among them, and I say to you, my children, there is not time for shilly-shally. There is no time to waste on those who have had preparation after preparation. They must now make the step forward - it will be now or never. Those who have heard and listened and still remain, how do you say, "on the fence", we can give them until the final days no further convincing; they must as always make their own destiny, but you, my friends, have sought to change your world. You have worked with us selflessly. You have worked without question although I know there have been many questions heavy on your hearts and in your minds. There have been times, many times, when you have sought to wonder "Where is this leading us?" "Are we on the right pathway?" Yes, and yes and yes and yes, my children, speak for me, tell them, tell them all that I spoke before is true.

There are those who are becoming discouraged, there are those who are looking for a vital sign. I will give them the explanations they require. I have asked you for this final year, this year that is coming to a close, to rest away from the public eye. Now I ask my children, you will speak, speak for me. Network this information. Tell them, Sananda is here. Sananda walks this earth every day. Sananda is with everyone of you. Sananda sees the changes that are coming. Sananda knows the questions that are in their minds. Sananda knows the doubts and the fears and Sananda will answer all their questions and quell all their fears, and when the time is right Sananda - I, Sananda - will reveal to them that which is hidden at this present time.

From this point here on, and previous text if you prefer, I would ask you to network this message. Tell them, tell them the "Photon Belt" is approaching you, it is coming, it is in your solar system. The energies are already affecting your climate. It is already affecting many individuals - mood changes, restlessness, sleeplessness, sensitivity, a feeling if inactivity, a feeling of apathy almost - look for these signs, my children, question them within yourself and do not put them down to the modern day idiom of stress. This is the change of the universe. This is the change of your world and it cannot, but cannot, help affect each and everyone of you who is sensitive to the world around you. The Photon Belt is closer to your solar system than many of your scientists realise, and I will say to you, I will say in all honesty, within the next three months, from this day hence, within the next three months you will begin to see a change in the activity of the "Aurora Borealis". This has always been my sign to you and it has not changed. The truth will be hidden from you for a while for your scientists will need to come up with a plausible excuse. You along, my children, know what affects the magnetics of the polar. There will be consternation. There will be questions raised in Parliaments all over your world, and I say to them as I say to you now, this is my sign, and I say to you as I say to them also, STOP THIS ATOMIC TESTING - you MUST hear the word of Sananda. It is devastating your planet beyond belief and I say to you, with all pleading in my own heart, do not hasten the days of your planet's end, and I say to YOU, my children, if the hearts of men are hardened against the word of Sananda - the word of Jesus the Christ, the word of Him who walked this earth as surely as the animals and mammals that swim in your oceans and seas - then do not be afraid, the hand and heart of man has its own free pathway, but I ask, I ask you for mercy for your planet. You cannot hear the effect that you have on the animal life in those waters. You will never know the depth of misery you have caused, but ye shall reap as ye shall sow, and if the limb is imperfect, it shall be made perfect by one way or another.

These are the words of Sananda, of one whom the world will know as Jesus the Christ. The one who the coming month will herald such commercial entity - I am ashamed that the race of man honours my coming in such a way. If you could see the billions that is poured into and out of almost every nation across the globe in honouring my coming, and the pittance that is required to cultivate and feed an arid landmass, there would not be much celebration. I ask you, my children, honour my coming in your way, honour will love, honour by giving and receiving, but above all, honour the coming of your new world for you and I surely will meet fact to face, vibration to vibration, lightbody to lightbody , Nirvana to Nirvana - whichever is your cult or creed - I am there. I am with your always, my children, and I would ask you to look beyond the coming three months. I would ask you to look beyond the economic change in this part of your world, and I would ask you earnestly to work upon the minds who govern your country, and I would ask you to earnestly, with out help, that you will aim to create out of chaos order so that we may indeed take from every soul the strain and stress of this world.

With love in your hears, my children, greet the coming month, the coming festivities and honour them in such ways as traditional to you. Remember my words. Because December in your calendar in this part of your world will be a busy time for us, I would ask that you will respect that we have much to do, but I will say to you again, I and many many of my brethren are merely a whisper away , and I have not forgetting, my sister, that you have in your mind and space for a message for those who will gather to celebrate my coming at your place of worship. Fear not, I will be there, and fear not my children when you read or hear this message. Know that I am in the hearts of everyone of you. I am watching. I am waiting, and above all I am embracing each of you close to my bosom.

When you time of festivity has come to its conclusion and the days are put behind you, then we will be free to speak with you again, to give you further instruction, to show you further yet and clearer yet, some of those things which are yet hidden from your sight, but of course, if the request is there and the need is great, we shall come.

For now, that is the end of my network message. My love to each and everyone of you who are carrying forth this great task with love and light in your heart. Let peace be among you and hear the still voice of calm.