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Stepping out of the Guilt Cycle

by John Payne & Omni

A basic tenet of New Age belief is that we all create our own realities, both individually and collectively as a species. Omni has supported this belief and has taught us ways in which we can consciously begin to create what we want to experience. But let us take a closer look at this belief and the way in which it has been interpreted by many.

Although I subscribe to this belief and experience it to be so, many of us have fallen into the trap of taking this belief and transforming it's empowering aspects by dressing it up with good old fashioned religious guilt. The power of guilt is very pervasive, it is ruthless, destructive and suffocating. Therefore, if you are still struggling with the shame and guilt that seems to bind the human condition within the illusion of separation from the Divine, any new belief that may come your way will be interpreted through your guilt, and not through your heart. Many of the forerunners of New Age thinking told us that we are 100% responsible for all our experiences, and that all illness and disease are self created. This is what I also believe to be true. However, if this belief is taken on board alongside unresolved guilt, we will then simply add yet another list of things to feel guilty about. We will then scold ourselves for not having listened to our bodies when we get a cold, we will then reprimand ourselves for our lack of self worth when financial problems arise, and we may even deny ourselves the opportunity to learn something valuable from another person because a perceptible problem they have tells us that they don't love themselves sufficiently, and therefore, what they have to say is invalid. If you have ever been caught up in this way of thinking, then this is a very clear sign that you are still struggling with un-resolved issues of guilt. Any belief, if it is going to serve you, needs to be imbued with the power of love and compassion. Omni has told us many, many times in his teachings that there are but two true emotions, one is love, and the other is fear. Therefore, when we perceive the problem of another person, what we are really seeing is a lack of love that is being expressed as fear. Would you condemn yourself or someone else for holding onto a fear? or, would you send them love and light?

Much of the way in which the beliefs in karma and our inherent capability of creating our own reality, has been interpreted in the light of the belief that we have to do something, become something or say something in order to somehow win the approval of the Divine. Divine Love is not to be won, earned or gained. It is simply there, it only needs to be received. It is the belief that love must be earned that sabotages many people on their path of spiritual development and growth. Because we are bound by shame and guilt, we then automatically believe that negative circumstances in our lives can be assigned to past wrong doings, thoughts or beliefs, either in childhood or past lives. Therefore, I believe that it is essential to understand how the mechanisms of our own guilt and shame work in order to unravel the meaning of our lives and the events therein. Many, many New Age thinkers can quite glibly ask someone what they think their cold, cancer, broken leg or some other misfortune is teaching them. However, without love, understanding and compassion, the one asked this question may feel in some way lacking, or that they have failed to be 'spiritual' enough because they have to defend the illness they have. In this way, they may be forgiven for thinking that it appropriate to get down on their knees and beg the questioner for forgiveness for having not loved themselves enough!

There are many, many reasons why illness and disease develop in the human body. I do believe that all illness has it roots in spirit, however, it is not as simple as deciding that the knee symbolizes inability to forgive and therefore all people with knee problems need to forgive either a man or a woman depending upon whether it is the left or right knee. There are so many extenuating circumstances and conditions that a soul may have experienced, that I believe that each illness is unique in terms it's meaning to the ill person. Much has been written on the subject of the meaning of illness, however, everything needs to be read from the heart in order for the information to empower you in taking charge of your life.

My own personal journey into myself has taught me much about the insidious nature of guilt and just how pervasive it is. I had always assumed that the Soul was guilt free, at one with itself and with God, radiant and full of love. This is true, but at a higher level of consciousness. I discovered that guilt can be owned and carried by souls from one life to another and that many souls in the astral plain make choices concerning future incarnations based upon guilt and some dire need to be punished. For this reason, there is much misinformation about the nature of karma and reincarnation that has unfortunately been dressed up with the same old guilt and damnation beliefs held over from Christendom. This confusion has come about owing to an inability to distinguish the difference between taking responsibility for something and taking the blame for it. Guilt and shame bound people will nearly always interpret responsibility as meaning 'blame'. I believe that reality is created according to our beliefs and feelings about ourselves, the nature of the Universe and that of God. Therefore, any soul that strongly identifies with the need to suffer in order to learn, will see that belief reflected in the reality they find themselves in. In the same way, any belief you may still be holding onto that says you need to win God's approval in order to win his love, will also tell you that you have 'failed' when you catch a simple cold.

Disease, and the circumstances of your life cannot be simply explained away by telling yourself to love and honour yourself even more. It is that which prevents you from loving yourself that first needs to be uncovered, and then it is those beliefs that can be replaced with beliefs that support who you are. Many of us take a very mental view with our spiritual beliefs at time, but I believe that it is essential to balance mind body and spirit. As long as our spirituality remains an intellectual way of looking at the Universe around us, it will lack the love and compassion we are all so desperately seeking. Unfortunately, many of us are still reeling from the effects of religious guilt and dogma and have lost a part of ourselves in the process. However, until we are able to experience gratitude for the experiences we have and offer what we have in gratitude back to the Divine, then we will continue to interpret everything through the eyes of guilt and shame instead of through the heart.

So let us take Omni's words to heart, and truly begin to understand that we are only dealing with two issues here on planet Earth, the issues love and fear. In this way, we can keep fear and guilt at bay, by measuring the amount of love contained in our beliefs, ideas and judgements.

A word from Omni

Greetings! This is Omni. Fear and guilt are the predominant energies present upon your planet and are firmly imbedded within your auric fields. However, this condition does not make moving away from fear and guilt a hopeless task. The origin of fear stems from your separation, or rather, perceived separation from God/Goddess. This fear, has then been further enhanced by your separation at birth from the warmth, comfort and safety of your mothers womb. Owing to the prevailing belief in good and bad in your world, nearly all souls have interpreted this separation from God or mother as having happened owing to some sort of wrong doing. In this way, fear has become the first emotion to be felt when entering life in the third dimension. All energies, once they have reached a certain pitch or level, become self-generating, and this is true of guilt and fear. However, this is also true of the energies that carry love, acceptance, innocence and joy. This means that you can choose today, right now, to consciously work on changing the ratio of fear to love energies in your auric filed and body. This is not achieved by denying the existence of fear, guilt and pain, it is done by choosing to look at, move through, and then to release the energies that have been a part of many of your lives here on Earth. This has often become a frightening experience for those that have started this process because you identify so strongly with the guilt and the fear. These energies are so predominant upon your planet, they have become a way of life for you, and therefore you believe that they are an integral part of the true self. However, this is an illusion. Fear, is an addiction, like smoking or any other drug, it gives the body certain feelings and impulses and enables you to express blocked creative energies in the form of anger and grief. Owing to this, mankind has become dependant upon the energies of fear, because you believe that it is who you are. Deep within your sub-conscious there is the belief that without the fear you would no longer exist. It came about because as souls began incarnating into the worlds of matter, they felt cut off from the higher ecstacy energies that caused rapture and great delight. In descending through the levels of consciousness and frequency in order to materialize in 3D, fear became the emotion,feeling and energy that was easily detectable. These souls than latched onto this feeling, because they knew that feelings and emotions were the key to creation, the key to life!

Many of you even resist moving away from fear and guilt because you fear that you may fall into a void. The fear of this void exists because your guilt has taught you that you are undeserving of love, undeserving of light, and unworthy of life. Therefore, because you fear the lack of love, you avoid shedding the layers of fear and illusion because you believe that you will fall into a grey area of nothing. No feelings, no sensation, no life! Many of you have cut yourself off from your world of feelings and emotion, and now only stress, fear and grief gives you the feeling that you are alive. This is why many of you have been caught up in a self-generating pattern of creating turmoil in your life. The turmoil enables you to keep a grasp on the emotion that you have become to know as life, and this feeling is fear.

So how do you move away from fear? How can you inculcate more love into your life? The simple answer is to choose to do so. However, owing to the predominance of the energies of fear on your planet, it is something you will need to do consciously, each and every day. You can begin by teaching yourself how to recognise fear. Fear is restrictive, constrictive and limiting, it is felt as a tension in your body. Love, on the other hand, is expansive, uplifting and encourages growth. So begin to look at your life carefully. Look at your choices. Begin to feel the effect that certain choices and beliefs have on your breathing and on your body. Fear is immediately detectable by the feeling you have of getting smaller, of shrinking, as if withdrawing from the world. Love is often accompanied by enthusiasm or a sense of peace and joy.

In addition to noting the effect of fear in your life, it is wise to begin looking at your belief system. What do you believe about love? Is it something that is only to be given? or can it be received? Is love something that cannot be experienced by humans? or is love something that is only experienced by other people?

Study your beliefs carefully. Write them down. Take a piece of paper and write at the top: I believe love is........ and begin to write. This will teach you about many of your beliefs pertaining to love, your right to receive it, and what you think love is. Love is nothing other than total acceptance of what is. Love is all encompassing. It is the building block of creation. You were born and conceived in love. Love is your birthright and the right of all souls. I have mentioned the Flames of divine Desire many times to you. They are the Pink Flame of Love, the Green Flame of Health, the Gold Flame of Abundance and the Turquoise Flame of Creativity. Everything in the Universe is energy, so you can visualise these colours around yourself and you will begin to resonate increasingly with the qualities they embody. When you begin your journey into your fears, visualise the Pink Flame, see yourself sitting in it, protected by its love. Soon enough, you will begin to resonate with the vibration of love, and it is this energy that will become the self generating energy within your auric field.

When you begin this journey out of fear and into love, be gentle with yourself. This planet has been bound by fear and guilt for many thousands of years. You are also subjected to what I would call psychic storms, or emotional weather. You may be brought out of your centre quite often owing to the prevailing feelings within your environment. Therefore, recognise that the addiction to fear may take a while to kick, be patient, but above all, do not give up! Once you have mastered being neutral and staying within your centre despite the emotional environment around you, you will have created self generating energies of love within your aura. You will then be within the upward spiral of the Heart of God!.

Call upon my energy whenever you wish to receive any extra light and love or assistance in moving through fear. I bless you in the Peace of God. Namaste, Omni.

John Payne