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I AM SANANDA. I come to you with a Vibration of Love. I come to you to help open up your hearts. My lesson of the day for you is a lesson of Compassion because Dear Hearts, compassion is the Order of this Age. You might say, well, I AM compassionate and I do my best to help others and show compassion towards the situation that is in their lives. But, I come to tell you first about compassion for yourselves, because without compassion for oneself, one cannot have true compassion for another.

So - compassion for yourself - it means ACCEPTING YOURSELF FOR EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE, FOR EXACTLY WHAT YOU HAVE DONE AND EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO DO. Become compassionate towards yourself. Then you will release your guilt because guilt is the energy that forms ties which bind you to your karma and your karmic reactions. So, guilt is a great one in this Age on Mother Earth, isn't it? Many are talking about guilt and how guilty everyone is. How guilty their mothers and fathers were, for the mistakes they made, through love! Many say they feel guilty because of things "I did before I came to Spiritual Life, or even the things I did after I'd come to Spiritual Life, when I had off days and times when I was going through the dark depths of emotion, hate. I am guilty about these. I am guilty about the theft, I am guilty about the hate, the violence, of all the other things it is possible to feel guilty about." But NOW is the time to forgive yourselves. Be compassionate towards yourselves. Open up your heart chakras and allow the Love of the Creator to flow through you. These loving energies, in conjunction with Saint Germain's SILVER VIOLET FLAME, and the ELECTRIC BLUE SWORD of Archangel Michael, will free you from your guilt; from your hate for yourself; from the reactions.

So, cultivate compassion for yourselves. Cultivate unconditional love for yourselves, because many ones find it difficult to love themselves. They say they love everybody - "I love God, I love everybody and everything that is incarnate and disincarnate" - but unless you love yourselves - unconditionally - it is impossible for you to love others unconditionally.

Learn to RECEIVE love. Many ones say, "I do not feel the love, I do not feel the love of the Father and of Sananda and the love of the rest of the Masters, both terrestrial and extra-terrestrial". You don't feel this love because you deny yourselves it. You stand aside from it. I tell you, NOW is the time to Stand in love, to Stand in Light and allow it to flow over you like a cleansing wave. Just think of what it is like when you stand in the surf, the cleansing sea. How good you feel when the waves wash over you. How clean you feel. Well, now is the time to tune into the cleansing waves of Our Love. Allow them to wash over you. Allow them to clean and cleanse you. So visualise within your heart chakras, this PINK ENERGY MINGLED WITH GOLD AND SILVER. Thiswill open up your heart chakras. It will release these buried emotions,these buried feelings that are holding you back in your Spiritual Life. See that your heart is expanding and becoming a cascading waterfall of Love, a cascading waterfall of Light. Allow this flow of unconditional love and beauty to was over you and all that you come into contact with in your daily lives.

Many are now saying, "we need more information on Ascension". Brother Ashtar and the Ashtar Command, Alcazar, Hilarion and many others are very technical beings; they gave information to the human race on the technicalities of Ascension. Of course, they put their own slant on it, and dangled the carrot in front of your noses, saying, "come one, come on..." And as you went towards the carrot, they moved the stick and they kept you coming; they kept you moving forwards. Now we tell you that you are in possession of all the information you need to achieve your Ascension. It is simple; the energies you must work with are Love and Compassion. So we say to you; cultivate love and compassion for yourselves, and then it will be very easy for you to share this love and compassion with others.

It is not a question of "when will the Ships come and take us all away? When will the Merkabah change? When will this, that and the other appear? When will Sananda return to the Planet? When will the major earth changes be? When are the ice caps going to melt? When are we going to get flooded?" All these things are diversions. Of course they may satisfy that part of your mind which you could say is your conscious mind; the third dimensional part of your mind. There is this great tendency to want to intellectualise everything in this third density. But remember, my friends, when you intellectualise, two things happen: your cannot intellectualise in third dimensional language the nature of the Godhead himself, or even the nature of fifth dimensional energies of life. So, when you intellectualise, you bring it down to third density. You cannot experience fifth or sixth dimensional energies etc. in the third dimensional level. The time for intellectualisation is over.

Tune in with the energies of Love. Tune in with the energies of Light. Spread these energies across your planet, because of Love is the Saviour of Everything! I, Sananda, in my Palestinian Ministry, when I was known as Jesus, also became known as the Saviour. In a way you could say, yes, I AM the Saviour, but it is not me as Jesus or Sananda that is the Saviour, it is the Love that I bring you from the Father which is the Saviour!

Your planet is going to move into fifth dimensional consciousness; your Mother is going through her "healing crisis", take her healing and move on. Ten or so years ago, many people were prophesying the destruction of this planet, or the virtual destruction of the material matter of this planet; through earth changes - volcanoes, earthquakes, tidal waves, the melting of the ice caps, and everything else you could think of that could destroy a planet - but now, I tell you my friends, that this HAS CHANGED. It has changed greatly because many ones are now learning how to anchor the Love and the Light, and many ones are now learning to relate in an Unconditional manner towards others.

We tell you that the move love you can anchor and the more people that you can persuade, by any means whatsoever, to anchor love through their I AM presence, the less traumatic the changes will be. There will be some volcanoes and earthquakes, because this is part of clearance, but it will be nothing like as has been forecast. So, anchor this love. Go forth and preach it; teach it to those who will listen. We do not ask you to run about like maniac preachers, shouting this to everybody, upsetting those who are not ready to take it, and get persecuted yourselves for doing it. We are not asking you to take on persecution. Ask yourselves, how many other lifetimes have you taken on persecution? And ask yourselves, was that fun or not, because you will find that for the most part it was not fun at all! It was a waste of time and energy. It was a waste of Light! So, now, pass this on to the people who are ready, to the people who ask you about it, drop hints to others - if they are ready they will come back for more. Just keep spreading the word; the more Light we can anchor on the planet, the more glorious the transition will be, the less traumatic it will be and the more people will take their Ascension. You see, the ones who are not ready for their Ascension are the ones who will not take this on and have the Freedom. This is what Ascension is, a path of freedom, a path of freedom from the third density material matter. Those ones who do not wish to take it on, who cannot take it on or who refuse to take it on, some of them will be very young souls who have not had many incarnations. They may not want to take it on but that's O.K. Just love them unconditionally, and when the time for the planetary transition comes and the transition of this race, we have already prepared other planets for them. There they can go and act out their plays, their scenarios of hate and manipulation, love not of an unconditional nature, where they can go and print and spend their money, where they can build weapons and hold people by fear, until such a time that they realise that they are one with the Light and they also can take their Ascension. So, send them love, send them Light, and these are the only instructions I have for you.

I AM SANANDA. I love you all. Goodbye. Adonai. God Bless you all.

(Channelled by John Armitage at a Workshop in Jersey, Channel Islands, 15 June, 1995.)