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John Payne

The Teachings of John Payne and his spirit guide Omni

Greetings! This is Omni

Welcome to the very first issue of Omni's World, this is Omni and I greet you with love and with joy. It is my greatest pleasure to connect with you in this way and hope that my words and available energy will assist you in finding greater purpose and meaning in your life. The basis of my teaching is that you are a loved, wise and divine child of God and that there is no limit to what you can have or do. Each and every one you on the Earth today has the opportunity to grow at pace that has never been seen before on your world and I am here in spirit to help you with that process. The essential lesson to be learned is that love is limitless and there is boundless love for each and every one of you -

there is boundless love
for each and every one of you..

regardless of your past, your feelings or perceived wrong doing. You see my dears, there are but two true emotions upon your planet. These are love and fear. So all the deeds, feelings and thoughts that you have deemed to be in some way 'sinful' or 'evil' are simply things that have been motivated by fear. Love is the key to everything and I will aim to demonstrate to you through my words that every event in your life is motivated through your soul trying to show you the direction back to love. The time has come to let go of judgmentalism, guilt, shame and all the doubts associated with those feelings. The time has come to embrace yourself with love. The time has come to return to love!

Although you may not be able to act in high and loving ways all the time, learn to be patient with yourself. If you have been acting mainly out of fear all of your life, then it will take time to change habits and to bring more light into areas where there is darkness, shame or a lack of love. Although the quality of light coming to Earth is making it easier for you to grow now more than ever, you still need to allow yourself to feel whatever you are feeling. Some people fall into the trap of once having discovered their fear, they then blame themselves for having it and therefore pile on more guilt! Let go and fall into the light!

Through the pages of this magazine I will lead you on a journey through your day to day emotional issues and will illustrate how you can always find a higher aspect of love that can be applied to whatever issue, project or situation you are dealing with. I will lead on a journey towards light and love, not by assisting you to only reach higher, but by helping you to love your humanity, to love and accept where you are here and now, on planet

love and accept where
you are here and now..

Earth. I Omni, will show you how it is possible to have a rich and rewarding life that is guilt free and that is full of boundless rewards. You are all children of God and there is only an abundance of light and love for you. You may have everything your heart desires, there are no limits and no-one is excluded from this Divine Birthright. Start claiming your Divine Birthright today and open your arms to receive yourself, without hesitation, without judgement and in pure un-conditional love!

May the love and light of God-Goddess - All That Is be with you always and may you be aware of the Divine Presence at all times. Namaste.


John Payne travels throughout Europe and the USA giving lectures, workshops and private sessions. Click here for his latest schedule.

Editors Note

Welcome to the first of many issues of Omni's Web World. This is the beginning of a very exciting project for me and it fills my heart with joy at the prospect of getting my work out into the world in such an accessible manner. Because you are reading this, I would like to thank you the reader for supporting my work and I hope that this publication can assist you in some way on your journey within. However, even though this publication is channeled from a higher source, I encourage you only to accept that which speaks directly to your heart as truth, and to put the rest to one side. You are a wise and loving being and you instinctively know what is right for you and when it is appropriate to create a shift in your life. In other words, I encourage you not to simply accept things because they are written or because the source claims to have the 'truth'.

The only direction is inwards.... My work with Omni is based upon assisting everyone we come into contact with to become their own teacher. We do this by helping you to remember that you are a child of the divine and that you have at your core the divine spark that is your eternal soul. This soul already contains everything you could possibly ever want to know. I am honoured to assist you in remembering your true self through the pages of Omni's Web World. Namaste.