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The First Key, Forgiveness

The act of self-forgiveness changes the energy and physical structures of your cells and of your DNA. You see, guilt is a very powerful and deadening emotion. Guilt in itself can as it were close down what you call chakra's and thereby lessen, and in extreme cases, cut off the flow of Divine Energy and Love to the body entirely. Because each and every one of your cells has consciousness, they too can carry the essence and energy and guilt within them that makes their energy denser. With this denser energy that flows throughout the body and in the nucleus of the cells themselves then the illnesses that you have worked upon in your strive towards spiritual growth and enlightenment leave a residue. Although to you, they have been cured. This residue that is held in the body by lack of self-forgiveness acts like a blueprint for the creation of the same or similar illnesses. It is however possible that this blueprint of denser energy can migrate from one part of the body to another. This occurs more frequently than you would choose to think, my dears.

This is how it works. You follow a spiritual discipline and you choose to work consciously upon one chakra or another, or even on a particular illness, or on forgiving a particular person.You do the energy work, and what you see as the forgiveness work, but in doing so, you concentrate more on releasing the other and forgiving the other without really working on the real issue of forgiving yourself. Many of you are doing this half heartedly because that part of you that is now spiritually aware condemns the other parts for having been so wrong and for having wasted so much time. Cease it! I cannot express the importance of self- forgiveness enough, for self forgiveness and self acceptance is a key to surviving the coming up upheavals on the earth. Forgiveness of the self and acceptance of the self has a direct consequence and influence with the healthy and good functioning of the immune system. The white blood cells in your body are so because they can reflect and hold more light. Thus, the more light you can bring into your body thus the more vibrant, healthy and active your immune system will be.

Many assume that the act of self-forgiveness to improve your health causes a conflict of motives because they assume that they will only forgive for the reason of improving their own health. However, I say to you, that the act of forgiveness itself, and I speak especially of self-forgiveness, will bring you more in contact with the light of your soul where there is no conflict of motives. You see my dears, the very fabric of the Universe is made of Love and Light, and so that Love and Light may flow to the paces where Love and Light cannot, the flow must be opened to even more flow. Forgiveness is one of the universal qualities of grace that helps to unblock and in turn lets Love and Light flow. The act of self forgiveness and the process that you go through on physical, emotional and mental levels will teach you much about the workings of the human psyche. Therefore, it will enable and empower you to embrace others with compassion and true forgiveness. True forgiveness can only come from a guiltless heart, from a soul that has truly forgiven itself and is in the full light of self acceptance.

So what is forgiveness? How can we learn to forgive and what is the process behind forgiveness? Many of you are afraid that if you begin the process of forgiveness because you know that this is a part of spiritual growth, then in some way you don't really forgive because your motives seem unclear. Let me define what forgiveness is based upon my own view. Forgiveness is choosing to change a thought, belief and an emotion with respect to other people and situations. As everything in the Universe is energy, forgiveness is also a process of transforming energy. Forgiveness is a choice as is not forgiving. When there is someone in your life that you have not, or think that you cannot, forgive then the energy of that person and situation remains within your aura. This means quite simply, that forgiveness is like any other process of self healing. For forgiveness in itself is a process of untangling those parts of the mental and the emotional bodies that are tangled up in the denser energies that the situation or other person carries. In addition to this, there are lines of energy that exists between you and every other person you have ever met, and have had an exchange with, no matter how trivial these exchanges may have seemed. In essence, your aura carries with it energetic memory and this is what triggers intuition, deja vu and sometimes warning bells.

So when you find it impossible to forgive another, you remain energetically connected to that person. Therefore, you are allowing the pain, the abuse and the trauma to remain with you. This, my dears, is a choice. Forgiveness is not something that you can or cannot do. It is simply a matter of choosing to change your thoughts, beliefs and ideas about a given situation or person in your life. Forgiveness is the most important aspect of your spiritual growth and it is the forgiveness of the self that hands you the key to the light of your soul. When you go to see a healer or doctor you are in essence taking part in the practice of self forgiveness. This is so, because the active healing releases energies that had been solidified within your aura and the healing takes place based upon either a conscious or subconscious decision to forgive yourself or another.

All is energy in the Universe so free yourself from the question of motivation when it comes to forgiveness. Many of you that have been on a path of spiritual growth for a while see the benefits of bringing more light into your aura and don't question your motives for working consciously on your aura as energy. So why question yet another aspect of the Universe that is also energy? It is your intention to live in more light that counts. We the Guides do not look at all the foibles of the personality, we experience the intent of the soul.

In essence my dears, by not forgiving another, or allowing their energy to leave you, you are allowing the pain and the abuse to continue. It is as simple as that. So the only decision that you have to make regarding forgiveness is this: Am I willing to let go of the pain and abuse or will I allow this person or situation into persecute me for the rest of this life?

Additionally, the act of forgiveness also allows the other person to move on, be they still in your environment an other city or town or even in an other dimension. When you change the energy pattern that this person or event has stimulated you to create in your aura then you also let go of this person on an energetic level. Until the moment that you are able to forgive and release another from guilt or responsibility for your choice to feel pain, this person remains energetically aligned with you at one or more levels. Forgiveness creates harmony in the Universe because you are handing the other person a passport to more freedom and joy. In doing so you are buying for yourself a first class ticket on a journey to paradise.

In essence, if you have been raped, physically or sexually abused by a family member, or verbally denigrated by a parent, teacher or other authority figure, by not forgiving and letting go of these people and situations you are still living as the raped, the abused and the denigrated. You can choose to live your life with an other identity if you so wish. This is a choice.

Many of you believe that you have to in some way greet the person or meet them on a physical level in order to truly forgive them. This is not so, because their higher self also allows them to be in the situation where they became the abuser for the purposes for their own spiritual growth. Although it may be difficult for you to accept it, your abuser truly does have a Higher Self and a Soul that loves you. This Higher Self is aware of your non-forgiveness and of your forgiveness. It will assist the personality to grow as a response to the energetic changes you will make in the process of forgiveness. So, although you may never see someone in their current form again, they will know on a deeper level that you have released them to grow and to move on. It is also true of those people in your life that you are yet to truly forgive and are no longer focussed within physical reality. These souls that have passed on to other worlds and dimensions can often become more sensitive on a conscious level of your lack of forgiveness towards them. One of the greatest gifts that you can give to someone that abused you whilst still in the body is to release them with joy and with forgiveness. This allows them to move further on in their growth.

Realise, my dears, that the world is a stage and that YOU chose all the actors and the scenes of your childhood before you arrived. Collectively you and the Higher Selves of your abusers and tormentors wrote the script together. It is up to you whether you allow the soap opera to be repeated time and time and time again.


Take a deep breath into the lower belly and breath out again as if you are letting go of all your daily cares and worries.Do this several times. Begin also to breath into the upper chest and imagine for yourself that the back of your neck is opening, creating a tunnel through which energies can flow up and through your body into the cosmos and from the cosmos down through your spine into your legs and feet. This visualisation will assist you in flowing with the energies of divine and creative essence.

Next visualise a light in the centre of your chest, your Heart Centre. See this light becoming brighter and brighter as you continue to breath into the upper chest. Start opening your heart even further and allow more and more light to flow in and out of this centre of divine love. Imagine most beautiful light that you possibly can visualise, be it white, gold or any other combination of colours that you feel express the love within your heart. Continue with this visualisation until you feel that you are centred within yourself and are at peace with yourself and the world.

Now imagine that you are standing or sitting in the middle of a triangle that is composed of rods of golden light. See how bright shimmering and radiant that these rots of golden lights are. See that these rots are of a higher vibration that you normally experience and feel the energy that they are transmitting to you as you sit or stand in the middle of this triangle. Now visualise for yourself that rots of golden energy are coming out of your heart and are attaching themselves to each of the points of the triangle. You are now one with the triangle. Place at one of the points of the triangle the image of someone that you love very dearly and send them your wishes of love and peace and feel how this love reverberates around the triangle and that every particle of light within the triangle and yourself begins to resonate with this love. In another point of the triangle place the image of either someone or something that hold very dear to yourself. This can be a favorite pat, your guide, the image of an angel or your favorite landscape also use your imagination. And allow the same resonance of love to emanate from your heart towards this corner and feel how the intensity of the entire triangle is stepped up in vibration.

Finally, place the image of someone that you have not yet forgiven into the remaining corner of the triangle and feel how the resonance of love flows automatically towards this person from around the triangle and from your heart. Concentrate once more on the first two corners of the triangle and allow the resonance of love to flow automatically around the triangle and to become this triangle of love.

You may do this exercise as often as you feel it appropriate. The purpose of this exercise is to raise the vibration of any energy you are holding in your aura from other people and situations in your life that you are yet to let go of. This exercise is the beginning of discovering Mastership, for true Masters transform all energies into light. Welcome on the path of the Masters.

Forgiving The Self

Forgiveness of self is the most fundamental aspect of spiritual growth hat cannot be overlooked whilst on the path of ascension out of the denser energies of fear and guilt that have enveloped this planet for many millennia. Mankind carries deep within its cell the vibration and frequency of guilt and shame that is acting as wall of doubt between the ego self and the soul self.

This shame originated at the point at which humankind began to question its own validity and place within the Universe. It originated at the point in which the intuitive mind asked itself 'Who Am I' as illustrated in the Genesis parable. There shame that you have all felt over millennia has now reached a point of no return in terms of its coming free from the cellular structure and aura's of mankind. This shame originated from the time that an amnesia set in so that the experiment of exercising free will as co-creating gods on this planet began.

I have said that there are only two true emotions present within your world, they are Love and fear. Love is the only true emotion and it forms the building block upon which Light and all matter is created. Fear came into existence when you began to experience separation from the Light and therefore felt the illusory separation from the source of Love. As this fear gradually built over the millennia and from incarnation to incarnation, mankind began to back itself into a corner of fear from where many lashed out in violent acts as if to defend themselves from an imagined or created enemies. The true fear has always been: God doesn't love me and I am not worthy.

With this two fears firmly in place, mankind began inventing external Gods to which he had to measure up to, please, or get the approval of in order to be an acceptable entity. This has lead to wars, violence, a belief in limitation, poverty and hopelessness on the planet. As a result of these beliefs, humankind has also set about defending himself from the imaginary enemies that lie within these beliefs which has in turn lead to acts of great cruelty, torture and torment that has been wrought against all its life forms, against fellow humans and against the Earth itself. The illusion of separation from the Godhead has created an atmosphere of fear that is indeed visible to us from the Higher Realms, and has led to mankind being lost within a mist, or a veil of illusion for a long period of time.

It is now the time to begin removing these layers of denser energies that are self feeding the fear by moving into a space of self forgiveness. Many of you are carrying layers of shame and fear within you aura and cells and much of this shame is not even rationally explicable even to yourselves because it has lain energetically within you with no apparent cause.

The first step in forgiving the self is being willing to let go of shame. It is being willing to move beyond limitation and fear and accepting that just maybe God does love and approve of you as a child of the light. It is being willing to accept your divinity and being willing to exercise compassion towards yourself. Once you have stated your willingness to do these things and have set your intention to release all pain, guilt and shame from your being, then the higher forces of light in the Universe, and your own soul, can go to work in assisting you to release all your pain to the light. However, it is not until that you state your intention and your willingness to release yourself can we do anything to help you. This is a Universe of free will and if it is your choice to remain in fear, then there is nothing that we can do to alleviate that.

From the perspective of the Higher Realms of Light, there is not one thing that you could have done in this life or in another that would hold us back in giving you our love or light, or that would cause us to judge or condemn you in any way. You are the only one that is capable of judging yourself or of punishing yourself. Un- conditional love begins with the self, as does forgiveness begin with the self.

We cannot stress even more than we do how important it will be over the coming years to release all guilt and shame from your body became the coming Earth changes will stimulate and make stronger any energies that are present. Therefore, if you concentrate of beauty, peace abundance and health, then these things wall grow, likewise, if you concentrate on fear, poverty, danger and disease, then these things will grow. The very nature of energy and matter upon this planet is changing and the power of thought is on the increase. The energies present are becoming more fluid and supple, therefore, your thoughts and feelings are able to have a greater effect than previously possible.


For the process of self forgiveness, a daily practice of meditation is recommended where you can become quiet and will not be disturbed for at least twenty minutes. Make this time special for yourself, play your favorite soft and relaxing music, maybe light some candles or burn some incense. Do whatever it is that helps you in feeling peaceful and centred. As you begin this meditation, state your intention that you are willing and wish that all pain, guilt and shame be released from your body and energy systems and that you call upon the Forces of Light in the Universe to assist you in this release work. Close you eyes, quiet your breathing, and imagine a bright white and golden light entering your body through the crown in your head. Gradually bring this light with your breath to every part and cell in your body and visulise that any denser, grey energies are released and cleansed in the light.

Finally thank yourself and the light for the transformation that has taken place.

John Payne