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Beloved children of the Sun, this is Sananda. I surround you with my love as always and I welcome your attention, your focus on what you will read.

I could equally have started "Good Afternoon", this is Raj, but this would be confusing for many of you.

Some of you have been introduced to my self as Raj (pur) as heard through Paul Tuttle. Heather has been networking his tapes, my tapes and by listening and doing this has allowed herself to be triggered into a somewhat different form of communion with my self.

Guidance is experienced in different forms by different beings. When I introduced myself to Paul, he did not know for many months that I was known as Jesus on your beloved Mother Earth and even though after those months he was aware of that fact, he preferred to carry on communications with me as Raj, for he felt there was a block in communicating with Jesus. Heather has always known that I was manifest as that being called Jesus, and some of the time this has caused difficulties for her, but in the main she has elected to accept the fact and continue our relationship. In the beginning because she first heard Sananda being in communication with Eric Klein, when she heard my words in her head heather also heard Eric's American accent! She felt comfortable with this and so it was appropriate and our communication was very similar to that which she had heard coming though Eric, in fact she gave me carte blanche to be in communion with her at any time and then she realised the error of her ways when she was awoken at 3am for a three men in the pub joke. This happened only the once! She did appreciate the joke at the time. Love, with a capital L, conquers All.

Each one of your has your own guide or guides. You can communicate with them, you can be in communion with me if you are open to this. Of course, we encourage you to be in communication with an awakened being, one of Christ consciousness and to spend time being in contact with them, rather than with Uncle Fred who passed away the week before. For it is by being in communion with awakened beings that you may accustom your system to that level of awareness of a higher state, and so gradually infuse that awareness into your nervous systems, into your lower bodies, for by allowing that Love to flow through you and by extending it, you will raise your own frequency at quite a fast rate.

As I said, all of your have your own guides who were appointed to you at the time of conception. You were never alone, for we are always all one and if you ever feel alone, it is because you have made the decision to feel in that way. If you feel yourself veering off in that direction, then sit still, go quietly within and ask for the experience that is your divine right, ask for the experience of communion, do not ask for the understanding of it, ask for the experience itself. So long as you can sit (in the beginning, so long as you can shut your eyes (in the beginning), so long as you can allow yourself to become quiet and centred, you can also allow yourself communion with your own guide. It is a very simple process. There is no need for any complicated procedure to preclude any of you from being in contact with me or any guide. You simple need to become centred, be quiet within, ask for communication with your guide, expect an answer and listen for that answer. Please do not spend any more time than once in asking for communication for if you are continually asking you are not allowing a space in which we can talk back to you. Finally, allow yourself to trust what you hear and continue to do this practice until you have communion.

It is assured that it will be successful for each and every one of you.

Heather often felt that she initiated communion with me by accident, but this was not so. Through her previous practices and her intent she had tuned in and signalled that intent and that willingness to be open to communion. Since that initial first step our communication has been very much off and on because of various fears that have arisen from time to time, but each time we have taken her to the edge of her fear, eventually she has jumped off that cliff of fear and known that she is safe, that the Love is always there, that is right and that is does not matter what any one else may think about her communion with one that was once called Jesus. Because of history, because of past events fears still arise and at times she is reluctant to 'pick up the phone' but we know that she has the commitment, that she will always come back to it because she sees that it is the only way to go forward, or rather not the only way, but the only way in which she feels completely at ease, completely surrounded by Love, completely infused with Love and, absolutely 100% safe, secure in the arms of the Father, the All That Is, the Father Mother God. Even as she is relaying this into her tape recorder she is aware that she is feeling My Love, she is aware that she is safe, she is aware that she can stop this communication at any time, if she so wills, but she also knows that for the time being her will is as God's for her and in fact before she started talking, before she started communicating my words her last words internally were 'Thy will, not mine be done'.

And so, this shift in communication is taking place, this shift in communion. No matter what level of communion you have it will never be static, for if it is static how can it be filled with the movement of God's will? How can you be on that journey back home, that journey without distance, that journey to the Kingdom of Heaven, which is where you are right now, but for most of you your perception does not allow you to see it. Well! I will give your some exciting news, my Beloved Ones, My Friends. This year of 1996 the cosmic events are such and Christ consciousness is awakening at such a speed and remaining with those who are becoming their Selves and as each one of you awakens a little more it is like alarm bells going off in the rest of mankind, in the rest of humanity, in Mother Earth, in the creature all around you, in the molecules and the atoms of the Universe, in all of Creation, so you can all be joyful - you can all rejoice. You can all skip down the road as you feel this lightness, this happiness, this divine craziness pouring through your beingness. You can all skip and not be worried what someone else may think about you, for those who are firmly entrenched and do not wish to move from their 3rd dimensional density will find themselves laughing at your and being with you in that they wish that they too could fling away the bonds that are binding them and be as free and easy as you. So I encourage you all to be divinely crazy, to be divinely innocent, to expect unreasonable amounts of joy, unreasonable abundance in all areas of your lives simply by expecting it, by being curious about it by not pinning yourself down and limiting yourselves by saying 'I expect this but only in this way.'

Now to get back to the subject of guidance - whatever guidance that you receive will be in the manner that is appropriate to you, whether it is with me or another guide so if you welcome guidance in the form of thees and thous and yeas and nays - if that is your bent - then this is what will be appropriate for you. If you welcome a little (or a lot) of divine silliness then this is what you will get. Ask and ye (or you) will receive! It is as simple as that. It is as simple as that.

And that is all I have to say on this subject today.

You know I love you, you know I am always here, always attentive to you 'picking up the phone' and call upon me. My 'number' is simply my name and you have only to think it and you have my total attention and you have my love - always, always, always.

Be in peace, be in joy. I love you.