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Venus - Goddess and Planet of Love

Channeled from my guide Omni.

Greetings fellow traveller on the Path of Light! This is Omni. It is my greatest heartfelt pleasure to be able to connect with you in this way in these very special times of change and transition.

I am a Master and Creator of Light and I come to you from the heart of your Galaxy, from Nebora, my dimension of Light and Love. I am a traveller, and as such, I have much to share with you that can assist you in remembering who you truly are. First and foremost, I am a teacher and have come to this planet at this time to help raise the vibration of planetary consciousness from what you have termed astral to etheric consciousness.

Your Earth has a sister planet that travel on the same side of the Sun as you do. She is called Venus, the planet of Love. Venus and her inhabitants have been assisting the Earth for many aeons by setting up a vibration of love in this solar system so that the Earth may take on this vibration through the Laws of Resonance. This resonance works in the same way as when you create a tone from lead crystal glass by rubbing your finger along the rim with wetted fingers. Soon, the other glasses in close proximity to the glass emanating the tone, begin to resonate at the same frequency. In this way, Venus is setting up the vibrations and frequencies of love so that the Earth can make its leap into etheric consciousness through resonance.

So what will this mean for the Earth and why are the Venusians interested in you? Let us first take a look at life on Venus.

Life on Venus is not visible to the naked eye that is limited in the frequencies of light that it is able to discern. In the same way, I am also not visible to most, because my frequencies are higher than those that are distinguished by normal human sight.

The Venusians reached etheric consciousness many aeons ago in terms of your history, and have experienced the many transitions that your earth is currently experiencing. In fact, many of you have had lives upon Venus in times gone by. The vibratory scale of planets is very comparable to the vibratory scales present within you system of bodily chakra's. That is to say, planets generally tend to have a similar vibration that is resonant with a particular chakra dependant upon which level of development it has reached. The length of time that a planet remains at a certain frequency is not pre-determined and is only determined by the level of free will expressed by its inhabitants. Therefore, there are worlds that develop quickly, and worlds that develop slowly.

Many of you will of course assume that the Earth and her inhabitants are at the bottom of the class and that you're are all dunces. This is not so. There are worlds that are 'much worse' than this one. But this is an essential difference between how we, the Beings of Light, and you see things. We have moved beyond polarity and therefore view nothing as either good or bad, things simply are!

Venus is currently vibrating at the rate which is comparable to that of your Heart Chakra. They have crossed the border into etheric consciousness some time ago, and like the Earth, they will soon be making another jump, to that of divine expression and creativity, resonant with the throat chakra. Venus is a place of great beauty and serenity. It is above all a fun place to be! Her inhabitants have learned great control of their thoughts and are able to manipulate matter much more efficiently than your are able to at this time. They have vehicles that take them from one place to another by the power of thought and they are also to de-materialize themselves at will. It is a planet of great compassion and understanding where each inhabitant is able to discover their own creative and divine qualities with full freedom and respect from others. It is a playful planet where matter is easily manipulated with thought. Bored with your tired old kitchen, then THINK of a new one! Do you want to be taller, thinner, or change your sex? Then THINK about it, and become it!

The Venusians have learned that technology without love can be destructive. They have also learned that BEING God-Goddess does not have to be serious and that creating with and through love can be fun, spontaneous and even wild!

Life as it is on Venus, within what some have called the fifth dimension, is what awaits the inhabitants of this Earth. Soon the Earth will take quantum leaps in vibratory level and will soon join Venus on an equal footing before she moves forward on her path to becoming Light. However, this does not mean that you must wait before you allow yourself to start creating with love and laughter. Because the more you behave in ways that assume that the Age of Love is already here, the greater contribution you will be making to your spiritual growth and to Earths transition. Allow yourself to let go of seriousness and tune into you souls note of joy and its' ability to have fun, be spontaneous and to laugh. The more you are able to embody, and act out, those qualities that generate higher, finer frequencies, the more that you will find yourself in divine flow. This in turn will give you the freedom the be who and what you are in full love and respect for yourself. Don't envy the Venusians, but emulate their sense of fun and richness. They too have been where you have been,they have met with and seen the same despair face to face. Their courage and willingness to let go of seriousness has allowed them to grow rapidly with joy.

So if you find that you are burdening yourself with obligations and seriousness, you would do well to let them go of them. Many of you have created strict regimes for yourself and have lost the spontaneity of the Creator. You tell yourselves that you MUST do your meditations, your light body exercises, eat certain foods, dress in a certain way, be kind, nice and even tempered. In many ways, you have replaced the very straightjacket that you sought to free yourself from with a new set of rules and regulations. So where does this all come from? Why do you do this?

This behaviour of swapping one set of guilt and fears for another stems from the depths of human shame, fear and guilt. The shame that you feel is an illusion that has built up to become a very real energy on this planet, and one that has become deeply imbedded within your cells and DNA. It is a shame that you took on when you became an individuated consciousness because you questioned who you were and you worthiness. You then began to experience the other side of love, which is fear. For there are truly only two emotions in the Universe, and they are love and fear. So if you find yourself browbeating yourself into doing 'spiritual' things, ask yourself in which way you are feeling a lack of love. Or better still, ask yourself what fear you are trying to compensate for. Because, if you are obliging yourself to do something, be something or become something, then you are telling yourself that you are in some way not good enough, lovable enough, or acceptable enough as you are.You are the only one that is capable of punishing yourself, so give yourself a break and allow things just to be. By allowing things just to be, you will automatically begin embodying the power and vibration of love and you will be making a greater contribution to personal and planetary healing than by giving yourself a whole list of rules and regulations. Love is allowing. Love is the total acceptance of what is. You cannot force yourself into being more loving, you can only allow yourself to be and surrender yourself to the power of full acceptance, which is the power of LOVE.

Spiritual growth is not an intellectual exercise. There is no method, teacher, guru or course that you NEED in order to grow spiritually. Real growth comes from a certain knowingness, and knowingness comes from feeling the truth from deep within your heart. You have no need of new philosophies, ideas and teachers. Everything has been said already, it is now time for you to feel the God-Goddess-All That Is that lives deeply within your heart. You don't have to look very far, it is directly under your nose. Read these words, listen to your teachers, writers and healers not with your ears, but with your heart. Don't do a single thing out of obligation, but do it out of a heartfelt desire and because it FEELS right. You cannot reach what you may term as enlightenment by following a logical set of steps, or by following any particular course or regime. You can reach states of bliss and enlightenment today! It is through your feelings that you will be led into your divinity, because you can only KNOW something through experience. You will not believe that you are God until you experience it, and these experiences will not come until you allow yourself to feel them.

Many of you have cut yourself off from your feelings because of the pain, despair and abandonment you feel at a very deep level. Many of you have chosen not to feel because you are afraid to contact those feelings of longing and 'homesickness' that you have carried with you since first arriving on this planet. You have trained yourselves to by-pass your feelings and to intellectualize the entire process of spiritual growth. This is why you have so many questions, this is why you question the different channeling sources and ask yourselves what is authentic and what isn't. If you allowed yourself to feel, and read with your heart, then you would know which is higher truth and what isn't.

The energies of higher frequency that are streaming in from the heart of the galaxy, and that are being supported by Venus, are challenging many of you to come to terms with your feelings. It is becoming increasingly difficult for you to suppress them and to deny them as time goes on. The more you hold on, the more that you will find your life to be in turmoil and upheaval. Acknowledge your grief and your pain, acknowledge your feelings of abandonment and of 'homesickness', give yourself permission to feel. Hold your arms open and give a warm welcome to the child within that has been denied for so long. You have no need to dull your senses, break out of your protective shell and join the Venusians in their song of joy. Celebrate and become your body of light, live the light, and be light hearted.

It is all about choice, and you can choose to suffer, or you can choose set yourself free and welcome joy, fun and laughter into your life. The Venusians are waiting to assist you and you van tune into them at ny time you wish by simply asking for a transmission of light that carries with it their sense of playfulness and joy. Let go of any assumption that you may have that the inhabitants of this planet are serving in temples day and night because they are of the vibration of love. Love means being all things, and true love means allowing yourself to be who you are. Yes, they do serve in temples, but above all, they have learned to serve in the temple of the One Living Light, the temple that resides in their hearts! Call to your brothers and sisters on Venus and ask them to assist you in feeling the quality of joy that they experience, and open to receive.