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Bishop channeled by Julie Presson

You came into this lifetime with a powerful agent called discernment. Discernment is how you view your world through the 4th (heart centre) and the combined 7th (crown) and 6th (third eye) chakras. It has nothing to do with your human mind or the thoughts that emanate from it. The human mind is linked to the second chakra centre in as much as thought influences the second chakra on an emotional level. The emotions influence the way you choose to express in the physical, if you use this as your guidance instead of your discernment. After you took on mortal bodies, it was necessary to find a way to tell the body it was in danger. This was the primary purpose of the second chakra. It was never intended to take the forefront, as it has in your expression in the physical and astral planes.

Before the fall, you wore an immortal cloak you could take off and put back on at will. There was no death as you know it. You were conscious of your natural state as spirit and your manifestation in the physical. The time we speak of was long ago before you forgot who you are. A time of beauty and grace when there was no pretense or judgment. A time when you expressed only the Light that you are. The gentleness and peace that you reflected was felt throughout the universe and drew many from other galaxies to the time space continuum you now occupy. That is why the energies are so diverse in the physical. There are many who wish to experience the Light of the Son of which you are a child. Each of you radiate the Light of the Son to this day although you are not aware of it on a conscious level. It is our hope to assist you in the restoration of this pre-fall state of being, with the information and exercises we have come to share with you.

It is not our purpose or intent to provide you with a doctrine to live by. Each of you has encoded in the heart, 6th, and 7th chakras, all information of the Light you will need for your expression in the physical. It is simply a matter of knowing this is so for you to begin the process of awakening. Personal truths and doctrines are things of the human mind or ego as some prefer to call it. They are nothing more than limitations that have blocked the awakening until the appropriate moment in time, when all Light Workers could join as the One Light they are in Truth.

First you must learn to trust and allow the love to enter all your experiences with your world you have created for yourself. Yes, we do mean to say you create your own world. Not in the way you may be thinking. We are speaking about perception or how you view the world you are in. For many of you, your perceptions are based on personal truths and doctrines. As we have stated these come from your human mind or ego. The "little me" as some call it. An appropriate name is it not. The "little me" views the world based on its experiences in the physical exclusively. The "little me" lives in a limited world of shortages, doubts, judgments, etc. It cannot see itself as part of the Greater One. It has never touched or been touched by the Source of all life, the Centre.

To sense the Oneness we all share you must help the "little me" to step aside, as you would a small child, in love and gentle-ness so it will not become frightened and think it has been left behind. It is important to recognize the "little me" for what it is; a transitory life form of the physical you created just as you create your body. It is a tool to use and respect just as you do all your tools.

There are many forms of tools you can access in the physical. The most important is discernment. Many of you have mistaken your thoughts and reactions of the second chakra, sending directives to the body on an emotional level as your discernment. As you will learn, discernment comes on a much deeper level and it is focused. It is your spiritual compass leading you in the physical, with no emotion or thought involved. When you experience discernment as we are speaking of in this lifetime, you will have no doubt any longer if you will follow the inner guidance that is a part of the experience. Most often you will hear no voice and have no feeling, as you recognize feeling, only a knowing and peace about your path and purpose. Although most of you do not know your path or purpose on a conscious level, there is no need any longer to know all in advance. You will be in a state of flow. It is a blessed experience you will be thankful for as it begins to radiate out into your reality. First, in little trickles as you begin to trust in the moment. Then, for longer points of time as you grow into Self and Oneness on a conscious level. You must remember always, this is nothing more than waking up to who you are and all the wisdom that goes with it. This is important to you in the times you feel discouragement. We understand it is not always easy; this process of waking up and remembering who you are and bringing it into the physical for your expression. There is the transition period you will go through and this is the time when the most help is available to you from your guidance in spirit. It seems to you that it is the most difficult to hear and understand at these times. Ask for assistance often to give you the support you feel you need, even if you are not aware of it on a conscious level. The ego will fight hard to keep the upper hand. Always remember the ego is not in charge unless you allow it to be. Ask for the highest presence of self to guide you when the ego seems to be fighting the hardest. Always remember what comes to you in the form of experience is of your choosing. Whether it is experience of the higher self or the ego. Give yourself the opportunity to experience the gift of choice. Set yourself free by bringing the ego, the human thoughts, into the Light so you can see them in the highest truth, without judgment. In this act you restore your free will and divinity.

Now that we have given you food for thought, it is time for a little exercise so you do not end up with indigestion. Sit quietly with eyes closed for a few moments to clear and come to centre with a few deep breaths. Now bring the image of a child to you inner eyes. A child who does not have the understanding you do. A child who needs love and acceptance. As you sit, notice all you can about this young one. Does this child have anything it wishes to share with you? Do you have anything you wish to share with the child, remembering to only share from the Light you are. You do not want to frighten this little one. Bring it into the warmth of your heart. Show the child it plays an important role in your life. Gently tell the little one to step to the side and allow you to walk with him or her, sharing the experiences of the physical together. Tell him or her you will come together often in this way so you hear what it has to say. Now tuck the little one into bed and tell he/she, that he/she is loved.

You have just had a visit with your ego. Do this often, to give it the attention it feels it needs, to keep it in the space you wish it to be in. The ego is your creation treat it as such. Stop empowering it as you have in the past. Use this exercise as often as you feel the need to restore your balance and your divinity. Little tricks like this will bring you to a point of peace with little effort. Remember for little tricks to work you must do them, not just read them.

Peace in the Light of the Moment,

I AM Bishop