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Living in Divine Grace

Learning to embrace your life in peace

Greetings, this is Omni! As your spiritual growth unfolds, you will become increasingly aware of how you create your own reality and how your thoughts, ideas , emotions and beliefs influence the reality you experience around you. Many of you have become accustomed to the idea that positive thought and creative visualizations assist you in creating those things that you want and help your desires to manifest more rapidly. However, you may sometimes feel challenged to accept those circumstances and events in your life that do not seem to fit into your idea of living within a spiritually balanced world. You may have been challenged by an illness, an injury, a loss of a close friend, financial difficulties or the break up of a relationship. These challenges are as much your creation as those things that give you joy, peace and a sense of being close to the Divine. However, these events, the very ones you may have decided are negative, are born from Divine Source as much as any other event.

The source of everything is love
- Omni

You may have at times fallen into the trap of either criticising or thinking that you have failed in some way, when an experience that takes you out of your spiritual centre comes along. However, events that you may have determined to be negative, are no more an indication of failure than great wealth may be an indication of success. Success and failure are not within the concepts of we, the Beings of Light. To us, you are a success simply because you are, because you exist. In many ways, you are a success story because you have chosen to overcome the challenges that the Earth Plane present by choosing an incarnation in your present form. Accepting the belief that you create your own reality need not become a performance related issue where you measure the depth of your spirituality according to the level of your health, wealth and happiness. Although living as your soul will contribute to the enhancement of the qualities of health, abundance, love and creativity, a perceived lack in any one of these areas does not act as an indicator of your level of spiritual growth and maturity. Part of living on the Earth Plane is indeed mastering the skill of manifesting that which you want. However, the main objective for being on the Earth Plane is to learn how to love.

Accepting the belief that you create your own reality
need not become a performance related issue

Owing to the density of the Earth Plane, souls need to be more focused on self in order to express their Divinity to the fullest whilst present upon the Earth. This is why your Earth is one of the foremost schools of love in the Universe. It's lessons, challenges and opportunities to learn love in all its aspects makes Earth as very desirable planet indeed, and many souls choose the Earth in order to expand their awareness of self, develop their spiritual skills, and to deepen their experience of love even in the face of adversity. The Universe works in perfect ways, it works in harmony and with precision, the Universe always manifests that which will provide the most accurate reflection for a soul to contemplate, understand, feel and learn from. in this way, you can choose to experience all that you experience, feel, and see as Divine Grace in action.

Illness can be experienced as a state of Grace, Divine Grace, as the body volunteers to be the teacher, the vehicle of Divine Grace, by showing you that which you need to release, forgive and love. Illness in all its forms is the Divine manifesting a message for the soul, a message of love and encouragement. An illness can be Divine Grace that is encouraging you to listen, take action or to release someone, something or simply that you need to release an idea or belief. Your body has consciousness, and as such, all the cells of your body are working together, in unified consciousness to provide a vessel, temple, and messenger for the soul on the Earth Plane. Your Higher Self and Soul tune into, and read your body very much like the way in which you may read a book. The story that your body tells your Higher Self, is a story concerning your mental and emotional makeup. Your body holds within it all your ideas and beliefs about reality, it holds onto your fears, hopes and joys. In this way, your Higher Self can use your body as an accurate indicator that will indicate how far you have come in releasing fear. When an illness comes along, you may be tempted to blame yourself for not having cared for yourself enough, for not having loved yourself enough or maybe for not being spiritual enough. At times of illness, or other challenges, it is time to go within. It is time to go within and tune into the message of Divine Grace that your body is sending you. You can choose to experience gratitude at any stage of your spiritual growth. Gratitude is not only for those times when things seems to be running smoothly, but it also for those times when you perceive discord, pain and delusion. In fact, there has never been a time when you have not been operating in harmony with the Universe, even in times of serious illness or emotional imbalance. The Universe in it's perfection will always manifest exactly what the soul needs to bring itself onto a path of more rapid growth and development. In this way, you can experience gratitude, and experience the power of Divine Grace, even during times of discord and illness. You can offer your challenges, whether they be manifested as illnesses, financial challenges, or emotional pain, back to the Divine in times of prayer, and be able to offer them with deep reverence, an open heart and with gratitude for the gift of spirit that they are offering you. The Divine does not want you to be ill or to have financial misfortune, the Divine simply manifests that which is going to signpost you in the direction of love in the most rapid an efficient way.

You can offer your challenges
back to the Divine in times of prayer

To evolve more rapidly, you will need to start consciously placing light into all areas of your life. That means placing light into those areas that do not seem to be working for you. For anything to evolve, it needs o have love, light and acceptance. You can imagine what happens to flowers when they are left in the dark, starved of sunshine and water to feed them. Instead of coming into bloom and producing seeds that will grow to become the next generation of flowers, they will wither and rot away, not bringing new growth to the garden in which they are planted. In this way, in order to evolve beyond that which may be causing a challenge, you will need to send that part of you love and light. You may not even know what it is that an illness is trying to teach you, but you can choose to love your illness and receive it with gratitude, knowing deep in your heart that it is Divine Grace in action. Once you have made the step of showing gratitude towards your body for the fine job it is doing in trying to guide you back towards love, your body will begin to release the blocked emotions, or stagnant ideas and beliefs that you have held onto that have acted as the spiritual catalyst for the illness. As these emotions and beliefs are released, you can begin to experience them in a new way and gain a deeper understanding of the fears that may be controlling your life. With this knowledge and experience, you can begin to understand that fear and love are choices that you can make. You may also begin to warmly welcome all the signposts along your pathway of spiritual growth with open arms and with gratitude. You can begin to live in Divine Grace! can choose to love your illness and receive it with gratitude, knowing deep in your heart that it is Divine Grace in action - Omni