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Awakening The Christ Chakra

Stimulating the Unified Heart

channeled by John Payne

Greetings! This is Omni. The Heart is the bridge between mind and body in your three dimensional world. With the Heart, you are able to translate Universal knowledge with love, and thereby use compassion and empathy when viewing your world and the things in it. Love is the cornerstone of the Universe, and without the vibration of love, all creation would soon cease to exist. Love is the thing through which consciousness grows, it is the power that draws you like a magnet back into the Heart of God, love is your birthright and your purpose for existing.

Many aeons ago, an experiment began. This experiment was started so that it could be proven that love can be created through the use of free will. The Earth, your planet, is part of this experiment. I often refer to your planet as the Planet of Love. Many think more readily of Venus as the Planet of Love, but yours is in the true sense the Planet of Love, because this is the lesson you came to learn. Your Earth is one of the most precious jewels in the cosmos, bright and radiant blue, brimming over with life, full of variation and excitement. It is the greatest gift that the Divine has given to you. This entire world of yours was created out of love for you. Created as a school, the school of love. Created to give you the opportunity to learn love.

There is no judgement, no real rush. You have choices. Two of the choices you have are these: Now or later. You have within your heart, the Flames of Divine Desire. These Flames are imbued with the Divine qualities of Love, Health, Abundance and Creativity. They act as magnets, drawing you into these Divine qualities of consciousness. They are your birthright and natural state of being. You can choose to accelerate the development of these qualities by concentrating on them and by resolving those issues in your life that seem to keep you from experiencing these qualities more fully in your life.

Mankind is developing a new form of Heart Chakra, it is the Christ Chakra. Some have called this the Soul Seat or Thymus Chakra. I call it the Christ Chakra, or Unified Heart. Your Heart Chakra is being evolved and is changing along with the increased inflow of higher, finer energies of higher consciousness from the realms of light. As you begin to integrate various aspects of your personality and past life selves, you are becoming more aware of yourself as your Soul upon the Earth Plane.

Previously, to reach your soul centre, to be aware of the nature of your soul, you had to be trained in meditation, to be almost remote from the reality in which you are presently focussed. This is no longer true. Just as it is becoming increasingly easier for you to channel your Spirit guides, it is also becoming easier to live as your soul, to be aware of your soul whilst being fully conscious of your reality. So, the real change is a change in consciousness, but like all changes in consciousness in your reality, it has an outward expression in your worlds of matter and spirit.

As an expression of this soul awareness, the Heart Chakra and Soul Seat are becoming unified, they are becoming one, it is the Christ Chakra, or Unified Heart. At first it will look a little like a binary star, two points of light, separate, but touching, merging and working together. You heart is taking on higher vibrations and will therefore influence the colours you may experience when viewing it with clairvoyant sight. The increased vibration of the heart will make the Flames of Divine Desire more visible. You may experience Pink, Green, Gold and Turquoise.

The power centre of this evolving centre is behind the breast bone, just above the current heart chakra. It is a point of light in the centre of the body that radiates with a bright fluorescent white and turquoise light. You can stimulate this centre by bringing your thumb, index and middle fingers to a point and by resting them on your breast bone. Once you have done this, you can tap very gently on this spot, and begin to sing OM. Once you feel an opening, you can stop the tapping and just allow your fingers to remain where they are and continue to sing. Ask your soul to assist you in making a unique sound that is the note of your soul. Each soul has a unique note, and when you are able to express the essence of your soul in this way, you will begin to bring more of the light of your soul into your reality. Don't worry if your voice is untrained, or whether or not you are singing it right, you will know by the feeling you have. You may begin to feel a sense of elation, or maybe tears as you open up to a forgotten part of yourself. Do this exercise often, as often as you like, maybe every morning.

If ever you find yourself in a situation where you do not know which path to follow, are stuck with a decision, trapped in fear, or you become aware that your heart has closed in a situation, do this exercise and call upon the light and power of your soul. You will begin to experience the nature of un-conditional love and will enhance the soul qualities of love, health, abundance and creativity in your life.

In essence, the Christ Chakra is not new, you are merely awakening it from a long slumber! My blessings dear ones. Call upon my energy to assist you or to give you extra energy in times of need. Namaste. Omni.

John Payne