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Money Matters

Greetings dear friends, this is Omni. I should like to address you regarding the pressing issue of money. For many of you, money and financial problems have become the corner stone of your spiritual growth because it has assisted you in coming to terms with your fears and doubts regarding self-worth.

In the part of the world in which you live, western civilisation, sexuality and money have become the two main issues in which all those consciously striving for spiritual growth and enlightenment have chosen to deal with in this incarnation. Many of your belief systems are based upon, and indeed teach, that money is a root of what is termed evil by those that hold onto beliefs that teach duality and that things are either good or bad.

So many of you who are trying to create your life's work out of spiritual practice, are seemingly drifting in and out of survival regarding money and appear to be in constant conflict with financial matters. As you are aware, you create your own reality with your thoughts and feelings and therefore every external situation and event is merely a reflection of your inner world of beliefs and emotions. It is not as simple to say that the lack of money in your life is caused solely by this or by that, it is in general a combination of factors that lead to a PERCEIVED SHORTAGE of Universal abundance. I can assure you that God or the Universe is not testing out your worthiness to serve through depriving you of money and riches! If anyone is doing the testing, it is you!!!

Let us take a look at some of the prevailing belief systems. Then we can also look at some of the emotional circumstances and fears that block the energy flow we call money. Firstly, there is an underlying belief that many people have, that says that money is the root of all evil. This is coupled with some beliefs that say in some way one must deny the flesh, live in poverty, or struggle in order to be proven worthy of God. I would say to you that there is nothing that you have to do, say, or become in order to receive the love of God. All are worthy of God's love and the abundance of the Universe simply because you are a child of the Universe. You need not do anything else than BE that child of God in full acceptance of yourself to receive the great riches within your reality. Many of you are blocking this natural flow of abundance because in some way you feel that there is honour and nobility in growing and learning through struggle. Many of you have placed the Divine into a parental position and you are constantly trying to solve your childhood issues with your Earthly parents by playing the 'approval'game with God. You create difficulties for yourself so that you can in turn say to the Divine Parent 'See, it was difficult, but I didn't lose faith or give up. I stayed on my path in the face of poverty, torment and criticism.' In between trying to get 'approval', you are also trying to get 'permission' to do what you want. It is what I call the 'permission-approval' pendulum. And you can never win at this until you realise that you are the one swinging the pendulum!

If you recognise any of what I am saying, you will be on the way to resolving this issue for yourself. The fundamental belief that you need to change, is the belief that you need to do or be anything in order to receive Universal love and abundance. As a child, many of you were given tasks and expectations that were set standards as to what you had to do or become in order to be a 'good little boy or girl'. You had to do your homework, get good grades at school, don't cry etc; etc. These conditions that were laid down for you, became a vicious circle of failure and disappointment in trying to win parental approval. Many of you were trying to gain a level of love that your parents were not able to share with you because they had neither received or learned it from their own parents. The Divine Father/Mother does not operate in this way. The only requirement that there is for receiving Universal abundance is that you love and respect yourself and do what you love to do and not slave at something because one 'ought'to do it because it is more 'spiritual'.

'The only requirement that there is for receiving Universal abundance is that you love and respect yourself and do what you love to do....'

There are a couple of other factors regarding a block in the flow of money. As you read through my words you will begin to recognise which drama you are playing out, and also to which degree. Many of you are still dealing with guilt and shame. This I will call the Shame Syndrome. For some of you, you are not even aware what you feel guilty or shameful for, you simply do. It has become a part of your life, a part of your very existence. So much so that it feels natural, safe and normal to feel this way. Guilt has become a way of life for you. This guilt and shame may be connected in part to a yet unknown previous life where money or power were abused. It may be that you have not yet forgiven yourself and released the energy that continues to block you. Often, these feelings of guilt and shame surface as you continue to grow spiritually. There is a part of you that begins to cover it's face with it's hands in shame as it approaches the light. It is deep feeling of not being worthy and of not being acceptable to the light. Many of these feelings have become genetically encoded within the DNA of mankind over a period of countless millennia as generation after generation of incarnate souls re-affirmed their fear in 3rd dimensional reality.

This has led to a 'poverty consciousness' on this planet. Many of you feel a deep level of desperation regarding your descent into matter from the higher realms and have therefore convinced yourselves that you may have done something wrong, or that there is something faulty with you. It is neither of these things, my dears. You , like many countless others, have volunteered to descend into 3rd dimensional existence for the sole purpose of bringing light into this reality, into the Universe of matter. In having done so, you have a deep feeling of mourning for what you once had, you literally feel impoverished because it seems that you are unable to have what you want. This illusion, which was created by the time delay that is built into the material world, has lead all of you to develop, nurture and live poverty consciousness. You may have all that you want, seek and ye shall find!

'You may have all that you want, seek and ye shall find!....'

The next factor influencing the flow of money is very much related to the other factors and I shall call it the Hermit Syndrome. For many of you, as you descended once again from the higher realms into this incarnation, you brought with you many gifts, memories and a sense of spiritual awareness. An awareness of other worlds and realities that was not present in your families. Because of this, your insights and the things you said, thought and talked about were at best dismissed as being fantasy, but often, you were silenced. This has led many of you to carry with you deep inner wounds that are still in the process of healing. As a child, you learned to silence yourself for fear of being criticised which then brought you to the next step of closing your heart. You chose to close your heart in order to protect this most precious part of yourself from being hurt and rejected again. Because of this hurt, and because these wounds have not yet been healed, many of you are either living physically or emotionally as hermits. Although you have an inward desire to become the healers and leaders of the New Age, many of you carry a deep fear within you of being criticised and rejected once more. Because you have this inner conflict, you are sending out conflicting messages in the form of energy to your potential clients. On the one hand you're offering yourselves in service, but on the other hand you are saying 'Don't get too close because you may see the truth of who I am.' You are literally punishing yourself for being vulnerable!

So how do you come to terms with all this? The first step is to recognise which of the three factors, 'It's more nobel to struggle', 'I am too shameful to serve God' or 'Don't get close because you may hurt me', applies to you and to which degree. Most of you have combinations of the three and it will be by being scrupulously honest with yourself that you will uncover the plot that you have set against yourself all these years.

Dear ones, it is not so much a case of how worthy you are but it also a case of how much your work is needed in these challenging times. Don't fall into the traps of blaming your financial difficulties on some misdemeanor in a previous life or by telling yourself that it is good to be tested. There is but one judge, and only one person that is capable of punishing you, and that is YOU!!

You create your reality to the fullest extent of the meaning of the word. If your bank account is empty, look within and try to find how you are blocking yourself off from love. You are a beautiful child of the Universe and it is your birthright to be in abundance at all times and it is your birthright to be able to create exactly what you want! Open your arms, ask for help, and be prepared to receive it. And remember, you can only receive from the Universe that which you are prepared to give to yourself.

' can only receive from the Universe that
which you are prepared to give to yourself.'

Know this dear one, your money issues are never truly about money. They are always about something else, and that something else is always fear in one form or another. You are on this planet for one reason and one reason only, and that is to learn how to love. To love is to live without fear, so teach yourselves to ask what fear you are dealing with when you perceive a challenging issue in your life. Every event in your life and on this planet has it's roots in love. Everything that happens is asking you to either acknowledge the love, or it's opposite, the fear in any given situation. If you accustom yourself to look at your fears and doubts head on, with honesty, then you will rejoice in seeing, knowing and experiencing that everything is trying to get you to return to love, to your true source. All is love dear ones, it is the very fabric of the Universe and it is the essence of what you are made. You are Divine children of God, and you were made through and out of love. But you have forgotten. Awake, and reclaim what is yours. Return to love and know deep within your hearts that your fears are not real, they are simply signposts pointing you in the direction of more love, more abundance, more joy, and more money if you desire it to be so!

Namaste. This is Omni!

John Payne