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Earth Changes (message)

Julie Presson

The Bishop teachings: The information Bishop gives to the world is meant to spark a knowingness within each of us. I would recommend that you read what he has to say without forming an opinion or judgement in the mind. Bishop's teachings are meant to be read with the Heart Centre open. To take in information with the Heart Centre open you must keep the mind clear of the framework of the belief system you are incorporating in the present to form your physical reality that presents you with your daily lessons. The main thrust of the material is walking one step at a time in the moment. Experiencing all the universe has to offer in this reality. When we do this we find ourselves able to breathe easier and move with little or no restriction. It is as if we are able to hear the "Voices on the Wind", allowing them to guide us. Fear becomes a thing of the past. Peace envelopes you as a cool breeze does on a warm summer day. Your inner voice becomes clear and resonant as it never has before in this lifetime. You become aware of the ever present energy of the source of all Life, the Central Core of the universes and your connection to it. You will find yourself smiling on the inside as if a bright sun is shining deep within , warming you as it never has before. How do I know this? Because I have been Bishop's channel since 1987 and as such have done all the exercises and read all the material he has given. That was one of the requirements to work with Bishop. My life has been changed in ways you can not imagine and I know this is just the beginning of the great adventure of Awakening.

My human name is Julie Presson, my Cosmic name is "Moranaa Antara Amon A'Raqua". Each of us has a Cosmic name to help remind us of our linage and where it has taken us throughout the universes. Some already have received part of their Cosmic name while others are still waiting to hear the quiet voice within giving them the vibration they are in a word.

It has been a long time since we last felt the greatness of the Being we are a part of. The Source of Life for us. We, as part of the Great One, are the creators of the manifest universe through a joint venture with the rest of our line of decent. You see there are 13 lines of decent. One example would be the Angelic line. Many who are experiencing on the earth at this time are of the Angelic line as it is our time to go on to new adventures in anotherlevel of awareness. Some of the symbols for the Angelic line would be the tetrahedron and the Merkaba (three dimensional star of David).

Those of the Angelic line are the creators of planets. The earth in all Her majestic beauty is the manifestation of the Heart Centre in the form of a planet. If you will let Her nurture you in your walk you will always feel loved and guided by the gentlest of the gentle.

Now that I have taken a moment to share with you I will step aside and let Bishop share some words with you about the concept of earth changes. I hope each of you will gain much from the Teacher of teacher known as Bishop.

Enjoy, I AM Moranaa

August 1993

Greetings I AM Bishop,

We will speak of Gaia, the Mother, the earth, and what she is going through as an evolving being of the manifest universe. Many of you view what is happening as a simple process of growth, without looking deeper for the message you are being given through these activities known as earth changes. Many of you focus on looking for safe places to run to, or ways to Heal what you do not discern correctly. This is because you are still going about seeing through your human eyes instead of your Spiritual eyes. You have become so uncomfortable in your nitch you have created for yourself that you must now make the move to a deeper meaning of life and how it applies to you as Spirit dwelling in the manifest as a co-creator. You have found your beliefs and doctrines just don't work so well any more. They are tested over and over. You find yourself fighting to be right, because you do not want to entertain the notion you have outgrown your old ways of expressing. It is your fear that all you believe must be the way it is or there is nothing that drives you. You feel as if you are riding a wave that is not so comforting any longer. It does not serve you as it did before. You have to keep readjusting for a proper fit, shall we say.

These are the key words here, IF IT DOES NOT SERVE YOU THEM LAY IT ASIDE LONG ENOUGH TO LOOK IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION. If you do not feel sure enough to take the final step away from the old ways of your human nature and dwell once again as Spirit in manifest form, then try it a little at a time. The important thing is that you at least practice even for brief moments so you will become accustom to who you are. The earth is showing you in her way what is happening to you in the unseen, as you would term it. Is she not giving birth to a different form of expression? Does she fear, or does she go on, slowly with the process? Allowing Spirit to carry her through these times of rebirth.

We told you we would speak of earth changes in this writing and we will keep our word. Remember the wisdom comes from the little words here and there that your Heart catches as you read through this material. So we ask you to remain open to the real message here and not compare or apply what you think you know to these words. Let them soak in as you would say, feel the words, don't think them.

As to earth changes or movement in consciousness, we will speak as one who has participated in this play since the beginning and is on intimate terms with what you call the earth. Gaia, the Mother speaks to you from her Heart on a daily basis. Some would see her actions as violent, or unpredictable. We tell you there is nothing unpredictable about what is happening to the planet. She is carrying out your will as you direct her to. The intelligence that directs her actions is benevolent and loving, only wishing to give to you a clue to your own future. She speaks to you in ways you can not imagine. As one who has traveled long distances to share a part of herself that is you on the deepest levels of your orbits.

There has been spoken by many a great concern for an area of the globe known as the fault, running north to south from Alaska to Mexico. A part of the Ring of Fire, the Crown of Gaia as we term it. We will tell you this the Ring of Fire is the crack that allows the Light from the Centre to shine though Lighting the world for those who have the eyes to see. There are those who hold the space to the north to stabilize the fault. It is the way to the inner universe of the First Cause that many of you now seek.

A plate of ancient land, small as it may be, (Jaun de Fuca plate) lays mostly under the water, waiting to shine as the mother land of the ancient of ancients. She will rise once again to her former glory as a place of Peace and clarity for all who have the remembrance of their former selves. The robes once again will be long and flowing carrying you great distances with the wink of an eye and back again. A place of great learning for those who wish to awaken with the greatest of speed. On the land to the east of this small plate there will be a place of great healing that will be in a state of timelessness for those who need such a space to heal there physical bodies of the illnesses theycreated from the blocks they have not allowed to leave them through self forgiveness.

You see the key to healing yourself is forgiveness and acceptance of all you have ever been in the physical. Yes, the issue of Self Love and judgement again. We would not need to speak these words had you mastered this. This place of healing will be located in a place east of the great mountains now called the Cascades, west of the Idaho border, 75 miles north of the Canadian border, and north of the desert. It will cover a large area and will be surrounded by what will appear to as impassable mountains covered with snow year round. It will set in a valley with many hot springs and a warm climate. The mountains will be created during the time of great changes as the plates shift and collide with each other revealing many treasures of the past.

Within these treasures a great orb will be found that will be used to transmit information to other parts of the world. There are six of these orbs hidden beneath the earth throughout the world, to be revealed at the proper time. The orbs will have other uses to, but that is not to be given to you at this time. There are sentinels deep within the earth also that will provide places of safety. The sentinels are in clusters of three. When viewed from the air they will form a triangle. You will be directed to these locations by your inner guidance when the time is right for you to go. When the pull is there do not question just go. All that is needed will be there for you as your faith will fill you and sustain you in the times we speak.

The need for food will be minimal, as you already know your body is changing. It would be wise to allow your bodies to guide you in your diet at this time in the ongoingness. You must return to the simple foods again as the body is releasing many toxins now and you will overload and make yourself ill with your rich foods. Meditate at least two times a day to allow the energy to adjust in the body as the changes are occurring. Yes we are giving you direction so you may go through all of this with the least amount of discomfort. You may do as you choose, but if you will give this a try you will see the results very quickly. You will also feel a leveling off of the emotional body as you return to a simpler way of expressing.

I know we have only spoken about a small area of the planet. If you seek information about other areas please ask for the specific area you are interested in. We will answer to the best of our ability with what is allowed to give you at this time.

There have been great shifts of the energy fields, many occurring long ago without you being aware of them. You in human form feel but a small part of what is going on. You have come into a time when you will have the opportunity to share in the unfoldment of the inner universe and its linking once again to the outer universe for you to experience as you did long ago. You will have access to energy you can not begin to imagine at this time in the ongoingness. The earth is opening to this, almost as if she is turning herself insideout as you would think of it. Revealing to you the inner universe of the Heart centre. The creation of all the goodness of your beingness. As each one of you come close to the doorway of recognition you will see more and more of the inner universe in your view of reality. As if filtering through in your manner of expression to others around you.

You are the anchors of forth dimensional awareness. Helping to stabilize the energy that is coming in. Some would say we are going into fifth dimensional awareness, but this is not the highest truth. You have a fully developed forth dimensional body that is now ready to be activated. The fifth dimensional body is now beginning to take form, but will not be activated for some time. As all is in an excelorated state at this time, it will take far less time to raise the vibration to the level of expression known as the fifth dimension . The forth dimension is represented by the symbol of the Heart and is tied to the Heart chakra. That is why it is important to transmute all you see in your energy as negative through the Heart chakra. It is the process of self forgiveness and acceptance we speak of. Once again only seeing the goodness you are in the mirror, instead of viewing through the eyes of the ego. This is why many of you are so affected on an emotional level. It is the emotional body tied to the second and third chakras that fights so hard for the ego. It is the manifestation of all that you have judged in the physical. A reality of polarities.

Yes, a reality created in second dimensional awareness by others who occupied this space before you. Their's was not a world of form as you would know it. A place of eddies, whirlpools, and great undercurrents. As if sucking those who came here into a great abyss. You came here to assist in the healing of this world of polarity, because it is not the natural state of being, and there were those who called from this place for your assistance. You came and in doing so you found yourself bound to a curtain degree to what you had agreedto help heal. Knowing this you went on to help create a place of manifest form to heal the energy field that had been created. You used the tetrahedron to create form and help bring the vibration up to the third dimensional level of awareness and now the forth dimensional level. You agreed to stay and become emersed in this level of expression to help those who called you here to assistin the Work. You are the travelers of the universes. You set about to assist those who call to the Heart of the Source of all Light for upliftment. This is why it is so important for you to come to terms with who you are at this time and heal all you see as imperfect within you. So you may go on to other things when the planet makes its transition to forth dimensional awareness.

When you finally come to the place you know there is no part of you that is not Light, you will know there is no need to continue on in this place and your Work can continue elsewhere. You are all a part of a Ring or Circle of entities that has worked for aeons to restore the divinity of all who call for assistance from their vantage point for a better view. You are those who never truly feel asleep to the reality of God\Creator Source, or whatever you choose to call the energy you came from in the beginning of beginnings. You are those who anchor the Golden Ray of Recognition within others who desire to once again reconnect on the conscious level with the universe.

Now is the time to take your steps gently as if not disturbing the ground you walk upon. In doing this you will find within yourSelf a point of Peace you have not experienced for sometime. A place where there is total connectedness with a force greater than yourself. Do not forget the breath, use it often to bring you back to centre and renew the energy to the cells of the physical body. Find your quiet places and charish them, for they are the places you will here your instruction from your Greatest of Guidence, the Source of all Life anchored deep within your being. As you read these words do not forget to feel them as you read. Do not think them or try to understand what you do not understand in the now. There is a Greater part of you that knows all and does not have the needs of the ego to understand in the terms of the human mind. Let it go after you read it then come back again and read it over. As you do this you will feel the purpose of this Work.

We come to share the wealth of Spirit and celebrate the Dance of Life.

I extend Peace to the Light of Your "Being", I AM Bishop

No matter what your doctrine of life, you will find a thread of Truth in Bishop's writing that has a ring you can not help but hear.

I AM Moranaa