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The Truest Alchemy

Greetings Beloved Children of the Sun, this is Sananda. I bring you my Love and my Light as always and acknowledge the speed at which you are progressing, the speed at which are leaving behind the density of your third dimensional bodies and moving quickly and becoming accustomed to the vibrations and frequencies of your light bodies. We, the Masters of the Great White Brotherhood send you our congratulations, we thank you for the work that you are doing on behalf of the Light and would have you know that whatever you are doing for the Light, even if you do not consciously "see" or "hear" or "know", you are being effective and you are affecting all around you. Many of you are so light that we feel that you will soon be able to go bungee jumping without the rope and harness! You know that I jest but on another level you know that you can fly.

What you are doing, my friends is alchemy, the truest alchemy that there can ever be. It is indeed turning lead into gold - it is turning the heaviness, the density of your present dimension into the fluid light and love of the Love that is within you - God's love. You are all coming back home, My Loved Ones. Whatever you are doing, whatever meditation, whatever Lightwork, You are coming back Home and bringing your brothers with you.

Many of you feel still that you are bogged down by the needs of the body, the financial and material needs of yourselves and your families. This is still your reality but at the same time you are allowing the reality of a higher frequency to seep into dissolve some of your heaviness. There are ways in which you may speed this up and one of them is simply to follow your heart, to do that which may your heart sing, to be joyful, to laugh. Laughter allows the Light to flow through you, it is the great aligner, so do that which makes you laugh, Beloveds, and do not worry abut what anyone else may think about what you are doing. What you do is not the concern of anybody else and what they may think about you is not your concern. We know that you will not do anything that will harm another, we know that you are dedicated to your path of Light, so if you feel the urge to do something that may seem incredibly sill that will make you laugh and give you joy then do that and open yourself to greater alignment with the higher dimensions.

This is my message: be joyful, let go of the illusory chains that are holding you to this third dimensional reality. We are all working with you to loosen those chains. Mother Earth also is breaking free and many of you will be feeling this.

There are many methods for transmuting fear into love, for that is what this game is about and we will ask this one to give you information on one or two of these methods.

So my friends, be of good cheer, give all your worries and fears away, let us take care of them and they will be transmuted. Call on me whenever you have the need and know that I will answer each and every call.

I love you.