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Developing Trust

John Payne

Faith and hope are believing something to be true,
trust is knowing that it is true.

Trust is not hoping that things will turn out the way that you want them to turn out, trust is knowing that the Universe works in perfect ways and will always provide you with what is best for your growth. Trust is knowing that all is benevolent and that all serves your growth at all times and is truly supportive of who, what and where you are in any given moment.

Trust is all about self love and knowing that you are worthy. If you are dealing with issues surrounding a lack of trust or doubt in your life then what you are dealing with is a lack of belief in your worthiness to have what you truly desire. A lack of trust means that you have not dealt with two fundamental questions that all beings must be able to feel are affirmative. These two questions are: am I good enough and does God love me ? Once you feel in every cell within your body that the answer to these questions are a resounding yes, then a lack of trust will never be an issue for you. I good enough and does
God love me ?

Many of you see the Universe as something that decides things for you or as some power from which permission is gained for certain actions and developments in your life. Some of you that are trying to get your work out to the world as a spiritual teacher are saying to yourselves that the Universe has decided that you are not ready because your classes and workshops are not full or because schedules have needed to be cancelled. There is no outside authority that determines these things, it is your own doubt and lack of trust that repels the students and clients you so desire to have. It is your degree of trust that you are supported and worthy of the role of teacher, healer and leader that makes or breaks what you term as success.

Trust is knowing that it's OK and that everything is happening in the right order, time and place. Trust is knowing that the Universe is friendly and abundant and that there is a source of love that only wants what is best for you. Trust is knowing that if something should fail or not succeed in your eyes, that this is the Universe trying to reflect something back to you so that you may grow in love. Know that it is not the Universe trying to withhold anything from you or trying to send you the message that you are not good enough for one reason or another.

'Trust is knowing that the Universe is
friendly and abundant...'

So how can you cultivate trust? Trust is cultivated by coming to a realization that every event in your life up until this point has been for your ultimate benefit. It is through seeing that every person in your life, every contact that you have had, has carried with it a message from the Universe about how loved you really are. You can cultivate trust by asking the Universe for help and assistance with the realization of your dreams and desires and by opening to receive that help. You can develop trust by reflecting upon those times when you have felt the Universe guiding and assisting you and when things turned out much better than you had expected. You can develop trust by looking back over the past few years and seeing the amount of growth that has taken place and how much more empowered you feel. You can develop trust by asking for small things to manifest in your life and by cultivating a feeling of gratitude when they do.

Developing trust goes hand in hand with self love. When you know deep within your heart that you are indeed worthy and that God loves you, you will trust in the Universe and

"Developing trust goes hand
in hand with self love"

in life with your entire being, with your whole mind, body and soul. So when you have periods when you are uncertain and do not know whether you can trust the way things are unfolding in your life, then stop and ask yourself which issue surrounding a lack of self love is coming up to be healed. A lack of trust is truly only a lack of self love. Whenever you feel a lack of trust in a particular situation, get into the habit of asking yourself about what it is the Universe is trying to show you that is in need of healing. Ask yourself in which way you can cultivate more self love and self appreciation. If you do this regularly, then you will see that doubt will dissolve away into the light and trust will become a natural state of being for you. You will know that indeed you are good enough and that God does truly love you in more ways than you could possibly imagine at this time.

Trust also means going with the flow, letting go of control and wanting things to be in a certain way. Many of you put the brakes on the Universe trying to give you something better by holding on firmly to what you think you can have at this time. When you begin to trust the flow of events and energy through your life, and begin to let go of control, you give the Universe more freedom to give you the things you desire. You higher self, your soul and your guides are much more in tune with your higher path. You can learn to tap into this wisdom by quieting your emotions and through looking at the bigger picture of what you are doing.

'Through letting go of control, you begin
giving the Universe more freedom to give
you the things you desire.'

If you are feeling blocked in any area of your life and things do not seem to be flowing as they should, ask yourself whether or not the bigger picture of your life is trying to show you something else. It could be that the Universe is trying to get you to think in bigger and better ways or is trying to point you in a direction that you had not considered yourself worthy or good enough for previously. Learn to allow the Universe to send things freely into your life by trusting that it is benevolent and has your best interests at heart.

Be sure not to confuse trust with faith and hope. Faith and hope are believing something to be true, trust is knowing that it is true.


Get into a meditative state by using breathing and posture to relax your entire body and quiet your thoughts.

Imagine a bright light in your heart centre and see this growing until it fills your entire aura and physical body with its bright light.

Go deep within, imagining that you are accessing your soul or core self. Once you feel that you have reached this special place, ask your soul to show you those events in your life recently where it was working with you for a better result than planned.

Allow the pictures, feelings and memories to surface and see how the events have served your growth and how your soul and the Universe were taking care of your higher needs, your higher purpose. Get a feeling sense of how the Universe is always working for your good and thank your soul for leading you to this point in your life.

Return to the room you are in and look around at the room and consider your life with the new perspective you have gained. Feel layers of fear falling away from you and ask the Universe to assist you in cultivating more trust in your life.

The Universe is working for you,
not against you.

Excerpt from Starseeds, a zine published by John Payne.