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Julie Presson

An Awareness-Dancer Reminding Us Of The Moment

There comes a time in each ones life when they must be willing to turn around and take one last look at all they have held sacred. Call it a dance, a love affair, a flirtation with all that was the past. Call it anything you like, remembering that it is only to be a brief look before going on to peace and purpose of being.

One only reaches this point on their path when they come to the realization that there is nothing in this world that holds meaning beyond the Light of God in another's heart. All belief systems and doctrines are but transitory reminders of a rocky road we chose to walk down in a darker time when we felt we had to be right about something. Did any of us really know what it was that was so important we were willing to give up Life for? I don't remember, do any of you?