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The Biological Earthgate

by John Payne

Channeled from his guide Omni

Greetings readers and workers for the Living Light, this is Omni! It fills my heart with love, light and joy to have the opportunity of connecting with you in this very special way. It is my deepest pleasure to observe so many that are willing to take the sometimes difficult journey within in order to find the light of your soul in these exciting and transformative times. Your dedication to the healing of yourselves, and of your planet, has been noticed and observed in the highest of realms and we send you our light in divine support of your Mission of Light and Love.

I would like to address you regarding the most precious, valuable and powerful form of Earthgate available to the planet at this time. This is the biological Earthgate. It is not a strange form that has been created in some obscure laboratory somewhere and is in no way connected to the concept of biological computers. The biological Earthgate has existed for many millennia and it is now the right time for it to be recognised in all it's glory. The Biological Earthgate is the most creative of sources and has endured many thousands of years behind veils of illusion and fear, it is now time for this Earthgate to be set free to complete it's task.

You can find this Earthgate very easily. Stand up and walk over to the nearest mirror, and you will see it in all it's glory gazing back at you. It is you! You are it! You are the most precious Earthgate that there is and it is through your efforts for spiritual and personal growth that you will be able to bring about personal and planetary healing. It is time to realise that the most important contribution that you can make to planetary healing is to recognise your own Divinity and to set yourself firmly upon the path of spiritual transformation. This is not done by emphasising, and only looking at, those things that you consider to be wrong about you, it is done by a process of remembering who you truly are. Remembering your essence, by acknowledging your own God-Goddess self and by merging with your Soul.

Simply having the intention and the will of going within to find the light of your Soul, which may be shrouded behind many layers of doubt, fear and self hatred, will call much light and assistance to you. This is a time of great change and there are many transformative energies available which will amplify anything that you concentrate on. Now, more than ever, it is possible to make quantum leaps in spiritual growth and personal development. This is because the very nature of these energies are making matter, time and events more fluid so that they respond to your thoughts and feelings more rapidly. The most important way to increase the amount of light that you can hold is to recognise yourself in self-love. Self love is not being selfish, it is simply acknowledging your divinity. Through self love, you will be able to let your light shine forth, for it is true to say that you are only able to share what you already have and it is also true to say that you can only receive what you are prepared to give to yourself!

In these times of great change it is most important to cultivate emotional flow. This is the ability to remain neutral regardless of the situation you may be observing or finding yourself caught up in. It is of no help if you feel indignation or anger at what you see as terror against the Earth and all her living creatures. By feeling this indignation you will only be adding to the heavy layers of energy that carry the denser emotions of anger and fear. Begin to look with compassion and understanding at those you see raping the Earth and send them thoughts of abundance, love and light. They, like you once thought, believe that there is scarcity in the Universe and that the only way to protect oneself from poverty is to forcibly take what surrounds them.

If you feel yourself feeling indignant and angry, or feel a level of desperation with the things you observe around you, then take a few moments to get quiet and go within. It is true to say that any event that effects you deeply is always linked to a past occurrence that gave you the same emotion. You may find that your feelings of rage and anger have surfaced because you have not yet worked through the anger you feel about perceived injustices that were done to you at an earlier age. The world is your mirror, so whenever you react strongly to any event, know that it is about YOU and that the event in itself is the way in which the Universe is reflecting back to you your own inner conflict. If you make yourself the basis for everything and come to understand that you will experience external peace and paradise when you have achieved an internal paradise of peace, then you will always be on the road to Mastery and Enlightenment.

Remember this always my dears,

you cannot change anything in the outside world unless that change happens internally first.
This is a very simple principle and I would encourage you to live this principle in your daily lives. Change yourself and you can change the world!

Meditation for Personal & Planetary Healing

Sit in a comfortable chair or on the ground and get into your normal meditative state. You may wish to play some of your favorite New Age music that may contain the sounds of water, birds or other animals. Choose whatever it is that makes you feel at peace.

Close your eyes and begin to breath slowly and deeply. Straighten your spine and find your centre of gravity by rocking slightly on your buttocks. You will feel a kind of 'click' when you have done so.

Begin now to visualise a bright gold-white sun above your head. A source of brilliant light and love, this is the spiritual sun on the soul planes. Observe this light for a while and become bathed in its warmth.

Next, visualise a thousand petalled lotus on the crown of your head and see it's petals opening up to greet the downward pouring light from the spiritual sun. Next, start sending a gold cord of light up from the centre of your head, through the middle of the lotus, up into this light. Feel this cord growing and stretching higher and higher. If you like, ask your guides and angels to assist you in stretching into the higher realms of love and light. When this cord has reached the spiritual sun, you will fill it 'click' into place and you will immediately feel a rush of energy as the sun greets you and welcomes your connection to your source.

Enjoy this connection for a few moments and then allow this cord to grow down through the centre of your body into your heart centre. As the cord reaches your heart centre, feel the light of the spiritual sun pouring down through the golden cord of light to fill your heart. Allow your Heart Centre to grow with more radiance and brilliance until it begins to fill your entire chest. Ask the spiritual sun for help in becoming a radiant source of light and feel your light expanding outwards to fill the room you are sitting in. Bathe and bask in the radiance and warmth of your own light for a few moments.

Next, allow the cord to continue growing down through then centre of your body so that it begins to travel through the centre of the cone that makes up your first chakra. Extend the cord into the ground beneath you and begin 'pumping' light from your heart down the cord of light. Extend the cord of light right down through the

Earths crust until you feel it connecting with the hearth of the planet. Greet the soul of the Earth and feel her greeting you in thanks for your light.

Begin to see yourself as a channel of light that is providing a means for which light from the spiritual sun can reach the heart and soul of Mother Earth. Remain in this position for a few moments until you feel that you have channelled sufficient energy for this session. Before you break your connection to the spiritual sun and the Earth, ask if there is anything you can do that will assist your spiritual growth and healing at this time. Finally, thank Mother Earth for the physical body she has given you and feel her sending her love to you in thanks for your love.

Return to the room and look around at any plants or animals there may be and notice if you are seeing them in different ways, no matter how subtle the change may be.

A Note from John:

This meditation is very powerful if done in groups. Sit in a circle and join hands where the left hand is receiving and the right hand is giving.(Your thumbs should be pointing to the left!). Remember, the objective should always be for both personal and planetary healing. You will be unable to heal another if your intention is not to create a shift within yourself in doing so. Enjoy!