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Mother Earth - A Home, not a Hotel

by John Payne

Channeled from his guide Omni

Greetings dear friends and fellow Lightworkers, this is Omni! It gives me the greatest heartfelt pleasure to be able to connect with you in this way. It is my intention to assist you in reaching even deeper into your hearts through my words and energy.

This is a time of great transition on the Earth plane, and therefore, many more of you are feeling the uncertainties and fears that are now coming up to the surface to be healed. There is much energy present, and many laser beam like transmissions of fine frequency light is being directed towards the Earth at this time from the heart of your galaxy. You are not alone dear ones, there is much love and support for you and we, the Beings of Light, are here to help you build paradise on Earth.

Many of you that are attracted to channeled material and high frequency forms of communication are indeed much older in soul terms than many of your Earth cousins. Many of you have come here from other planetary and star systems in order to lend a helping hand with the processes of transformation that are now underway. For many of you, your sojourn here has literally been a shock to the system and you have often found yourself feeling lost and bewildered. This has been caused by a drop in the frequency of love that you were once used to. Therefore, it feels as if you have been living in a straight jacket or in a vacuum for an eternity of melancholy an hopelessness. However, the time for awakening has come, and with this awakening to your true selves, you true nature, it is time to cultivate a more inviting attitude towards the planet and your real reasons for being here.

Many are becoming aware of their origins and are also becoming aware of certain components of their soul histories. Many have come to the realisation that they chose to take on a series of Earth incarnations in the full knowledge that they would be immersed in amnesia. You knew that your true identity would become shrouded and that you would also surrender to the system of karma present on the Earth. As a result, many of you carry a deep longing to 'go home', to return to where you once came and to get of this planet as quickly as possible. Some are expressing this wish consciously, and many of you are unaware of this underlying current of feeling, thought and emotion. Some of you are actually stating that you wish to work through your lessons (or karma) a quickly as possible so that this may your last life. Getting off the planet as quickly as possible is not a spiritual objective and ascension is not 'going somewhere' it is becoming something. Or rather, remembering!

There is so much love and support for you from our realms of Light and Love that you only need to quieten yourself and open to receive this love and light. You are all volunteers, you knew in advance how burdensome the task could be, and even that you would forget and feel intense levels of despair at times. Any feelings you may have of wishing to flee and 'return home' are quite natural. However, for many of you, you are fleeing from the very things that you came to assist the planet with. You have chosen to be healers and leaders in this spiritual age, the Age of Love, and therefore in order to understand the pains of mankind, you have taken on their burdens as your own. You have become mankind. You knew that the only way to understand something was to experience it. So, because of your love for the Universe, you chose to immerse yourself in the dense energies of fear on this planet, so that you may heal the planet and yourself in the process of remembering who you are. You are the forerunners of the Age of Love, and as you remove your own veils of illusion, despair, fear, struggle and doubt, than you will be assisting the rest of humanity in remembering that all are children of the One Living Light, all issue forth from the bosom of the God-Goddess-All That Is.

To this end I will ask you, what is your prime motivator for working so hard on your spiritual development? Are you in flight? Are you denying your own pain and feelings of despair?

You may be angry. It is allowed, and you will not be condemned, punished or abandoned by the Living Light, or by your guides, for expressing it. Allow yourselves the freedom to say `I feel lonely and abandoned. I feel like an unloved and misunderstood stranger. I am angry with God for having put me here! To express these feelings fully from the depths of your being will free you to receive even more of the love and light that is constantly radiating towards you. We have unlimited compassion and understanding for you. We know that you have made difficult choices and have faced what may seem to be unsurmountable challenges to allow your light shine here. Many of your guides are old friends and have been with you throughout all your Earth incarnations. Many you have known from your homeworlds and there exists a covenant between you. Go inside right now, and feel the presence of love that is gently re-assuring you as you read my words. Is it not recognisable? Does this not feel like the presence of an old and trusted friend? Call to your guides and ask them to make their presence felt more clearly in your life. And open to receive that love! You can only receive what you are prepared to give to yourself.

My message is one of unity, one of empowerment. It is not my intention to set you apart from your brothers and sisters on this planet because all are one, all comes from one source and all are a part of the One Living Light. Although many of your fellow Earth inhabitants not as developed with their ability to act and think in loving ways, it is for them, and out of love, that you chose to be here at this time. This does not make them either lower or worse than you, it simply means that they have had less opportunity to grow in the way you have. Many of you are far older than you think, and your origins pre-date many of the other souls present here.

This is a Universe of unity and you are all co-creators together with the Prime Creative Thought. You have chosen to assist this planet in becoming a paradise by coming here as creator gods. To create as God, is to create with love. To create with love, is to love one's creativity. Love yourself and you will bring heaven to Earth, and love the Earth, for it is truly your home, not a hotel.