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Greetings Beloved friends in light, let us resume our communication in this manner in this vortex of loving energy graced us by the Most Radiant One. Let us together bathe in His resplendent light and savour truly His magnificence. Let us be still and allow that knowledge and wisdom that cascades forth in crystalline purity from His Almighty Heart, to bless us in this sacred space.

We are together on this beautiful day, as the radiance of your solar sun beams down upon you in clarity and warmth, assuring you of his diving intent. For within His mighty auspices of love, power and wisdom will all things be revealed to you in the very nearness of time.

Much change is being activated in and around your beautiful Terra and the beloved Earth Mother herself rejoins in joyous recognition to the imminent changes that are at this moment of time being implemented in such grandeur. Continuation of enhanced energies are truly saturating your planet as the impetus and momentum is now rapidly increasing to facilitate the immense shifting that is occurring now and will be through this current year of 1996.

Look to the skies, for the heavens are filled with beings of such magnitude and beauty, lending surely their support in the Fathers divine plan to raise the consciousness of the Hu-man race to prepare them for the forthcoming outward manifestations that are being implemented upon your beloved planet. Much has been projected over the past weeks of your linear time and many will be, shall we say, in a space of bemusement or of being mis-informed.

Not at all, for the divine plan is still the diving plan, and the Will of the Mot Radiant One is the driving force behind all actions and manifestations. Mass consciousness thinking plays a tremendous role in the awakening and realisation of all that is to be. Mass consciousness thinking has been greatly aroused and ignited into greater horizons of understanding and acceptancy of the possibility and inevitability of the ensuing Earth changes that are to be visibly experienced by the greater populace.

LET GO, please of the limiting restrictions of third dimensional limited thinking patters and allow the Universal 'timing' to be implemented by the perfect thought, from the Perfect Creator. There is much expectancy (acceptance) now being projected to and through you all to all parts of your globe and the shifting that is taking place is indeed wonderful to behold. Nothing has been negated that has been projected to you, and the only variable is, as ever, the 'time' factor that you are temporarily subjected to within the third dimensional linear time patterning.

It has been projected that in the very nearness of your Earth time will many of your space brothers and sisters be presenting themselves to you in third dimensional reality, to pave the way for your initiation into the phase known as the Photon energy activation zone. A phase when you dear ones upon the beloved planet will experience possible major fluctuations of your current energy supplies, as the Universal energies become evident to the entire planet and your local solar system.

These projections are still 'on go', and although the 'time' is a variable, it will surely be an apparent physical (and spiritual) reality as the Master Tailor as ever always will cut the cloth accordingly. All is as afore stated to your beloved lights of radiance, in a state of continual change, of fluctuation, of fluidity and modification. We would invite you here to be in that state of acceptance and preparation for all that is to ensue.

May we offer you these words, encompassed in the radiance of His love and wisdom. Our projections of 'imminent landings' was globally shared by many a messenger such as this one who pens our words this day. The ensuing consciousness shifting that resulted by way of absorbing this knowledge and intent greatly motivated many lightworkers within your global network to hold this light and energy that the projection created.

Furthermore, much additional cleansing and clearing is duly taking place within the ranks of your beloved lightworkers and starseeds, releasing hidden fears and apprehensions that were in need of LETTING GO. It is, in principle, the acceptance of the forthcoming landings and presentations, a seemingly simple think to acknowledge and 'take on board', yet when the event becomes a near reality - it is a different matter entirely. To a greater or lesser degree within the global network, has there been a release of various 'emotions' and these were in need of allowing to be acknowledged, recognised, then to be released and ebb away.

This has been the scenario that has resulted as the projected 'landing' timings were offered to you and, beloved friends upon Terra, this is to be the way of things. Let that candle glow brightly and strongly - negating the flickering or glimmering flame of indecision and uncertainty. All is the divine flow, all that is occurring is within the guildines of the Almighty Father, and as that candle flames glows ever more brightly and firmly will therefore the light emanation be strong, pure and certain, negating all reservations and impurities. LET THERE BE LIGHT!!!

Much activity is fastidiously taking place at this moment in 'time' as the fluctuation in Hu-man consciousness thinking becomes more stable and realises that state of quiet acceptance and knowing. Knowing that all that comes to pass, as the ley/grid lines are shifting and reactivated to accommodate the present planetary awareness - then surely, most surely will your brothers and sisters from the other star systems present themselves to you, (as many have already connected with their relevant star ships), and subsequently to the greater populace.

Your governments are well aware and are interacting with the space brotherhood of light, and it will soon be time to offer mankind the insight and reconnection to his/her space families as they alight upon your beloved Terra in loving embrace and offering the hand of true friendship. Nothing that will occur is without good reason and all that is to ensue is, and will be overshadowed by the One Great Creator God of all things.

From this Perfect Source of being emanates surely the perfect avenue of Universal expression and it is indeed time now for us to accept that.....THEY WILL BE DONE LORD.

His love is limitless, His boundaries know no end, He IS and always shall be, you are and always will be part of Him. As He beckons unto you - Dear ones, I bid you welcome, Dear ones I bid you to come home - then accept this olive branch that is proffered to you and step gladly into your own sovereignty that lies before and within you. Accept who you really are - I AM THAT I AM, I AM GOD, IN Him Is my being and total reality of manifestation. I AM THAT I AM!!!

I AM SANANDA, I AM JESUS THE CHRIST. I am by you in such love, in such reverence, I bathe in His love as it cascades in crystalline purity from His great hear, through Me to You. You Are that You Are, I AM THAT I AM.

I AM Jesus Christ Sananda, We Are One! Shalom.