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Earth Changes

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Copyright 1993 By Tom H. Smith


By Tom H. Smith

I do not have many people to thank, but I have many to thank. First, my love and thanks are sent to Running Buffalo, Quason Ho Ling, Jerrico, Betsy, Dr. Adalai Stevenson, as well as other aspects of them, Red Hawk, High On Mountain and Sister Lorraine. These wonderful friends have been with me from the beginning. They have had an extremely difficult task, but they "hung in there". As a result we have overcome many major hurdles together, as we will continue for as long as I remain here. These are my personal spirit guides and I love them. Next I wish to give a special thanks to Ashtar, Astara and Ishtar, each of the Ashtar Command. These are true Space Friends and family who are here to help all who ask. These magnificant star beings are associated with the Pleiadian star system and are here to share their love and to serve the Earth, and humankind if allowed. These serve as inspirition to me and their love is always with me, and I love them. There is another star being who helps me in more ways than I will know in this lifetime. I speak of Voltair, an Arcturian. He is a master teacher, an avatar, a gatekeeper, friend and companion. His wisdom and love serve as beacons for my direction. Voltair is my brother, and I love him.

Thanks also goes to the beautiful and loving Christ who has not only directly contributed to this book, but also is a direct contributor to all of our lives. Christ is a friend and brother who is always there, and I love him. My loving thanks goes to the energy who is the subject of this book and is our home away from home, Mother Earth. I have contributed to her pain but I will add to her joy, and I love her. Thanks goes to the God Source, the Creator, for messages given and included in the book. I dedicate my existence to the One. We all are because the God Source is, and I love our Father. My thanks now and into the future to a collection of beautiful energies for their love and assistance. Some of those are mentioned individually already for their separate contributions. I recognize all of these as the Blend of Loving Energies, and I love them.

There is a person, a dear friend who has been more help with the book than she may imagine. Suanne Drury is a beautiful person, a highly sensitive psychic, a channeler, teacher, healer, but mostly a friend. As I have learned to trust in what I have channeled, I also learned there are degrees of trust until there is total trust. On more than a single occasion, I questioned the possibility of my own interference in my channelings. Suanne was always there to touch in with her own sources to assure me I heard correctly. My own confirmations were always present, but Suanne's immediate responses were like a dose of my favorite medicine. Suanne has been a constant support for these and many of my other channelings and inspiritions. Suanne may be the most loving human I have known, and I love her. My final thanks and appreciation goes to the real author of this book, the Sun God. I wish each of you would open yourself to the Sun God, the most loving feelings you could imagine, exceeded only by the complete and total loving vibration of the God Source. The Sun God is a father-friend with the warmth and devotion of a mother's heart. Thank you Sun, and I love you.


By The God Source

"Humankind has been given a unique opportunity by Me to choose many varied experiences on your paths of development. I have allowed these, not only for the human benefit, but also for all those energies around you. This includes Mother Earth, the plant and animal kingdoms, the sea world, the birds and insects, the fairies, the gnomes, all the little ones and indeed your entire supporting cast.

As I have allowed this, I have allowed the most beautiful and loving Sun God to oversee the Earth and all that is on it. I have given the Sun the power and abilities to have dominion over this same Earth and all her inhabitants. The Sun has created and loves each energy within its rays of light. The Sun has worked with each of you to encourage and assist in your physical and spiritual growth. I do this also, but it is the Sun that has asked for and received the ongoing level of love that is needed to allow life in this solar system. I ask that you recognize this most beautiful and loving creator of life.

Humankind has chosen as part of your experiences to loose sight of your own spirituality. You have chosen as your experience to center yourself in the universe and forget that you are part of the one. You have chosen as your experiences to use the Earth in a most unnatural and harmful way. As you ignore your true spiritual self, you ignore the very aspects of you that suggests you must live in harmony with all that is around you. When you have lost sight of your inner strengths and awareness, you have lost touch with Me. My love for you is complete and total. But you must love yourself to be aware of My love. When you do this, you realize what power you have and that you need not harm your planet Earth or any energy around you. The Sun God and I do continue to love you. We also love the Earth equally. The Earth has been granted the path to elevate her own energies and herself to a higher dimension. She can only do this by removing all those vibrations that are lower than her own. The Earth must prepare herself by being in her own nakedness, her own natural state. Humankind must respect her wishes and assist her in her preparation for the next realm. She has been your home, even as you have abused her. It is now time to glory in her and give her your love and positive energies. In doing this, you help yourself as well.

The Earth is now in the process of cleansing herself of all negativity. She must also purge herself of all human bondage that is in the form of harmful vibrations and even the human made buildings that cover her surface. But she does this in love. For it is this love that is enabling her to move closer to Me. It is this love for each human that welcomes you to share her bounty. Humankind can help and I ask you to do this. To do this or anything in love, is to love Me. But many may not listen to our call for help. So the Earth must cleanse herself. The Earth has also asked for assistance of the Sun God and those space friends who are pure love and light. All of these beautiful energies and you can work together in peace, love and harmony. At a point in time, humankind will have to leave the Earth so she may conclude the final phase of her cleansing. But the Earth has invited the return of an equally loving human to share in her love and beauty once again.

This book of Earth changes is a gift to each who will accept it. It is a gift, for the Sun God gives it to you. With this or your own awareness, you have the unique opportunity to change what you can and accept and understand what must be changed by the Earth. You have the opportunity to use this book as a tool, as a guide. Listen to the words of the Sun God. The words are of love and are words of truth. Listen and heed what is said. I love the Sun God and I love each of you. I love and am pleased with Tom for his loving efforts to offer these words to each of you. Listen."

The God Source
November 2, 1992