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Bridging The Gap

Bishop channeled by Julie Presson

HEALING; The act of bringing to the awareness of each participant that which they perceive as unaccessible.

To truly ponder this statement you must ask yourself, " What is the one thing that would bring complete healing to the physical plane?". Would it be the ability to manifest a healing of the physical body in an instant? Or would it be the ability to set aside all the scars of the emotional body? Or perhaps the changing of the thoughts in the human mind? The laying down of all the garbage you have carried for so long? As you read these words perhaps you are thinking, you have been doing all of these things for a very long time with varying degrees of success. You have been working very hard on becoming, awakening, what ever you choose to call it. Each one has their process for self healing. You have all worked very hard and we applaud you for your efforts and your progress.

Now it is time to take all you have learned and gently lay it aside, allowing it to slip from your fingers as seeds for the next generation to reap. Yes, that is what it has been about, planting seeds for others to harvest. Each group leaves seeds for the next. The thoughts of creation, the foundation for a physical realm for the next to experience and add to for those to come after them. Each group leaves something of themselves to share.

You see what you have created and nurtured will go with you in ways you can not even imagine. It will become a part of an ever emerging flower of creation to share with other areas in the manifest universe.

You see what becomes a part of the manifest universe, of tangible substance, must first come to fruition deep within the inner planes of your own being. Then slowly in little ways it makes its way to the surface to share in your manner of expression with those in your world. As this seed thought anchors itself as an intricate part of your beingness, it becomes a seedpod. Filled with all manner of possibilities for creation as a form of reality.

This is why you have been told over and over to monitor your thoughts and the energy behind them. It is not just the thoughts of the human mind that must be known to you but the nature of the ego you have created to propel your thoughts. Entire realities are created from your thoughts, to share possibilities with those who desire to experience what you have created.

As One with All That Is, it is your nature to create from your ponderings. It is your choice where your creations come from. The seedpods from the ponderings of the Heart, or the seedpods from the ponderings of the ego.

This is where a tool called discernment comes into play.

Discernment is not a voice, it is not even a feeling or emotion. It is a knowing from a part of you, that has just recently awakened.

So it is a little rusty. It will take a little practice to use it effectively as you once did long ago. When the energy of discernment comes into play it is as if your feet guide you were you are to go with an intensity a groundedness. There is not a thought or feeling involved in the process.

It takes practice to return to this manner of choosing the direction you will take because you are so used to using the emotions of the ego, the fears you feel on a physical level, and your human mind with its thinking process to guide you. You have forgotten how to walk. So you must remember by practicing.

The first thing you must practice is trusting Self, and its ability to guide you in such a manner. Without words or emotion as you know it. Guiding you with the steadiness of Self. Walking through the fear that is manifested through your physical body. By recognizing that it is the body that is in fear because it is not immortal as the Spirit is.

Next you must recognize that thought as you know it is a function of the mind of the ego, the physical mind as we term it. As it has been said by many before. you must practice going into the silence. First in meditations, then in your wanderings through the physical world you are in.

You must practice these things so your humanness can step aside to allow the Heart center to do its job in guiding you through your discernment.

You say this will not be easy to do. We say it is easy if your humanness will allow it to take place, one step at a time. It will take practice and tolerance of your shaky first steps. You must be kind to all the aspects or parts that you call your physical expression. This is an integration process. It has nothing to do with releasing as it has been taught. How can you let go of a part of yourself. It is a matter of embracing all that you are and bringing it into the Light. You could call it the Dance of Awareness. Isn't that what it truly is, a dance with Self. A dance where your physicalness of being agrees to allow the Self to lead you into the Light so you may see where you are going. So you will no longer stumble and loose your balance.

Practice going into the silence. Practice allowing your feet to carry you in this way you walked so long ago. And most of all practice coming from your heart were it concerns yourself. Be kind to yourself, and patient. You will succeed, one step at a time, as it is meant to be.

Peace in the Light of Your "Being",

I AM Bishop