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Living As Your Soul

Greetings! This is Omni and I greet you in the name of the One Living Light! Living as your Soul on the Earth Plane is becoming increasingly important as time and evolution upon your planet moves on. It is part of the task of a developing Soul like yourself, to bring the higher finer energies down into the physical world. Many of you have feint memories of an existence beyond this plane of reality where things were created with more ease and joy.

You are one of many countless souls that make up any army of light that have as their task the landing of the Christ Light here upon planet earth. Even though you are one of some many myriads of souls, each and every one of you is precious to the Divine, and each of every one of you is counted, know, remembered and vitally important to the evolution of the Universe.

Deep within your heart are four flames, the flames that carry your Divine Inheritance. These are the Flames of Divine Desire. They carry you from one adventure to the next, from one life to the next, drawing you like a magnet towards that which is yours. These flames are Pink, Green, Gold and Turquoise and represent the Four Qualities of Life that are yours to enjoy and create upon the Earth Plane of existence. Each of the Flames represent a Divine Quality as expressed in the worlds of matter - these are:

The Pink Flame - for Unconditional Love

The Green Flame - for Radiant and Perfect Health

The Gold Flame - for Abundance

The Turquoise Flame - for Divine Expression and Creativity

At the heart of these flames, is a shimmering, brilliant, bright white flame, this is the Flame of Eternity, it symbolises your never ending and complete Oneness with the

Divine in all it's forms.

The expression of these four qualities in your life is an indication of how well connected you are to your soul and it's Divine Purpose. So go within and ask yourself these questions:

How do I feel about loving myself? Do I feel loved and appreciated? Do I feel connected to life through a bond of love? Do I feel at peace in all situations?

What is my state of health? How do I feel about my body? What is my body asking for?

How abundant do I feel? How do I measure abundance? Do I have enough joy, pleasure, friendships and activities i my life? Do I always feel needy or feel a general sense of lack in my life? Do I feel poor and feel that happiness is only for the rich?

Do I express myself in ways my heart desires? Do I give myself the time to develop my hobbies and the things I love to do? Have I been putting things that I want to do for many years?

You can take the time to write these questions down, tune in to your deepest feelings, and begin writing down the answers. It does not take a great deal of skill and you do not have to an expert therapist or psychologist to delve into your world of feelings. Your feelings and ideas about these things are not as far away as you might think, allow your pen to move freely over the paper and you will be astounded with the wisdom and insights you are able to give yourself.

Each of the qualities I have mentioned has a Master Teacher that assists souls on the Earth Plane to achieve fullness with these qualities whilst on the Earth Plane. You can ask these Master Teachers for Assistance. You can simply sit quietly in a comfortable chair and meditate or pray. Visualise the Flame and it's colour of the quality you feel that you would most like to develop at this time. For more Love, visualise Pink and call upon the Master of The Pink Flame. See yourself sitting within a Pink Flame and become one with it. Ask the Master to imbue you with this quality at a deeper level, and open to receive this extra light.

You may, if you wish, make this a part of your daily meditation routine and work one by one through each of the flames have mentioned, or simply concentrate on a quality you most need at any given time. Meditation and visualisation are powerful ways of bringing those things you want into your life. you do indeed create your own reality, so that which you feel and visualise to be true for you, will appear in your life, bringing you more love, joy, abundance and health.


There are only two real choices to be made.
You can choose between love and fear.

- Omni