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The Integration of the Soul with Multiple Selves

by John L. Payne

This channeling have been transcribed from a live channeled session. Therefore some of the grammar lends itself to the spoken rather than the written word.
My heartfelt thanks to Rene Bost for her dedication and typing.

Channeled from Omni

The Earth is currently undergoing tremendous changes. These changes are being stimulated by an awareness of unity that is growing within mankind. This awareness is coupled with higher, finer energies, frequencies of light. And these frequencies of light carry with them those vibrations that will assist souls on this planet to reach the beginnings of Christ-consciousness. Christ Consciousness is non other that acceptance of self and once the self is accepted, then acceptance of others and what is easily established. This is what is termed as unconditional love. You can see the changes in consciousness reflected in the technological developments that have been developed in this century. there have been more technological developments in the past 100 years than in all of previous history in the current epoch of mankind. What I mean by this is that there have indeed been other cultures and societies and epochs that have been through the same or similar sorts of phases as mankind is reaching at this time. Your new modern technologically orientated world is not new to this planet, for there have been other cultures, such as Lemuria, Mu and Atlantis that have had similar developments, some of which would be termed as being more advanced than your current technological achievements.

The technology that you have developed to date has had an effect of shrinking the world, or at least changing your perspective of the size of the world. In days gone by is one wanted to travel from Europe of Australia for instance, this took many weeks by sea and overland. If one wanted to travel from Europe to the continent of North America: many days across the sea. And then came the aircraft. And now it is almost commonplace for somebody to step apo an aircraft and within an hour or two, or five or six, to find themselves immersed within a completely different culture, on a different continent, with a different language. So therefore there is a sense that the world is getting smaller. For in times gone past, this journey to get from one land to another would be a gradual process, and you would acclimatize to the temperature differences, the cultural differences and the landscape differences. But now it is an instant experience. You step into this metal tube and you fly through the air at a great speed and suddenly you arrive, as it were from one dimension to another. Suddenly in a different world, different languages, different faces, different colour of skin, may be; but you are there non the less. In addition to these crafts of metal that fly through the sky you also have the telephone. and now, within a few seconds you can pick up the telephone and speak to a friend on the other side of the world, in a different time-frame. You have no proof that this friend actually exists, but there you have a voice on the telephone that talks of the things that they are doing on that particular morning and yet you are sitting comfortably in your warm home on an evening elsewhere. So it is becoming increasingly easy for you to accept that there are other beings experiencing their life as different from yours and yet there is connection, there is a oneness, there is communication. So you are becoming more accustomed to the idea that although it may be monday evening where you are it is indeed tuesday morning on a bright summers day for your friend at the other side of the world, whilst it is a cold winters evening for you, where you are sitting. There are also such occurrences of the thing you call the Internet. The use of computers is increasing very dramatically on your planet. And soon enough very many homes indeed will be linked up, and therefore communication with people in many different countries and cultures will become an instantaneous interactive experience. And because this communication can take place for very little cost in your terms, it increases the possibilities of there to be a feeling: one nation, one people and one family.

But all these things that I have spoken of to date are simply symbolic. They are a way in which the spiritual transformation, the transformation and growth of consciousness have been expressed in physical terms. It is not that the growth of computer use, Internet and telephones will be an indication of how far you are, for the material expression of a spiritual development tends to take a little bit longer to come to fruition. But take it as an indication of a longing, a desire for oneness within humanity. Although all of you are observing at this time an apparent lack of oneness, for there are countries that are experiences civil strife and civil war, countries that are ready and waiting to go to war with one another, political factions, disputes between one religious group and another. But these are also signs of the times. For it is an indication that old issues, old feelings of revenge and justice, old feelings of fear and aggression are coming up now in order to be looked at and to be healed. Mankind has not yet learned that was is never the solution. But you are awakening and many of you are seeing that there are truly only two emotions and these two emotions are love and fear. And that all the strife and the problems and the challenges that I have spoken of are generally surrounding fear. And the solving of that fear and the transforming of that fear into love.

The shift in consciousness that is taking place is bringing about a physical change within mankind. Many of you have noticed that the young seem to be getting taller. They appear to be getting thinner. That is because their physical bodies are made of a lighter stuff. Some of you have expressed concerns about holes in the ozone layer. But I would say to you that the hole in the ozone layer is simply a physical manifestation of what is occurring spiritually on your planet. For as the ozone layer allows more varied kinds of light to enter into your planet it is also an expression of how a different quality of light is able to pervade the atmosphere of fear and guilt upon this planet in order to raise cellular vibration and also the consciousness of mankind. You are all developing a light body. Your aura is taking on a spiritual shimmer. You are becoming more aware of yourselves as multidimensional beings and therefore of your bodies as they would be in the 4th, 5th and higher dimensions.

Part of this development is the development of a new chakra. This chakra is to be found at the back of the neck and head. some have called this the medulla centre. This is the centre that many channels use in order to bring through the wisdom of their higher self and of their guide. But this is also what I have also called the unity chakra. And it is the stimulation of this chakra at the back of the neck and head that is also assisting with this feeling of unity, one family, one people, one race, one God.

So what does this all mean for you, the reader? It all sounds quite interesting, doesn't it? But what are the practical applications of this information in you life? And what effects are these changes going to have on you day to day existence? These are valid questions. And I will attempt to answer them here. Many of you have read channeled material, or maybe the material of Nostradamus and other prophets and soothsayers and sages. And many of these words, many of these writings have spoken of a period of great change upon the planet. Much of it has been interpreted and understood with a view that is more concerned with fear than it is with love and unity. Many of you have seen the words that have foretold great physical catastrophes, natural disasters, famine, pestilence, war - an end to the world as you know it. However, I would say to you that most of what has been written has been very symbolic indeed. For it is symbolic for what is going on internally within the psyche of mankind. Many of you have noticed that in the past few years it is as if you have been waging internal wars, internal strife, and dealing with your own pestilence of the body and of the mind, and also of the emotions. Many of you have foreseen a day of judgement type of scenario where the spiritual and unspiritual will be divided, and that the spiritual will be brought into a new paradise or to a new planet or into a new dimension. Some of you have labeled these occurrences as ascension. But what I would say to you in this book is that it is less ascension that is taking place, but more descention that is taking place. It is the landing of the light, it is the bringing down of the finer, higher energies of Christ Consciousness, it is the embodiment of unity of oneness, of Christ-like awareness. For those of you who have concerned yourselves very much with ascension it has proven to be a folly for many. Because through concerning yourself with growing spiritually in the way that you view it, that means to say to force yourself to wear the mask of kindness, gentleness, softness and spirituality, has lead you into a denial of your own humanity. But the human form, the form of your body is a form, or a blueprint that is used not only for the third dimension but also for some of the higher dimensions. Therefore it is to say that the body cannot be denied, for your form of head and two arms and two legs is a form that you will continue to have until you move into the worlds of essence and formlessness.

Mankind was given a symbol. A symbol that was given to the Jewish people that have played a very key role along with the Egyptians and the Babylonians and the Indians, bringing spiritual truths to this planet. The symbol that was given unto them was the symbol of the star of David. One triangle of unity pointing upwards and another triangle of unity pointing downwards. Three dimensionally this is referred to as a merkabah - a vehicle of light. The reason why this was given unto the Jewish people was a reminder to them that spiritual growth is bi-directional. It also means: so above, so below. So just as you are concerned with raising yourself up to higher levels of consciousness this process is a bi-directional process in as much as it is consciously bringing the light down. For your task here on Earth is not simply to work through what you might view as you karmic lessons, become an enlightened being and then disappear off the planet - part of the original purpose for creating the world of matter was to bring light and love to each and every molecule in existence with the use of free will. For the planet Earth is indeed a free-will planet, and you have chosen out of free will to take part in this experiment of bringing light down to this level of existence in the Universe.

So what effect are these changes having upon you? Many of you have noticed that issues, fears, anxieties and challenges that have their roots in what you experience as a past life are coming up at this time in order to be examined, studies and integrated into your life. And this is what I wish to speak of when I talk of the integration of the soul and multiple selves. The master Jesus, when he walked upon this planet spoke of eternal life. The eternal life that he spoke of has been confusing for some of you to understand and therefore many have presumed that is was a mistranslation or maybe a deception that has been inserted by one religious organisation or another. But the was talking symbolically my dear friends, for a lot of you, although that you are eternal beings, eternal souls and have eternal life, for it is your birthright, do not perceive yourself as having eternal life, for there is a perception of amnesia from one life to another. You remember having been the baker's wife or the soldier or the healer in China some centuries ago, but these are faint memories and as far as you are concerned you are no longer this individual. But on a soul level you are, for as far as your soul is concerned you are as much the baker's wife and the soldier and the healer in China as you are you. Eternal life means no longer losing your current identity and moving into another one. Eternal life means integrating each of you sub-selves into the one soul-awareness, so that your memory and your experience of yourself is a continuous thread, without the illusion of cut-off points and beginnings. I Omni, I am the sum total of all my experience, just as you are. However, there are veils of illusion between one experience and another. So with the development of your light bodies that is going hand in hand with the development of the unity chakra, you will become increasingly aware of other aspects of yourself and of other incarnational selves. It is this generation of mankind that has the opportunity to become the Star of David. To integrate, to marry, to weld together, to unify heaven and earth. That means that you will become your souls, living consciously upon the earth plane. For some of you this process will prove to be a challenge, for many of you are in denial of the physical body, and many of you have as your motivator for spiritual growth a desire to leave this planet and to go somewhere that seems to be better, more loving, more fun, more joyful. But there is folly in this idea, my beloved friends, because you create you own realities, and therefore if you go off to this new home, this new place that you feel will be more joyful, more loving, you will take yourself with you and therefore will create the same reality that you seek to escape now.

So there is choice involved here. And the choice essentially is: are you going to choose to do the work upon yourself and to accept your humanity now, or later. For that is what is facing mankind at this time. Is mankind going to continue to place God outside of himself, or is mankind going to experience the God within? Is mankind going to continue to believe in shortage and that this planet is nothing but a vale of tears? Or is mankind once and for all going to take on the challenge of facing its fears and replace fear with love? For everything is based open intention and everything requires a decision. Many of you may say that this is not possible because if I try to do these things then the governments will do this, and the people will do that and my neighbours will not agree with me, and I will create problems at work. But that is also a decision, and it is a fundamental choice. This choice is literally between love and fear. Many tools are being given to you in the past 20 years. There has been much channeled material. You have all been given the platform open which you can grow. And now is the time for you to set your intention and to make that deep inward decision to take on the challenges that your future are offering you. And that challenge is to love yourself, utterly, completely, without question and without condition. And in order to do this, you need to face examine and embrace every aspect of yourself. And in doing so, that means accepting where you are as being the right place for you. For you came here not to save the planet as a spiritual teacher, you came here not because you earned bad karma elsewhere, you came here not to learn and to deny the flesh and to deny joys and pleasure in order to please some nebulous image of what God is. You came here out of love and out of choice to learn the lesson of love. For I Omni see this planet as being the Planet of Love.

So why would I say such a thing, that Earth is the planet of love? It is because in my heart I know this to be a deep truth. For this is the planet where love is learned. This is indeed the school of love. And that is why you are here, and that is why the Earth plane is the most beautiful pearl in the heavens. That is why so many high guides have been drawn to this planet at this time for it is a precious jewel. It is an abundant school of love, and it is a place that gives you all the opportunity to view your creations unfold with your perception of time, so that you can look and examine and study the level of love in what it's that you create. This is not a place of judgement. You have not come here to prove yourself to any higher authority. You have come here to teach yourself the lesson of love. There is no judgement, there is no condemnation - not by us. For when you observe that one existence or one period of your life or one then your soul is able to measure the quality of love and will then take actions to raise the quality in future experience.

The integration of the soul and multiple selves into your three-dimensional reality is going to require of you that you work consciously and with determination open your emotional issues. Many of you have spent the past years adopting new and positive beliefs about yourself and your world. You have used affirmations. You have taken on the belief that it is ok and it is fine to love yourself. You have taken on the belief that poverty is purely a belief and that it is fine to work with issues of abundance, to attract abundance to yourself. These are new beliefs and they are beliefs that are taking root within the entire human race. However, the new beliefs that you have accepted to be true and have accepted to be fine for yourselves have purely formed a platform from which you can work open yourself at a deeper level. Many of you have been experiencing a form of what I might call spiritual tiredness in recent years. That is because these new beliefs have been brought into your current personality self that is the expression of your soul on the earth in your current time and place. However, these new beliefs have not been integrated into every aspect of your entire being. Although the soul of your soul, the monad, holds these beliefs and in fact needs nothing, and experiences complete detachment from form, but there are aspects of your soul in what you might call past lives that have not taken on these beliefs. In order to understand more fully what I am talking about it is easier for you to let go of the concept of past lives and to see that all your other existences or expressions of self are actually parallel as far as the soul is concerned. That is why it can be said that if you change your past you change your future. I would say that if you change your past you change your present. Because each inhibiting belief that a past-life-self may have is a belief that will find a thread within your current life. In essence it is not entirely necessary to look at your past-life-selves to uncover any limiting beliefs that you may have. It is not even necessary to experience hypnosis or deep meditation, for many of these beliefs are just simply lurking under the surface. You could write on a piece of paper: I believe money is........ and once you have opened yourself and have begun to write, you will reveal all your beliefs to yourself about money, or whatever subject you wish to delve into.

So what does this integration of self mean for you? Does that mean you as you experience yourself as the personality level expression of your soul open the earth plane, that this me will disappear? That you will be absorbed into some nebulous concept of soul-self, that you would dissolve as it were? No! It means that with the increased level of light that is coming through to the earth plane at this time, you have the opportunity of integrating all those aspects of yourself once and for all, to one unit. Many of you have resisted doing this work, because in essence, as I have said many times, there are but two emotions and these two emotions are love and fear, so therefore, much of the work that is required in order to bring about full integration of self involved working through and looking at your fears. Some of you have the experience of fear being self-generating, that once you look into a fear it feels as if you remain in that fear for a number of hours or days, as if you have woken something up and are now suddenly enveloped in that fear, in that energy. But I would say to you that this energy or fear is self-generating anyway - it is simply running in background. A little bit like a computer that can do multiple tasking: there is one program running in foreground and several other programs running in background. The user of the viewer of the computer is unable to see the background programs running, but they are there, and they have an influence on the operating of the computer none the less. So if you have beliefs and ideas and fears that are attached and are held by a personality that is mainly concentrated in a past life self these threads of beliefs will still have an effect open your current self and experience of self - for you are not in any way detached from these past-life-selves. It is not as though this part of you is dead, buried and gone. It is a part of you and you are an eternal being. You are the sum total of all your experiences. So if you were a nun or a priest or a monk, or a beggar or a sailor or a soldier in a past life, you are still that nun, that priest, that beggar that soldier. That part of you has not gone away - it is living, it is alive, it breathes, it thinks , it feels, it does. And its thoughts and beliefs have a direct influence open your experience of self in this dimension and in this life-time. But in this period of mankinds history, you as a personality expression of your soul, have the opportunity to draw in all these other part selves and to unify with them.

Some of you may think about multiple personality syndrome when I discuss these aspects of the human psyche. Some people who suffer from this affliction fear the integration, because the separate personalities have become so individualized in their concept that these sub-personalities or other-selves fear death as it were. They fear going out of existence. But his is not the case with the integration that you have the opportunity to create for yourself in the building of your light body. This can be symbolized by looking at the story of Snow White and the seven dwarfs. The seven dwarfs can be seen as seven different aspects of Snow White's personality and Snow White representing the soul, the pure inner core of a human being. So she would not want to do away with Sleepy or Dopey or Grumpy, but would want to integrate Grumpy within herself and assist this part of her growing into the level of light and love that she has. It is in very much the same way.

It means also that this time period that you are in will seem more challenging. Because we have not yet spoken about sub-personalities. Some of the sub-personalities that you have, some of the aspects of self that you have begun to recognize are ones that you have developed in this life-time and others are expressions of your past-life selves. Each of your past-life selves is still present within you current day-to-day psyche. So certain ways that you react to certain things are very much attached to a pattern that is still present within a past-life self. So as you learn and progress then so do the other aspects of yourself. Just in the same way: if you know that one of your past-life selves had a particular skill, a writer, a painter, healer, then you can tune into this part of your past-life self in order to learn more about that aspect of yourself. For many of you the experience of guides is this very thing. You are tuning in to an aspect of the self, into the soul. For other individuals it is a combination of this aspect plus an external entity that has agreed to work with the individual channel.

So how is this integration going to take place? It is an energetic shift, Because when your soul leaves your body at the point of physical death you move into what is termed as the fourth dimension. Some souls do indeed go higher than this, but the majority into the fourth dimension. When the soul, or consciousness, reaches the fourth dimension they gradually become more aware of their total selves, so they become simultaneously aware of their identity in the life that they have just left of themselves as a soul and also the multifaceted being, in other words they become aware of their other adventures into consciousness: their past-life selves. But in the past it has taken the death of the physical body and the journey of the consciousness from your dimension into another dimension in order for the soul to become aware of multiple selves. In the fourth dimension this soul does not find this to be a confusion, for they become the soul itself. Now, it may be so that if the life that they have just left has had particular issues and particular problems that they have dealt with, e.g. if they died feeling very unhappy or have experienced much violence, or some other strong experience in that life, that this personality will become the dominant personality whilst in the fourth dimension. It is usually in these cases that some of these souls will come through as low level guides. Because that aspect of their personality has not yet let go of the Earth plane. This is why we, the being of light, discourage seances or channeling of lower level entities. Because the personalities themselves are not entirely complete and are generally dealing with the same issues of fear that you on the Earth plane are dealing with.

So when the consciousness moves into the fourth dimension it becomes aware of its other selves. But it becomes totally aware of its other selves. It is not a form of cosmic schizophrenia or so. Because these sorts of mental disorders are generally defined as so when the individual carries out actions as one personality and then has no knowledge of these actions when the other alternative personalities come back into the conscious mind again. It may be difficult to perceive this, but the soul then is aware of being several individuals and itself simultaneously, and therefore is the total and complete being.

So on choosing a next life or a next projection of consciousness into a new experience, it then looks at the individual personalities involved and will be drawn energetically to that area that needs the most development and growth. The soul then can choose to develop two or three aspects at one time. This is currently what is happening open your Earth plane. For as the pulsations of energy that are coming to your Earth from the heart of this galaxy increase and these pulses of energy carry with them the light of the Christ, the borderline between your dimension, the world of 3D and the fourth dimension is becoming less and less defined. It is as if the third and the fourth are merging. This is having a direct effect open your physical bodies. Because it means that your multidimensional selves are becoming more apparent open the Earth plane. The light body that is developing within mankind is a fourth and fifth-dimensional body, which means that it carries with it automatically the knowledge and the awareness of the other selves in what you would term past-life experiences. This is the reason why that at this time your spiritual growth is not only involving those issues that you have dealt with over the years, stemming from your childhood experiences, but also from past-life experience. Because as your light body awakens, you are tuning in to the fourth and fifth levels of reality and therefore you have a more direct link with your past-life selves. And that is why it seems that all these issues are coming up to be dealt with.

This process of awakening your light body and simultaneously becoming aware of your past-life selves can induce some confusion in the beginning. But know this my dear friends: that in essence, as far as your soul self is concerned past-life selves do not really exist in the terms that you understand a past life to be. For in the higher realms all time is simultaneous and space is also an illusion. for if I wish to travel from one end of the galaxy to another, I simply have to think and I am there. For in the third dimension you have the illusion of there being distance in real terms between one object and another. But in the higher realms everything is connected. For each area, as it were, is a different thought or a thought form or a collection of a group of thoughts. So therefore the time and the space that you experience is tied to the dimension that you find yourself in this time. What this means for you is that any issue that you become aware of is attached to or seems to stem from a past life self is an issue that your soul is dealing with as an entity. What that means is that these issues from past-lives are not things from your past, but they are current threads. I have explained threads as being themes that you choose to work on in one particular incarnation, or better said: as one particular projection of your souls consciousness in the third dimension. some of you are indeed having parallel lives. It indeed possible for you to be having a life as a factory worker in one country and as a doctor or a politician in another country. Most souls choose to project these parts of their consciousness into different historical and time frame holographs on the Earth plane. In order to make clear to itself the different drama s or theaters that it has entered in order to work out particular issues.

Returning to the concept of eternal life as spoken of by the master Jesus, this is the process that you are currently in - of integrating all your selves, through your current personality. for it has been this experience of your soul in this particular time frame or holographic image or expression of the mass consciousness that inhabits the earth s space, that you have decided to move beyond the third dimension. To move beyond the third dimension requires integration not only mentally and emotionally and within you auric field but also down to the cellular level. You are connected at all times via your auric field to all your other incarnations. What that means is that at various times in your life you will begin to resonate more with one expression of your soul self than with another. this can mean that with the awakening of your light body that you could develop physical symptoms within your body which are a greater reflection of a past-life self than of yourself as you know yourself now.

This is owing to the thinness of the veils between one experience of the soul and another. For the borderlines, that which divides the third and fourth dimensions are becoming thinner and thinner. So some of you may experience minor crises. Crises of identity, wondering exactly who you are. For the memories and the behavioural patterns and the emotions of a past-life self may seem to become more apparent, or sometimes even feel more dominant in your current experience. That is why it is essential when we talk of the process of ascension to really think about the process of decension. And that means bringing this love and light down to cellular level. Each of the physical bodies that your soul has incarnated into is the result of mass thought, and carries with it an electro-magnetic fingerprinting that can be described as etheric genetic fingerprinting. The more and more you move into your light body the more that you will be aligning to all aspects of yourself. And therefore any issues that your other selves are dealing with on a cellular level may also be transformed by you.

This may all sound like difficult work, but I assure you that you have chosen to be in this position, for this is the time of integration, unification and of oneness. And it is you that can fully incarnate, as it were, into the third dimension in order to lift the expression of this planet in the third dimension into higher vibration or realm of love and light. Unless you are prepared to do the deep level emotional work and to harmonize mind body and spirit, you will find it difficult,if not impossible, to follow the path of ascension. Many of you speak of ascension as if it is some sort of saving. As if you are to be saved from the planet that has no love or light and it is the path that only the spiritual can follow. But who is spiritual, and who is not spiritual? All peoples on this planet are spiritual beings, for you are not humans but souls, you are indeed all humans having a soul experience. And therefore whether someone is consciously aware of his spirituality or not, on a soul level they have a purpose for being who they are and what they are and when they are.

The process of integrating body and soul goes hand in hand with the process of incarnation. This is what this process of incarnation is all about. It is about fully and completely and consciously incarnating within your own physical body. Many of you are not fully present within your physical body. On an energetic level that means that the light of you soul is often not present in the lower chakras. It tends to halt round about the midriff, just below the heart.

Part of the experiment, that we have called the free will experiment to bring love and light through the use of free will to every corner of the universe, included bringing light fully into the material world. What this means is that you have agreed to bring light to every aspect of the material world - which is why you are taking part in this experiment in this collective holographic image that you have called the Earth. This means that you have agreed to bring the light of your soul fully into your body. So it is not that you are developing a light body so that you can move from your physical body into your light body, but you are merging you light body with your physical body. This will of course in turn bring changes to your physical body: it will have a direct effect on the way the meridians are working and also on the operation of the chakras.

At this present time your chakras are working by and large according to the beliefs of the personality self and have yet to be infused with the qualities of the soul self. Although at the core of each chakra is a connection to the soul, soul consciousness is often not present throughout every layer of the chakra. This is what is generally termed enlightenment. That is when each of your chakras and each of the layers of your auric field is imbued with the light of you soul in total acceptance. Many of you open the spiritual path have difficulty with this concept. You speak about being grounded and yet you concentrate on those things that take you away from your humanity and also from your earthliness.

So as the energy of the Christ increases and as the waves of energy coming to the earth become more intense it will become easier for you to incarnate more fully. It will become easier for you to bring the light of your soul into your solar plexus, first and second chakras. In doing this your will be setting up a spiritual blueprint for the operation of chakras as a spiritual being open the earth plane. That means that you will be setting up a resonance for the fourth dimensional chakras that are in existence beyond your perception of the third dimension that will in turn stimulate the chakras of your other selves. As each consciousness in the universe has built within it the Flames of Divine Desire that act as a magnet, drawing it automatically to light, this means that your other selves, the other aspects of your selves that you view as past lives, are then automatically drawn towards you. This has the effect of integrating the workings of the chakras of your other aspects into your own energetic system. This means the taking on of the lessons and the karmic relationships of your other selves. For it means that you are becoming your soul. So whereas in times gone by you left the physical body and your personality self traveled with your consciousness to the level of your soul and then merged with it, you are bringing you soul down to this plane and therefore you are becoming your soul. What that means is, that although some of you may be aware that you have a soul name that can be quite different to your own personality name in this life time, it means that the two of you are becoming one, consciously, and that the other aspects of self are being merged into the wholeness that you are creating. This process can be very challenging indeed. Some of you have felt this. some of you have not been able to identify exactly what is going on, others of you have even suspected that maybe you have multiple-personality syndrome, schizophrenia or some other mental disorder, for you feel waves of different personalities or aspects of yourself that seem to take you over for a few days or a few weeks at a time. And you question if this is truly a part of you and you wonder why you are having to deal with this issue for is doesn't seem to be an issue that you have come across yet in this life. But that is because it is another expression of your soul self in the third plane, the third dimension.

So, ascension my dear friends, is truly about descension. It is bringing the light down - it is landing the light. It means incarnating 100% as your soul-self.

That is how paradise will be brought to earth. You are not waiting for a savior or a guru or a messiah or spaceships from one enlightened planet or another. You are waiting for the arrival of your soul. But that is not a wait my dear friends, it is a choice. And it is a choice that you made prior to this life time. For in this life time and in this period of man's history it is more possible now to become enlightened, en masse, than ever before. This is a real prospect. This is a real probability. And it remains a probability and not a definite occurrence, because the trend of mankind can change at any time if all of you collectively, as souls, decide that you do not wish to pick up the sword and take the challenge.

But you have deep within you a desire to undergo this process, for it means to you eternal life, it means an ending of the amnesia between one existence and another, it means the ending of separation, it means the beginning of unity, of oneness, of aliveness, of light , of love, of eternity as an integrated soul. This is not the end of a journey, this is but the beginning, the beginning of unending potentiality, of unending adventure, creativity, love, abundance, satisfaction, wealth. Unlimited potential prospects. A world and an existence where you may choose where to go, what to do, what to create out of love whenever you want to.

For live open this plane is your initiation. It is your initiation into the status of creator god. For that is your ultimate destiny: to become a creator god. At the moment you create your own reality, but in, what you would call your future, you ll be able to create realities, worlds, parts of your own universe. And that is why the earth is so loved and why it was created out of love. Not for us, not for the gods, not for us to play with and to have puppets and to view, simply out of interest. But is was created for you. It was said in one of your Holy Books: 'And God loved the world so much that he gave his only son . And we love this world so much, yes indeed, we gave the Christ. Because this is the planet of the Christ. This is the planet where you learn to move into your heart, this is the planet where you learn how to love, how to create with love.

You may choose what you wish to do with this information. You may now choose to look at your creations and look at the planet and to say: 'we have failed . Or you can choose to look back across mankinds history and decide that yes, the experiment is working. We are now learning to create with more love. Look at how history has changed since your Middle Ages and Dark Ages. Look how history has changed since your second world war. Although these things that you find so gruesome are taking place in other parts of the world, in general there is a shift towards peace and understanding, towards care for your environment, towards a realization that everything is one. Mankind is now beginning to understand that what takes place in Tierra del Fuego has an effect on those in the northern parts of Norway or Alaska. And that what happens in the East touches the West. And what happens in South, happens in North. And that neighbours are not just simply the person next door, but also the person in the next street, the next town, the next city and indeed, the next country. And soon enough mankind will be learning that neighbours are also those on the next planet.

But the purpose of bringing you this information is not so much to tell you what is going to happen, but also to inform you about the process that you are in, and that this process has as its height the acceptance of yourself exactly as you are. For that is the key to love, acceptance is love, and love is total acceptance. Showing affection, having compassion are other attributes of love. But unconditional love is the total, complete and utter acceptance of what is. So start with that my dear friends, start with accepting yourself where you are and then you will know more about where you are going. But I tell you now that the place you are going is a place of great joy and great abundance and it is a destination that starts from within and not from without.