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Emotion, The Key to Creation

Greetings, this is Omni. I greet you in the Peace and Love of God. Let us consider emotion. Emotion, feelings, are the very building blocks within the creative spirit of souls, of God, of the entire Universe. Love, without emotion lacks compassion, enthusiasm and courage. However, do not confuse love with sentimentality and the feelings that go with it.

So what is emotion? How can it be defined? The word itself gives a clear definition of emotion, e-motion. Energy in motion. So why is emotion so important? It is because the Universe is a natural place of flow, of change, and of evolution. In this way, energy that has stagnated, ceases to be in the flow of the Universe. Energetically speaking, you could describe the Universe as being in an upward spiral of energy, in constant movement.The only thing that is constant in the Universe, is change.

Many of you upon the spiritual path have been drawn to the light owing to one or other painful experience in your past. In this way, you have been drawn to the light so that you can find sustenance and healing for your heavy heart. In coming to the light in this way, many of you have reinforced your belief that to be vulnerable is in some way a weakness that cannot be shared with the Divine. Instead of surrendering to the light, you may be emotionally on-hold as it were, waiting for spiritual enlightenment in the hope that enlightenment will take your pain, grief and anger away. However, it is the emotion itself, and the flowing of emotion, that will provide you with the quickest pathway to enlightenment. So ask yourself this question: Are you using your spirituality as a means of escape or of denial in any way? Are you secretly hoping that God, the Masters, your Guardian Angel of some other external authority will solve your problems if only you prove to be good enough?

Many of you are bound by a shame that says that to express your vulnerability or anger in the face of God is a failing that is not tolerable. Many of you feel that you would in some way be a fraud, or that you would betray the Light should you acknowledge and voice your pain. This belief has lead many of you to create a mask, a mask that often feigns joy, serenity and contentedness, all the while, discord, pain and confusions build up within you. In actuality, the only person you are betraying is yourself.

You may have quite consciously decided that you no longer wish to feel the pain any longer. However, suppressing it will not make it go away. The stagnated emotion will reside in your auric field and in the muscles and cells of your body and will begin to make up your energy. This core energy has a resonance, and this will in turn begin to resonate with similar energy patterns.These energies can be events or other people. So in this way, you will not succeed in escaping the pain you wish to circumnavigate, but you will only succeed in taking it with you, and possibly increasing the load as the years go by. You create your own reality, and your reality is created with the thoughts and feelings you have. Therefore, if you are holding on to a lot of pain, then your reality will begin to reflect that back to you. Your external experience of reality is merely a projection of your inner world of thought and emotion.

In the process of cutting yourself off from your pain, you also cut yourself off from feeling love, joy, abundance and peace. This is why many of you on the spiritual feel frustrated that you are still struggling with the issues of abundance, joy, love and peace in your life. Some of you have begun to tell yourself that it is because you are not yet good enough, or that it is your karma that is stopping you from having the things you want (see article on Karma & Reincarnation). Everything you desire is tied up in your emotions. All the joy, all the abundance, all the love and all the peace, energy, enthusiasm and playfulness are all part of emotion. When you suppress your feelings of sadness, grief anger and shame, you also suppress the love and joy along with them.

Emotion is the key to creation. We in the realms of light create with joy, with a sense of fun and playfulness. We are only serious in intent, for our demeanor is light, hearty, fun and full of emotion!

Some of you have deeply hidden beliefs about the expression of emotion. Some of you may have been discouraged by parents from crying a child, and therefore you have grown up with the belief that to express any emotion is a undesirable behaviour, unwanted, or even selfish! Some of you identify so strongly with your suppressed feelings, that there is even the fear that in some way, the you that you currently identify with, will be destroyed or lost in the emotion if it is expressed. Many of you are afraid that should you move into your emotion that the feelings will never stop, afraid that if you start crying, you may go on crying for the rest of eternity.

Emotions are safe my dears. It is the energy that God used when creating the Universe. Without emotions, art, the stars, singing birds, earth, angels and you, would not exist. Emotion is e-motion, energy in motion. So allow yourself to be in motion. Once you have let your pain free, surrendered it to the Divine, you will then have created space for the energies of love, abundance, creativity, peace and joy to move through you. Energy must be free to flow in order for love to exist. Just as the blood in your veins needs to flow in order to keep your body alive, energy, e-motion, needs to flow to keep your soul qualities of love, health, abundance and creativity alive within you.

Balance - A shared insight

by John Channeling Omni's words has taught me a lot about why things either work for me or against me. I have learned that as soon as something starts to go 'wrong' in my life, it means that I am no longer in the upward spiral. Nearly every case where something just doesn't seem to working for me has lead to a release of something, and mostly it has meant forgiving someone else and myself in the process. In addition to learning that the release and expression of emotion is key to allowing more love, joy and abundance into my life, I have also learned that there is a fine balance between delving into my past, and staying in it. One of the issues that everyone faces when the process of clearing up the emotional debris has begun, is how to let go of the situation and the beliefs surrounding it. Some people go into the emotions and come out the other end feeling less empowered because they have not reached within to find their soul. Within the soul and higher self lay all the answers as to why a particular event happened, why you created it as a learning experience for yourself and why, in actuality, the event, relationship, or circumstance happened for one reason and one reason only. To turn you back to love.

It is very important to start the process of changing your beliefs about yourself whilst you are moving through your emotional issues. Otherwise, you will still hold on to a residue of the pain you were originally trying to release. Any event, the loss of a child or parent, incest, physical and sexual abuse, a crippling illness or deformity, racial discrimination, emotional abuse, everything that has ever happened to you has been a measure of God's love for you. It has been a signpost, a message from the Universe saying: 'Look my child, this is how far you are in your ability to love and honour yourself'. So honour everything you have, and offer it all back to the divine with gratitude. Offer your pain and grief because you can know in your heart that it has taught you how to feel again, how to feel the joy of birds when they sing, and the sight of the smile on a baby's face. Offer it all, and joy will come streaming back into your life!

John Payne