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Consciously creating what you want

Greetings! This is Omni! Manifesting is the art of creating what you want at the time that you want it. Many of you are becoming aware that you create your own reality. You often wonder how you can create those things that give you more pleasure and a sense of fun in life. Many of you doubt your ability to have and create what you want because your life seems to be filled with those things that you don't want, or feel that you didn't ask for.

Each and every object and event in your life has been created by you, whether or not your are conscious of the fact. Your reality, the Earth plane, is the result of the mass consciousness of all souls that are incarnate within your system of things. Each and every event in your life can be traced back to a belief and emotion that originated the impulse for it to manifest itself into reality as you experience it at present. In our realms, the realms of pure essence and light, we can create what we want at an instant. We the Beings of Light have mastered our emotions and thoughts and can therefore direct our energies with precision and clarity so that we may create what we want. You are also learning this skill in this lifetime and you can choose to change what you experience in your reality at any moment you wish to.

If you have experienced many situations in your life that are less than pleasing to you, take a close look at what you believe about yourself. Do you believe that you are worthy of love, health and abundance. Or do you doubt the existence of love and peace, or believe that these are things for other people, people who are maybe in some way more spiritual, kinder or better than you are. like yourself, others may be better off, in your terms, but they, like us, are not better than. Many of you claim that it is not your beliefs that have created your experiences, but it is that the world is a certain way, beyond your control. In this way, many become the fulfillers of their own prophecies. An event confirms a belief, and the belief creates another event. Sometimes, the Universe gives you a wake-up call. Some events can gradually become more intense until you sit up, take note and decide to do something about it. You see, my dears, every event in your life is truly Divine Grace in action. Each external event in your life is a God saying, 'look my child, this is what you believe is possible for yourself. Have faith, have courage, ask for more of what gives you joy. You are my child and I love you without condition.'

Instead of getting caught up in what you have created in the past, and the past started just one second ago, you can work on releasing any of the pain you may have experienced and decide right now, at this moment, to start creating more of what you want in life. You don't have to seek anyone's approval or permission in order to claim your Divine Birthright. Seeded within you are the Flames of Divine Desire, they are of Pink, Green, Gold and Turquoise, with a Heart of Pure White. They represent your Divine inheritance, The Pink Flame for Un-conditional Love, The Green Flame for radiant health, The Gold Flame for Universal Abundance and the Turquoise Flame for Divine Creativity. The White Flame represents your unending and pure Divine Essence, your Unity with the Divine and your Oneness with All That Is.

'Your divine inheritance is love,
health abundance and your innate ability
to create what you want'

Your soul knows that these things make up it's true existence. Choose now to accept these things as being part of existence at the personality level. For as you bring more of these qualities into your own life, you will be serving the Divine by making it easier for others to follow your example.

Setting Goals

To manifest your hearts desires, it is important to set goals. However, be a little flexible and allow the Universe to guide you along paths that may bring you more than you have asked for.

Take a piece of paper and list all those things that give you joy and list the things that you desire to create in 1996. Start with the smaller things that have less emotional importance behind them. As you do this, also write up any fears, beliefs or doubts that you have regarding the thing or circumstance that you wish to create. Maybe you wish to stop smoking, lose weight, find a partner or make more money. Ask yourself about your beliefs regarding your body, your ability to look attractive and be healthy, your worthiness for love and companionship. Ask yourself what you really believe about money. Are you allowed to pray for these things? Are these things spiritual?

When you have completed this task, getting a feeling sense for how many times you told yourself no, or that guilt or a belief in your inability came up to be heard. How many times did an inner voice tell you that your dream was not possible? Which voice did you believe, the one that says that you can do and have what you want, or did you give in to the voice of doubt? It is your choice what you believe, be aware of your limiting beliefs, change and move beyond them, and then you will see new forms unfolding in your life.

Uncovering Hidden Beliefs

Writing things down is a very powerful way of uncovering beliefs. You may choose one of several of the following topics to uncover your beliefs about: Love, God, Your Body, Money, Sexuality, Relationships, Health etc.

Start at the top of the page with 'I believe that (my body, God, love, sex etc) is ............... Keep doing this until you feel that you have nothing more to write. You will most probably be quite surprised by many of the things you have written. Read and re-read this list of beliefs and then start asking yourself which beliefs are fearful and which beliefs support you in creating what you want. Ask yourself where certain beliefs came from and decide whether they are still serving you. One of your beliefs may be 'money is the root of all evil' or 'people get sick because they are imperfect', or 'bad things happen because I am being punished'. Don't judge yourself for holding any negative beliefs. Instead, congratulate your ability to change the future by changing the past.

....congratulate your ability to change
the future by changing the past.

Another very powerful exercise is making use of the non-dominant hand. If you are right handed then the non-dominant hand is the left hand and if you are left handed, the non-dominant hand is the right hand. By using your non-dominant hand to write out the answers when uncovering your hidden beliefs, you can tap into the deep inner wisdom of the inner child and you soul. This system of uncovering your inner self and it's truths can lead to unprecedented levels of healing and harmony.

To start, take you pen in you usual writing hand and write out a question such as this: Inner Self, please reveal to me my beliefs about (God, money, sex, my body etc) and tell me how I can change things so that I can create more joy in my life. Now place the pain into your non-dominant hand. Close your eyes and in a moment or two, you will feel an internal 'click' that will indicate that you are ready to write out the answers. Open your eyes and start to write. It may feel very awkward at first, and maybe the handwriting will be difficult to read, but you will soon be on your way to solving some of your deepest issues in life. This exercise can put you directly in touch with your Inner Child or Higher Self. For some of you, there may be an emotional release involving anger or tears. Allow that which needs to be expressed be expressed. Sometimes, the inner child can express anger that will be directed at you. Be aware that this is a time for solving inner conflicts and remember that all expressions of negativity are simply requests for more love. So love each part of yourself and be kind, gentle and patient with yourself. Blessings!


Once you have identified what it is you want to have, write down any ideas you have about how to create it in your life. Think about the essence of what it is you wish to have and develop bring those qualities into your life. If you have decided to stop smoking for example, you may be thinking about being more grounded or the ability to breath deeper and feel your emotions without having fear of them. Practice doing these things and imagine your home being filled with the scent of flowers and being able to take in the breath of life fully, without hesitation or fear. You may be wishing for more money. Imagine yourself doing all the things you love doing and see how your love and enthusiasm spill over and reach those that you can be of service to. See yourself being paid for doing that which you love to do and see those that you serve being enriched by your services.

Visualisation is a powerful way of bringing new things and forms into your life. If once you set a goal, start a diary or journal, and visualise having what it is you want every day. Choose a time once or twice per day when you know that you will not be disturbed and visualise the thing you want. You may wish to pray or to create sacred ceremonies around your visualisation, write your own song or mantra and sing it under the shower. Do this each day for 90 days, and your life will be filled with miracles!

90 day Program

Choose your timing and decide when you will start on the project. If you cannot imagine committing yourself for 90 days, then you are probably not ready. Go within and ask your Higher self when it would be appropriate for you to begin your 90 day program. If you find yourself making creating more than three or four reasons why you can't do something, then you are not yet ready and need to look again at your beliefs. Make your visualisations and writing exercises a part of your daily routine, and you will marvel at the wealth of wisdom and depth of understanding you will gain about yourself. Some of you may choose to seek outside help with a goal. You may wish to visit a healer or a therapist that can assist you in releasing old beliefs and caught up emotions. Do whatever you can do to support and nurture yourself during your 90 day program and stick to it. I guarantee that if you are willing to put in the time, commitment, effort and are willing to be honest with yourself, then you will look back on your life after the 90 day period and realise that you have brought even more into your life than was originally planned!

Support Network

If possible, share your goal with a friend or group of friends. However, don't begin your program because they are doing it, but because you want to do something for yourself. Agree to meet your friend on a regular basis, share your discoveries from your journal and discuss how you feel about reaching your goals. In this way, you can increase the amount of positive energy around anything that you wish to create. However, be aware that should a partner drop out of their program, that this is no indication that you are going to fail. Instead send them love and see them achieving their goals at a time that is right for them.

Let me know!

We, the Beings of Light, take great interest in your progress and stories. Send in your stories of discovery and success to 'Starseeds' and we will be glad to publish them so that your story can serve others by encouraging them to move beyond fear and doubt. Know that I will be sponsoring you together with your own guides, so call upon my name three times when you start your program. I will energize your goals and help you in opening up your heart to receive more love.

Have a wonderful 1996, and may this year be the year when you begin to feel the joy, love and abundance of the Universe in your every cell. I delight in the effort you are making to grow spiritually and I congratulate your progress at every step of the way. Mat the love and light of God Goddess All That Is shine through you and within you until the end of time. Namaste.

Achieving your goals is only a question
of giving yourself permission to be all that you can be.

- Omni

John Payne