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Unmasking The True Self

Written by John Payne together with his guide Omni

Greetings! This is Omni, welcome to my world of laughter, fun, insights and spiritual truths. I would like to speak to you about the existence of, and the reasons why most of you operate from mask selves instead from your true, living soul self that has an abundance of love, light, creativity and healing to share.

So how did this process get started and what feelings and events in your life reflect the workings of a mask self instead of your true, soul self.

....your true, living soul self that has an abundance of
love, light, creativity and healing to share.

Most of you have experienced varying degrees of shame as children. When I talk about shame, I'm not necessarily indicating that there has to have been an abusive childhood in order to experience shame. Shame is born out of not being able to meet false or projected expectations. Some parents on having a child, seem to have that child's future all mapped out in front of it. The type of schooling, the career, and what strengths they expect the child to have irrespective of what the child's true nature and desires may be. You have heard stories of people who are born into families of carpenters, accountants or doctors where the trade is passed down from one generation to another. In these cases, the children born into the family may not necessarily wish to follow in the footsteps of the parents, but are led out of a sense of duty and not from the heart. The example I have just given is quite straight forward, you can easily imagine the inner struggles or conflicts that a child in this sort of situation may experience. But what about much more subtle levels of expectation.

Many parents have set ideas about how the child of a particular gender must act. A boy must be interested in cars, trucks, soldiers and will one day grow up to be a soldier, banker, builder or car mechanic. A little girl on the other hand, is often coached at a very young age to acquaint herself with the skills of motherhood, cooking and domestic chores. Parents give very specific rules, either directly or indirectly, about how they expect their children to respond. Many little boys are discouraged from crying and are urged to be brave and even boisterous. Little girls, on the other hand, are taught at a very young age that their physical beauty is of importance. They are often discouraged from seeking intellectual knowledge, as a means of ensuring their suitability as a future bearer of children and as a homemaker.

So how do these roles have an effect in adult life? When a child is born it is full of the grace and love of God, it is brimming over with boundless creativity, joy, adventure and un-conditional love. The receiving parents on the other hand, are more likely to be behaving out of fear and through their own mask selves. Even if they are conscious parents and invite the new child into their life as a spiritual being that has joined them on another journey of learning, loving and growing, they will still pass on hidden fears and expectations to the newborn infant. From an early age there is conflict between what the child wants to do in following it's nature, and parental expectations. As the child is totally dependent upon the adult, the adult is seen as a god, or as the ultimate figure of authority. In the child's logic, these beings gave it life, then they must be either legitimate or at least have the right to determine right from wrong? By going into the mind of your inner child you will quickly understand the subtle process of creating mask selves which were created originally for the purpose of pleasing the parents, and in some cases, as a means of emotional, mental or physical survival.

Over the years, you as a child learned about which feelings, emotions and actions were acceptable behavior. For many, that meant developing an inner voice of criticism that is trying to 'keep you in line' as it were. Sometimes, this inner voice of criticism can become a tyrant that is totally out of control, or it can be those subtle nagging voices that state that things are never quite good enough. It is as if the voice of the parent with the highest expectations, or the one that carried the most authority, has been born within your own mind and still continues to instruct you on appropriate feelings, behavior and actions. The mask self is born out of the need to project the expected feelings to the outside world, whilst quietly brewing up a concoction of anger, resentment, grief and pain on the inside. It is the mask self in adult life that compels many people to be helpers and rescuers. This is often born out a need be liked, popular, or simply to have the feeling of being needed or noticed. Many of you healers, teachers and leaders in the spiritual world are operating from this mask self. In doing so, you are undermining your true talents and gifts by undermining your value as a person. One way of coming to terms with this as an issue in your life, is to look very closely at your beliefs concerning the nature of God and comparing them to your feelings about your parents. What does God expect before any love will be bestowed upon you? Do you have to work hard at your process of enlightenment before divine abundance will come your way? Are you never quite good enough to present your self to the Divine? Are you always waiting for the next tool, course or healing session to help you along the way? If you do this inner work with honesty and clarity, you will find many parallels between your image of God and the image your parents presented to you of themselves. It is never too late to start letting down your guard and to slowly and gently allow the various masks you have developed over the years to fade away into the light that is your soul.

'It is never too late to start letting down your guard..'

You can get to know the many masks that you wear by tuning into you motivations for doing things. The true self will always do things according to what gives it the most joy, energy, delight and contentment. Mask selves will act out of fear, obligation and guilt. The mask self is very subtle and will speak for you on the smallest of occasions. For example, a friend may call you and ask if you want to go to the cinema. You have already decided that you would prefer to stay at home alone and to read a book, listen to some music, watch TV or busy yourself with your favorite hobby or meditation. Do you tell your friend this truthfully or do you explain that you are too tired or are feeling a little ill? It is not that you have lied, it is that you have not spoken your truth. Your true inner self has guided you with feelings to do what is best for you on a particular evening. However, your mask self tells you that you may not hurt the feelings of others and is afraid of not being loved and appreciated. This mask self will therefore avoid telling the truth at all costs in order to keep the status quo. However, this is not a status quo, the person that has really been hurt in this simple, but often daily scenario, is yourself. Will people really suddenly stop loving you because you have chosen to stay in for an evening? Will they stop loving you because you have chosen to follow your path, develop your skills, and to be your own true self? Those people that you have attracted into your life will accept your true self much easier than you may think. By being your true self, you literally radiate a loving, gentle and brighter light. Either new, more loving people will be attracted into your life, or those in it will behave in different ways

'By being your true self you literally radiate a loving,
gentle and brighter light...'

when they are around you. Truly I say this to you, the only person being harmed by your mask self is your true inner self. Follow your heart and speak your truth at every given opportunity you have. Begin to breath in the light of your soul and flow with the rivers of light in the Universe. You are a child of the Divine, born through love and imbued with a creative Divine Spark. Be the best you can be at all times and ask for our assistance when you feel challenged in doing so! I greet you in the Peace of God. Omni.

John Payne