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Creation of Reality

Julie Presson

Greetings My Brothers and Sisters,

The Creation of Reality on a third dimensional globe of expression is grounded in the group mind. The group mind is created from the thought emanations of the ego of all who have ever experienced on the globe of expression you call earth. The true nature of the globe you call Terra lies fallow beneath the web of deceit you see as the planet. The earth is the nurturing Love of the Christ Ray in manifest. It was created by the Sons of God, the Circle of Light, known as the Christos of the Golden Ray. The very fiber of their being runs through the planet in the form of gold. It is the flowing life force of the planet; just as the blood of your body is the physical manifestation of the life force to the form of expression you have chosen to experience in this reality. That is why the gold is held in such high esteem. The memory is deep within the cells of all who chose to share in the creation of Terra.

Terra seems to emanate a feminine identity because of the nature of those who created her. In the highest truth the word feminine would imply separation and duality which does not exist for those of the Circle we speak of. The Light at the core of your being radiating out as if in spirals to light the world in a soft golden hue of gentleness.

Let us speak for just a moment about the creation of the manifest Universe. You see, each globe of expression is created by those who have already mastered the quality of the globe they wish to share with the manifest Universe. Yes, there is also the desire to experience that which they share in spirit in a physical form. It is not all selfless; you create out of your desire for self-expression.  There is nothing wrong with that. It is the nature of your being as a co-creator. As a part of the One Light, it is your nature to share all that you are, just as the Source does. This is when the creation of planets began. Through the desire to share who we are with others, those of a like nature began to come together as if in rings or circles to create, experience, and share our individuality in the form of a planet. This is a simplified explanation of how all that you view, and have yet to view, in the manifest universe came into being and still is. The creation of globes of expression will continue as long as here is a manifest Universe. To breathe out creation is an act of feeling in the highest sense. Yes, with reverence from the heart or centre of your being, Do you feel it now, the gratitude and love coming from your centre.

Please Stop For A Moment. Now Staying In This Moment Taking A Deep Breath, Feel The Truth Of Your Being As You Bring It To The Surface As You Exhale.
Now you have felt the essence of Terra and of your nature.

You see, if you are reading this and are moved by the words you are of the One Light, the creator force that came together to create this globe of expression. Now it is time to shake the dust from your feet and awaken to the Light that you are. Terra can assist you with this if you will but lay down your sword and become the Peaceful Warrior you are as One in and of the Christ Light.

The purpose of the words we have given you in this discourse was to elicit a response on a true feeling level from the centre just as the planet does. In a gentle, peace filled loving way. In this way you could experience without your human thought getting in the way. It is your human mind that creates all that gets in the way of your expression from the essence of your being. Human thought as we term it is all the "what ifs" that keep you grounded in the denseness you know as the persona , your view of the world from this lifetime based on all the "what ifs" from past lifetimes. It is the creator of the web of deceit we spoke of earlier. It is the judge, jury, and executioner. The creator of doctrines and belief systems you have been willing to fight to the death for in your physical world. The personal truths or paths you choose to experience for a brief moment you call a lifetime. You forgot that belief systems and doctrines are only to aid you in the role you choose to play. A short path to travel in the moment while in the physical. It was never intended to be worn as if a heavy old overcoat, torn and tattered, hanging on to it as if there is nothing else in the closet to try on. It is your ego playing little tricks on you so it may live a little longer as lord and master of your expression. Do you understand? Now we have come, just as was agreed, to nudge you with our words into action. For in the action the remembering begins and what are you to remember, the highest truth of your being. We would ask you now to ask yourself, "Is remembering all there is?"no it is not. It is time to act on the knowing that comes from the remembering. No longer is it enough to remember and be of the physical. There is the great longing at the centre of your being to reach up as if stretching your physical hand into spirit and clasp the hand of the inner being you are in truth, expressing from that aspect of being in the physical as you were meant to before you agreed to wear the veil of forgetfulness. The loving being of Light that only sees the Light in all you view, the co-creator of the manifest Universe, the Master you are in the Highest Truth.

We come in Love to help you discover all that you think you have lost or forgotten you had. We Love you in all of your beingness. Be at peace in the One Light that you are in truth.

We have given you a sampling from many pots in this Holy Moment we now share for your awakening.

We thank you for the opportunity to serve. As we serve you, we serve the Universe.

Peace in the Light of the Moment,

I AM Bishop

While channeling this piece from Bishop I saw the earth as a brilliant globe of soft bluish light. I could see through the globe and feel excitement at the heart centre for the opportunity to view Terra in the form she took in her beginning. I also felt a knowing in my being that told me soon Terra will truly be transformed and she will become Gaia,with an independent consciousness quite different than we know now. I look forward to this moment because it will sound the note of completion to many of us. Meaning we can go on to new adventures. If this speaks to you please feel free to connect with me by mail or phone. It is time to join as the One Light we are.

I AM Moranaa