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Becoming A Master

Julie Presson
August, 1992

Greeting Everyone,

Once I ask Bishop what the Masters had come to teach us in this time. His reply was,"THE MASTERS HAVE COME TO TEACH YOU HOW TO STAND ALONE, SO YOU CAN BECOME A FUNCTIONING MEMBER OF THE GROUP."

While on my way to work this evening I was pondering the meaning of that statement. As I thought about it and began to open to the message of the answer, I received information I wanted to share with all of you.

As you know we are all going through many changes, on all levels of our "beingness". One of the most difficult processes of these changes has been the opening of our Heart Center (chakra) in the third dimensional level we are expressing in called the physical world. It is not easy to share totally from the Heart of our Being in a world filled with judgments of the egos we have created.

We more often than not find ourselves taking the easy way out by retreating back into our shells we have created when a situation involves risking on the Heart level. Why do we do this? We have gotten used to retreating back into our shells, closing our Hearts, as we let our egos take more and more control over our expression in the physical. It is not always easy stepping out and joining with others on a Heart level from the standpoint of the "little me". Are you asking yourself what this all has to do with what Bishop said to me? It has everything to do with it. You see, many read this statement and think it means we must be alone, isolated from others to accomplish "standing alone". There is one problem with that, we already know how to turn off our connection to THE ONE we are all a part of. That is what the ego does best because it sees all things as black and white with neat borders to define everything including itself.

The ego sees itself as separate and defines itself through differences with others.

The ego sees individuality very differently than the essence we are in a Higher Light. The essence of our Higher Light sees individuality as something to celebrate and share with others. Bringing who we are as an individualized imprint of God/Goddess/ All That Is to the group as a whole is seen as an enhancement not a detriment. The ego fears it will loss something if it shares itself fully on such intimate levels. That is why our Heart Center has closed down so much in the physical. It has been the ego's way to covet what it does not understand. What is it we have discovered about standing alone, so we can become functioning member of the group. What is it we must do to accomplish this?

1. In order to stand alone we must begin to open our Heart Center by walking through our fear of being swallowed up by others.

2. We must begin to use our discernment to guide us in our choices, instead of our egos.

3. We must be able to see our own Light in anothers eyes, without feeling intimidated.

4. We must surrender what we hold tighter than anything else, our view of who and what we are as an individual.

5. Last but not least we must be willing to stand in the center of the circle and offer who we are without pretense.

Sounds like allot to do, and it sure doesn't fit how we see ourselves as standing alone. You see standing alone has very little to do with being alone. It has allot to do with breaking down all the barriers we have placed around us to keep us isolated. Truly alone without the wondrous feeling of Oneness and Love we experience as a part of the One Light. Standing alone is the recognition of Self and its place in the Spiritual Family or group we are a part of.

I AM Moranaa