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Love one Another

Greetings beloved friends, we merge with you in humility and an abundance of love in our divine intent to serve you all upon your beloved planet.

We are many with you as you pen these words, we are many by you as your hearts radiate that love and divine purpose. I am Kuthumi and together with the lord Sananda this eventide do we impart these words of love, unconditional; these moments of sharing, these realisations of that magnificent and all encompassing universal intelligence.

Allow us to share with you all that we have within our hearts knowing that this love without condition, and this light so radiant, flows from the heart of the Almighty Creator.

We are blessed to bring this message to you and would invite you all to be at peace, one with another. Love one another, help one another, comfort one another, and hold out your hands to assist your brother. Admonish him/her not, for you are all as one in His non-judgmental eyes.

How can God judge Himself? He does not! He sees the beauty, the perfection in all things. He sees the truths and wisdom in everything.

In God's house are many mansions, and in each of these mansions are truths and realisations that are of a likeness, yet perceived in many perspectives. All pathways lead home, all who seek ever the "light of the world" will invariably knock and open many a door, and many doors and avenues will open up to the searching and enquiring soul.

We of the Great While Brotherhood of Light, do not judge our brothers of the Angelic kingdoms, and likewise they not judge our brothers of the cosmic intelligence, who do not judge our brothers of the intergalactic fleets, our space travellers!

We are all here at this time of planetary ascension AS ONE in our loving service to you, one and all, upon your beloved Terra. We ARE one, we do not see imperfection in each other, lest we first see that imperfection within ourselves.

We need not limit our horizons by dogmatic belief systems, and can allow our creativity, acceptance, and co-existence to blossom in that majestic harmonious flow, recognising that we are indeed all children of the One Great Creator God.

Lest we portray ourselves as winged angels, lest we portray ourselves as Buddha's or Christs, lest we portray ourselves as planetary Logos', beings of your solar system and dependencies, lest we portray ourselves as Galactic humans from nearby star systems, as intergalactic space beings in our many and varied star or space ships, - know that we are in harmonious and concerted accord serving as ONE in the love and radiance of the One God.

You, we, are all interlinked. We are all part of the gigantic whole. Accept that we come in many forms, in many guises, and know that our essence is but one and the same - we are all part of that great divine plan, and we all have our being in Him.

Lest we alight upon your beloved planet in our star ships, then be not afraid for we come n peace, love and service. Call us and try us, for soon dear lights of radiance, will you behold us face to face, for this is to be the way of things. This is as He decrees, as the magical and momentous ascension process continues, as our consciousness' are raised into greater illuminated awareness, as our very beings are raised into greater heights of understanding.

Remember judge you not, throw not the stones to hurt your brother, for you are verily hurting but yourselves! We leave you with much love, much light and an abundance of blessings.

We are one; Kuthumi, Sananda, Hilarion, Ashtar, Serapis Bey, Michael.....