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Merlin Discusses Crystals

I am Merlin, alchemist of these Western Isles. I come today to give discourse on the use of crystals, crystal mandala technology, and the modus operandi of crystal programming, crystal cleansing and the laying out of the crystals; the crystal types, how to choose the correct stones and also qualities and optimum dimensions.

We will start with the crystal mandalas. These are geometric shapes. I of course have been Listening into discussions and we could say now we will rechristen them "M Stars". These of course could be "Merlin" stars (laughter), but the M stars should be built from good quality Quartz which is capable of channelling white light. (What Merlin is referring to here in "M Star" , is the ability of the mandala to channel the "Merkabah" or white light. )

It is necessary to know that many crystals are not capable of all tasks. There are many classifications of quartz and we will not fill up all the time that is available for channelling as there are many awaiting to come but it is necessary to know that all crystals will not perform the same work. So you can inquire from this channel as to the classifications of quartz and what can be done with the various classifications of quartz.

It is necessary first to procure good quality crystals (quartz) which have good quality terminations. If the terminations are chipped, then this brings about a great scattering of the energies. Quartz channels energy through its base, amplifies through its matrix and transmits through its terminations. If the terminations are chipped and damaged then the energy that is transmitted from the tip is dispersed. We would ask you to build mandalas with crystals having decent points; this will make the mandalas more powerful.

It is also necessary that you inquire about a crystal before you buy it. The answers to your enquires then determines your actions. Many crystals are contaminated with vibrations and auric emanations of many persons that have handled them, from the harvesting stage to the time that they have come into your hands. Many are now using explosives to rip the crystals from the ground, from mother earth and the explosions totally destroy the etheric of the crystal and the internal matrixes of the crystal. This renders the crystal totally useless for work; they are like a human body that has no internal organs.

So make enquires of the crystal and determine whether it has been pre-programmed. Many crystals have been pre-programmed also by people who have inhabited your planet, myself included. We have actually programmed large beds of crystals with energies which are transformational and are encoded with programmes that can not be deleted except by himself. So if you have these crystals in your possession, you should bury them somewhere to carry on the work they have been detailed to do, or have volunteered to do.

If the programmes are not indelible, it is possible then to de-programme them and reprogram them so that they only channel white light and will not except negativity. They then cannot be de-programmed or stopped working by anyone except the person who has programmed them.

These are very important instructions in the work of burying crystals. Burying of crystals that have not been programmed and not cleansed is detrimental to Mother Earth and we have to come along and clean up the scattered energies to prevent damage to the human inhabitants, the devas, and Mother Earth herself. So listen dear one's, to these instructions. Again I cannot stress too much, that they are most important.

Also you will come across crystals that are programmed with so much information that it is impossible for you to delete these programmes. It is necessary that you keep these crystals and attempt to extract information out of them. Many crystals are like great libraries. A crystal could be 1.5 inches long and contain more information than the biggest library in the country. It would be a shame to have these crystals and just bury them, when we could utilise the information therein. If you cannot utilise the information then you will feel the urge to pass them on to others who can. There is one thing that I would tell you about these crystals; it is that all of them have a pyramid on one face. Look out for these crystals, because it is necessary that they are kept safe, that they are not damaged, that they are not subject to rigorous handling or other things that could damage the programmes. There is so much information contained in them, that it is impossible for the human mind at this stage to comprehend the amount of information we have encoded since way before the time of Atlantis.

It is necessary now, that more crystal mandalas, more M star mandalas, are built. Those ones who have the capability of, I would coin a phrase of my colleague Ashtar "tuning in " to where these mandalas should be built, should tune in and then notify the locations to the persons who are engaged in mandala work. It is necessary that we have a concerted effort now because these mandalas will help encode the planet. With the merkabah it will help Mother Earth in her transition and move her into starhood.

I will take some questions.

  • Question - Yes, I have a crystal here, I have a feeling it contains a lot of information, how do I reach this information? Have you any suggestions?
  • Answer - To decode this information?
  • Question - No. I mean I have a feeling the information has been there for a long time, but what is the method of reading information from crystals?
  • Answer - The methods of reading information from crystals are as diverse as the persons who wish to read them, but I will give you one good method of decoding the information in these type of library crystals. Place yourself in a mediative state and place the crystal on the third eye. Then you communicate with the keeper of the crystal; you communicate your desire to be the recipient of the encoded information. Sometimes these crystals come to your possession and are with you for a long period of time. They can be with you for as long a time as you are the keeper and you are just keeping them safe. Sometimes you can receive information that is encoded in the crystal but cannot understand it; but do not let this put you off. You should utilise this method and I think that you will be able to tap the information contained.
  • Question - Are the crystals that will be used for the water gate, for the ocean gates, to clean the waters, are there specific kinds of crystals that are preferred or more effective?
  • Answer - The preferred type of crystal would be from Arkansas or Brazil. They would be as clear as possible, with well balanced terminations; this will actually produce a very balanced energy matrix from the device. these crystals should be programmed again, with the capability of channelling the white light and also programmed with the intent of purification of the waters.
  • Question - I have a strong intuition and I feel that the area in the lake district where I have been drawn to, has work to be completed there in some way. Should I use my intuition to find out where these places are. Am I feeling correct here, because it is a very strong feeling?
  • Answer - Your intuition is correct. It is necessary that all ones learn to use their intuition. Intuition has been denied by many for centuries. So yes use your intuition. You can find sites that need attention. You can then call on the services of this person as a programmer and M star Builder, or you can take instruction from him and build your own M stars and programme your own crystals.
    These technologies are simple. It is so simple it eludes most. Many would like to make it complicated. There is much misinformation now being spread upon the planet about the crystal technologies. the reason why there is misinformation is because it leaves many crystals open to misuse by negative forces. Many work with crystals who do not know the correct method of using them. This leaves the crystal open to being utilised by the negative forces. So it is necessary that the crystals be properly programmed and that the programmes are made so that they cannot be removed.
  • Question - Would this site benefit from a crystal mandala?
  • Answer - All sites benefit from star mandalas. As is previously stated, it not only helps to encode the DNA of the persons who live on the sites and close to the sites. It also encodes the M stars into Mother Earth. Also if you are building them on leyline crossings and power points, it encodes the M energy into the leylines, thus effecting the Etheric Matrix of the Mother and this is what needs to be done to help the mother go through her transitional period. It is like the earthgate project that our colleague, Aranu is involved in. You could say that building an M star is like greatly magnifying an acupuncture point.
    Many ones working with crystals do not know the dangers. You see there are many negative energies, there are many manipulative energies, that see crystals as a very good way of getting into your world and affecting you negatively. Crystals are beautiful, they are useful, but you must realise they are very powerful. Many ones playing with crystals do not realise that they can do great damage to your chakra system and to your etheric matrix. This can even go as far as unbalancing minds. It is very necessary that the crystals are cleansed and programmed very precisely before use.
  • Question - Could you tell us the best way to cleanse crystals. Should it be in sea salt and how long should they remain in water?
  • Answer - This is not a good way to cleanse crystals. Salt is a crystalline substance which is the greatest gatherer of negativity known in this universe. So we would advise that if you were going to use salt to cleanse a crystal that first of all you cleanse the salt crystals. It is not an accident that ones use salt in their exorcisms of places and people in their work with Archangel Michael.
  • Question - Is sea salt different to rock salt?
  • Answer - There is no difference. The sea salt will become contaminated with negative vibrations and thoughts of all those who have handled it and the negative thoughts and vibrations that are harboured within the buildings, shops and through the transportation systems. Cleansing crystals with any sort of salt is not a good idea. In fact crystals do not like salt; it makes them unhappy.
  • Question - What is the best way please - the sun?
  • Answer - With intent. We will not take up important channelling time with crystal lessons, when this one is capable of giving crystal lessons any time. We will say the cleansing of crystals is done with intent. It is done with the hands and the third eye. If possible the combination of the two. The intent and will are the important things. Thoughts are living energies; realise that you can transfer your thoughts to the etheric and the internal matrix of the crystal. This is how they are programmed. So you must formulate your requests and instructions very carefully. Crystalline substances respond like the computers that are used in the material world. Computers are driven by high voltages. Thoughts are living energies and if they are precisely formulated in accordance with divine will and directed with intent crystals will respond to them. This is how you can transfer healing to others who are not present on this planet or any other. This one can give you instructions on these simple methods. He has been working with these technologies for many lifetimes and many years in this life.

Thank you very much.

Channelled by John Armitage 21/11/94

John Armitage is a Homoeopath and healer of more than twenty years experience. An expert in crystal technology. John works with crystals and crystal mandalas for personal and planetary healing. His mandala work is rapidly gaining recognition as an invaluable aid to the Planet in the Ascension process.