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Ways to Love

by John L. Payne

This channeling have been transcribed from a live channeled session. Therefore some of the grammar lends itself to the spoken rather than the written word.
My heartfelt thanks to Rene Bost for her dedication and typing.


Greetings, this is Omni. I come to you as a messenger, a messenger of light. Within my message is the truth that you can live with joy, without pain, without suffering and without illusions. I am a Being of Light, formless, an essence that has evolved beyond form and I come to you as a teacher. Many of my kind are with you at this time. We have come to assist mankind in making a quantum leap in consciousness that will change the very structure of your society, cultures, education, law and medicine. We have come not as rescuers, messiahs or as rulers, but as servants, servants of the One Living Light. As servants, we have come to serve you. Not because we feel that you need us, but because mankind has sent a message of help out to the Universe and we have heard that prayer, that cry for help, and so we came.

We have come to remind you that you are all divine, and that your divinity holds the key to cherishing your humanity and getting the most out of it. You are not alone, or abandoned upon your world, but there have been many like us who have acted as guardians and helpers since the dawn of your time. We have been your saints, angels, great healers and the guides that have inspired seers, prophets and holy men and women down through the ages. Some of us have had lives upon your planet, many, many moons ago, and some of us come from other dimensions, other worlds or from planets on the far side of the galaxy. All of us have evolved into pure essence, formless, without body, we are Beings of Light, and we are beyond polarity, beyond your concepts of good and evil.

Earth is undergoing major changes and time has been speeded up as the vibration of your planet,along with its people increases. We have come to prepare you for a quantum leap in consciousness that will take your species into eternity and into realms of abundant love, joy and well-being. These changes began some time ago and have been gaining speed in the past one hundred years, and have been reaching break neck speeds in the past 10 to 20 years. The change that is underway, one that will crescendo in a quantum leap, is a change of consciousness. A change of consciousness that will be brought about by the realisation that you do indeed create your own reality. Many upon the planet at this time have realised this Universal truth and have made changes in their lives appropriately. However, the majority of mankind is still oblivious to this key truth but as more and more of you awaken and spread your new ideas and concepts, you race will take a quantum leap in consciousness as critical mass is reached. This belief will put an end to the belief that you are victims, that the Universe is all powerful and you are but a speck of dust that gets swept along according to the will od the Gods. The power of the Universe lies within you. Within you as an individual and within mankind as a race.

There are races of humans across the galaxy, on other planets that have woken up to this greater truth and have now been able to create for themselves the Nirvana or Heaven you all dream of and strive for. There is no God or judge that holds you back from this. Only you yourselves. The only enemy is fear. There are no evil forces at work trying to keep you from your divinity and birthright, but only the fear that says that they exist.

In your world there are but two true emotions that can be felt. These emotions are love and fear. Fear is the only thing that is keeping you from realising your full potential, from making your dreams a reality. Fear keeps you from total health, keeps you from experiencing love, happiness, abundance and from expressing your creativity and divinity to the full. Fear has become the dominant emotion on planet Earth, and not the time has come for mankind to wake and release itself from fear. The time has come when love can be the ruler of mankind and that fear can become a thing of the past.

I have come to teach you about soul qualities, about how to live as your soul and how to dissolve the illusions that you call fear. Each of you has deep within your heart the Flames of Divine Desire. These flames are the magnets that draw to you that which is your Divine Birthright. You were created to live with love, in total health, to experience abundance and to express your Divinity through your creativity. Fear has shrouded these flames behind veils of illusion and it is my task to assist you in removing these veils.

The Flames are pink, green, gold and Turquoise. Each of them has a master, a great being that is holding a focus for mankind to develop these soul qualities. You can choose to work consciously with these flames and increase the manifestation of love, health, abundance and creativity in your life. You can begin today to reclaim your divine birthright by awakening the Flames of Divine Desire.

Awakening The Pink Flame, Love

Each of the Flames of Divine Desire has a master, a master that is holding a focus for mankind at this time in order to assist in bringing the essence of these flames into full consciousness and manifestation on the earth plane.

Pink has long been associated with love, and this flame represents the essence of un-conditional love, which total and complete acceptance of what is. This flame is associated with Christ Consciousness and has influence on the functioning of the other flames I will teach you. You may call upon the Master of the Pink Flame at any time, take moment now and ask this Master to assist you in fully awakening the Pink Flame within you. You can use your imagination to visualise this master in front of you. Use an image of a being that represents great love and compassion to you. Be that Christ, an Angel, Kwan-Yin, Mary or any other saint or holy one that holds a powerful image and feeling within your heart and mind. Ask this one to be with you as you read these words and be open to receive new ideas about how to make positive changes in your life.

Unconditional Love

What is love? Love is everything that fear is not. You may not be able to define love for yourself in words, but you know how it feels. Love is expansive, receptive, embracing, joyful, compassionate, enthusiastic, caring, accepting and balanced. Love always makes you feel more expanded, more confident and allows you to be yourself, your true self, more often. Fear, on the other hand, is restrictive. Fear tells you what is not possible, what is not allowed, what wont work and why you don't deserve to have something or to receive love. Fear is the opposite of love.

You can feel these emotions in your body. Notice how your posture and body language changes from situation to situation depending on whether you are feeling fearful or joyful and loving. Love is nothing other than total acceptance of what is. It is expansive, so you can always know when a situation encourages love or fear by listening to your body.

So what is unconditional love? Does it mean helping someone time and time again irrespective of whether they do anything to assist themselves? Does it mean always being available to listen to the problems of others? No. Unconditional love means accepting a person, situation, place or yourself exactly as it is. Many of you have confused being polite and kind with love. This has lead you to continue assisting someone long after your natural energies have dropped. This behavior often comes from a fear of not being loving, or of not being liked, or approved of by your family, friends and by society in general. All misinterpretations of love, and inappropriate actions taken in the name of love stem from fear.

Often is your fear that provides the impetus for such acts of 'love'. It is the fear of being rejected. Many of you are afraid that you may hurt someone elses feelings by withdrawing your energy and support from a person or situation, but the truth is, when you go within, it is your own fear of not being loved that keeps you from choosing to give someone else power over their own life. Often, the greater act of love is to withdraw from assisting someone so that they can find their own solutions to problems. Many people are not ready yet to take more responsibility for their lives and are therefore not able to put your ideas, suggestions and advice into actions. You will be serving such individuals more by handing their authority of over their lives back to them.

So where does unconditional love begin? Like everything, it begins with the self. You can only offer to another that which you possess. If you have no self respect, experience no love for yourself, then you will be limited in the amount and ways in which you can express your love in thought and in action to another. Unconditional love is the total and complete acceptance of what is. Do you totally accept yourself as you are? Do you constantly find fault? Criticize yourself and always assume that another in more loving, gifted, intelligent, better than you are? What do you see when you look in the mirror? How often do you take the time to acknowledge something that you have achieved, or do you find it easier to give yourself a list of failures and disappointments?

If you are critical of yourself, then you will be critical of others. It is a Universal law, what you believe to be true about yourself, you will see reflected in your world around you. If you are very critical of yourself, then you will attract people who will support you in that belief by criticising you or people who are simply critical in nature.

Unconditional love means that someone does not have to change in order for you to love them as they are. Unconditional love means recognising that all unloving acts are cries for more help that stem from fear. Unconditional love means being able to release someone to be just as they are and to have the ability to send them thoughts of love and well being irrespective of how they are thinking or behaving towards you. Unconditional love means being neutral, centred and poised irrespective of external circumstances.

Self Love

You can only give to others what you have and you can only receive from the Universe that which you are prepared to give to yourself. All love starts with the self.

Many of you have the feeling that it is in some way selfish or immodest to love yourself as if it is an act of pride or arrogance. True love has no puffed feelings of pride or arrogance, for these are feelings that fear produces as a defence mechanism.

Self love means being able to surrender any need you may have to suffer or to do without. Self love means accepting yourself as you are and the ability to forgive yourself for any perceived wrong doing according to the rules and norms of your society, religion or upbringing. Self-love can express itself in many ways. In the food you eat, the clothes you wear and the way in which you talk to yourself. Many of you have an ongoing internal dialogue that is constantly telling you how to do better, criticising you at every given opportunity. Self love means being open to receive the gifts of a smile, a warm touch, a friendly word of encouragement and knowing that you are deserving. Self love means taking responsibility for your life and understanding the difference between taking responsibility and taking the blame. Fear looks at opportunities to learn as mistakes, self love is accepting of the lessons learned and is forgiving in nature. Self-love means acknowledging that you are always doing your best and it means recognizing your current limitations and accepting them for what they are. It means taking the time to understand why you may have acted in a less than loving way towards yourself or another and forgiving yourself for it. It means taking the time to understand that it is only fear that motivates acts that lack love and releasing those acts in an act of compassion and understanding.

Learning Love

As you awaken to increased love in your life thought acts of love and self love, you will need to re-evaluate what it is that you learned love to be. Many of you have interpreted love as being many different physical activities. Often children were given sweets, candy or chocolate when they hurt themselves or when a parent was too tired or busy to give them attention. This means that as children you made a very strong association between love and certain foodstuffs. This could lead to pain being experienced in adult life as this interpretation of love still governs your view of the world.

In one relationship, one individual had learned that food meant love and therefore always worked hard to produce elaborate and delicious meals for the other. Consequently, whenever a new dish was tried, and not totally appreciated by the other, our enthusiastic chef felt hurt and that the love that was expressed in the meal was being rejected. You may be able to relate to such incidence yourself and maybe you can identify other ways in which you can feel rejected or unloved. Take a moment to think about such occurrences in your life and feel what it is that these events are telling you. Is this what you learned that love was? Do you feel that your love is being rejected often? or that you are not loved or respected?

In any relationship, if strong emotions arise, and especially if they endure, then the incident that caused the emotion is not the real issue. Often you may feel upset for an hour, days, or for weeks about a seemingly trivial event that has been blown up out of all proportion by your emotions. What is the real issue? Very often, you will be relating to another individual in exactly the same way in which you related to one or both parents as a child. So how does this incident or person remind you of your parent or childhood incident? What is the fear behind the strong emotion? Is it: I am afraid he or she does not love me?

The two true questions that you all have are these: Does God love me? and Am I good enough? If you knew that the answer to both these questions was without a shadow of a doubt a resounding YES, then you would probably not be reading this book, or any other for that matter, because then you would know that you are one with God at all times and that you have all the answers.

The childhood years form many of your ideas, perceptions and beliefs about what love is, how it is expressed and what you need to do to receive it. For many it means dressings in a certain way, for others it means a certain type of job or activity, or a code of conduct involving manners, formalities and a sense of service. Children learn at a very young that there are certain rules that must be adhered to in order to gain the love and attention of their parents and guardians. Little girls often learn that they have to be pretty, and little boys learn that performing a task such as mowing the lawn or doing some other chore will get them the love, praise and attention they so crave. In your busy western society,parents often find it difficult to create the time needed to get to know their children as they really are. Instead family life is built around daily routine and chores are distributed according to the perceived masculine or feminine qualities of the job involved. As time goes on, the children reach maturity and take on these roles as the thing that defines their identity and their value in society and to other people.

Often women become carers. It is not so that women are more caring than men by nature, but it is that they are taught to behave in a way that outwardly demonstrates this natural human characteristic. Men on the other hand are discouraged from showing emotion and therefore place themselves into roles that are predominantly mental or practical. This does not mean to say that all men are unemotional, or do not have emotions, and that all women are caring and lack practical sense. These are roles that have molded the psyche of men and women and are not natural differences in themselves. These roles are further exaggerated by the human need to know that one is loved. Therefore, many people become afraid to step beyond this conditioning for fear that they will not be recognised, appreciated, respected, and indeed not loved.

For example, men have been taught that they must be the bread winners in a family situation. They may work long hours and spend very little time at home. Consequently the partner or children of such an individuals may feel unloved by the man that works in a such a fashion. However, this man is working according to the belief that he must work hard and be the major breadwinner in order to be considered good enough,in other words, in order to be loved.

So take a moment and examine your job, daily routine, relationships and the expectations you have of yourself. How many activities do you do out of joy? From your heart? and how many roles do you take on because you feel that you must? What would life be like if you changed the way you did things? Would people suddenly stop loving you? Would they stop respecting you or think less of you? Or are these just illusory fears?

Many of you fear the consequences of changing your life and doing more of things that you love to do. You may worry about who will do all the things that you do if you don't do it, how will the bills get paid. Some of you identify so strongly with the roles you have taken on that you have forgotten who you are in the process. It is the realisation of this, and the fear associated with it, that stops many of you from making the changes that will enable you follow your heart more fully. It is the fear of facing the pain associated with the loss of self that binds people to one place, unable to move, unable to see a way out or a new direction. Consequently, many of you have taught yourselves not to feel and therefore you live in a world of deadened emotions, unable to feel either pain of joy, Unable to feel, unable to live. In this way many have become like the living dead. Carrying out daily tasks like a robotic ritual without feeling or sensing the joy of life. Often, you become aware of this and of your own unhappiness and justify the situation to yourself by telling yourself that life is simply that way and that not everyone can have what they want, and that the bills need to be paid, and that there are too many people to compete with etc.

However, this way of living takes its toll. The thing that you most desire, love, eludes you. You become trapped in a vicious circle and you have to perform even harder, work longer hours, strive to gain more things and possessions, all for the sake of love. And yet, unless you are doing the things that you love to do, the love you seek will continue to move further and further away from you.

To increase the love you experience in your life is most rapidly and easily achieved through living your life according to what you love to do. Sometimes there are family obligations, rent must be paid, bills, commitments etc. However, by following your heart and doing what you love to do, instead of what you feel is expected of you, you will be open to more creative ideas that will help you pay your bills more easily.


Beliefs about what love is and isn't are more clearly seen in intimate relationships. Roles are define from the outset and both partners have a fixed view of how they must conduct themselves and how the other must behave in order for the relationship to be deemed loving. Adult relationships are based upon resolving the unresolved issues of childhood, which are the things you came to learn in this life time, amongst other things. Many of you relate to your partner in the same way in which you related to one or both parents when you were a child. Take a moment to think about any quality that your partner has that may irritate you or displease you in some way. How reminiscent is that behaviour to that of a parent? Often, as a child, you may have found it difficult to be totally honest and open about your feelings with your parents because it was not encouraged. In this way, you may still be reacting to your partners and friends in the way in which you related to your father or mother as a child.

All relationships are created to teach you about you. No-one has come into your life to teach you about themselves, but to provide you with a mirror through which you can learn about yourself. In your partner and friends you see and accurate reflection of yourself, you issues, your challenges, fears, perceived weaknesses and strengths. They have come to show you all the things that you your are still trying to resolve and accept wishing yourself. Think back to the last dispute you had with your partner or a close friend. Just feel the emotion that was involved. Now ask yourself: when have I felt this before? Any strong emotion that arises as a result of a dispute with partner or friend is never actually to do with the dispute itself, it has something to do with you. It takes courage, honesty and determination to start taking responsibility for your emotions and feelings because you may find it easier to blame the other. However, all actions are either based upon love or fear and once you understand the ways in which you act out of fear, you will then become more patient and compassionate towards others.

Arguments and disputes with loved one always raise deeper issues of self respect, love and trust. Many people grow up with a sense of abandonment because their parents were not able to share their feelings with them. For a child, the world of feelings and emotions is real. A child uses extrasensory perception more easily and readily than an adult and can often feel shut out or rejected by a parent that cannot share on that deeper level. Therefore, to the child who can feel the greater truth of a situation, it is a if the parent is withholding his or her heart from the child. This leads to the child to interpret this withholding of feeling as a rejection, as if the child itself had done something wrong. This leaves many children bewildered and feeling unloved. Their world is full of emotion. Playing one moment and crying the next because of a cut knee. Then slowly, they learn that adults do not show their true feelings, so they begin to shut down emotionally. As a child you began to learn that emotions are not to be trusted and that it is better to take on the roles that are presented to you as bring acceptable. A child is full of joy and wonderment and is able to share itself fully and spontaneously. However, over time, the child learns that this behaviour is inappropriate and he or she begins to do those things that they have learned are valued. This leads to the creation of masks. Masks that say that they must do this or that in order for people to love and approve of them.

These feelings play themselves out again and again and again in adult relationships. Often women feel shut out and abandoned when their husbands are unable to share their true inner feelings. This behaviour brings to the surface all those childhood feelings of being wrong, of being unloved. Men on the other hand feel that they are expressing their through working hard and therefore feel confused when a partner is unhappy about their work schedule or way of life.

Relationships are the most precious gifts that you have. Each and every relationship that you have, no matter how significant or insignificant it may seems, has been provided as an opportunity for you to learn. Your Universe is a Universe of resonance, therefore all similar energies are attracted to one another. In the same way, the energy of your soul attracts to it reflections of itself so that it may learn from them. Trust that each and every person in your life is in it for a reason and that you are learning something form them This does mean that you have to stay in an unhappy marriage or relationship because you still need to learn something, the lesson could be speaking your truth and creating a life for yourself without this person. Maybe this person came into your life to show you childhood issue with which you are not yet done. Take a moment to think about the significant relationships in your life. What do you see in these people? What are their strengths and where do they need assistance? How does this person reflect you in some way?

Often, the qualities in another person that we most dislike are the qualities that we either do not allow ourselves to express or dislike about ourselves. One man had a friend that found it difficult to spend money, was seen to be stingy or tight fisted. This was an irritation and the man tried to look at what it was that he disliked so much about the bahaviour he perceived in his friend. He did not considered himself to be generous and was known for his hospitality and therefore could not see the behaviour of his fearful friend reflected within himself. One day, he decided to meditate on the subject and go deep within to find out why he was so troubled by the behaviour he saw reflected in his friend. To his amazement he discovered that his generous hospitable nature was more motivated by a need to feel loved and appreciated and that he often resented spending money on other people. He then began to work on the resentment and discovered that as the youngest child he often received clothes and toys that were passed down from his older siblings and he had resented it all of his feeling in some way that he was cheated of having what he wanted and deserved. However, the mask he created to win love and appreciated was strong enough to even mask his own deeper inner feelings.

Every time that you are irritated by something, or notice a particular quality in someone else, it always has something to do with you. This is the very reason why the same person can be described differently by two different people. Not only do you act in different ways around different people, but the perceptions of you change according to the beliefs of the people whom you are around. Therefore,one person your perceive to be generous can be perceived to be the opposite by someone else.

In addition to noticing the qualities in others that irritate you in some way, don't forget to look at the refections of your beauty, creativity, joy, love and compassion. Maybe you have a friend and you constantly admire his or her creative ability. Do you constantly tell yourself that you wish you also had this qualities or envy their ability. This person has also come into your life to show you an aspect of yourself, otherwise you would not have attracted them into you life. It is impossible to have someone in your life with whom you do not resonate.

In the same way, you can have a totally different type of relationship with a person than someone next to you because you will be relating only to those parts with which you resonate. In this way, you are constantly relating to yourself and learning about yourself. Even in what you may consider to be extreme cases, this is also true. Lets us imagine that you have had a relationship with a violent alcoholic, or with a jealous or possessive individual. It does not meant that this person is necessarily reflecting your alcoholism. However, in which ways are they reflecting your own suppressed feelings of anger and rage? In which way are they addicted to something that helps them disguise their feelings of powerlessness and how does this reflect your own inner feeling?

So how does this work. You are not only your physical body, you also have an energy body, and auric field. Within this field are held all your thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs and emotions. They form energy patterns around you that form a local Universe that is you. Because you live in a Universe of resonance, the energies in your auric field will attract to them the same or similar types of energies from the greater Universe around them. In this way you create your own reality by drawing those energies in the form of events and people into your life that reflect who you are. Unresolved issues from childhood, past relationships and from past lives are stored in your auric field as energy and will draw to you events and people that will stimulate similar or identical fears and feelings.

Recognising that each and every person in your life has come to teach you something about yourself liberates you to take charge of your life. It allows to step out of victim mentality and to start making decisions about the nature of love and your life with a sense of freedom. It means that you can begin to feel gratitude for the lessons you have learned instead of feeling blame, resentment and bitterness towards those that may have caused you pain in some way. Looking at life in this way does not mean that you have to accept the bahaviour of another if it is intrusive, but it does mean that you can bless it, welcome it and release the person with love for the service they have done you.